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The Fox's Bluff (Wynn West)

Welcome to the Fox's Bluff, located on the eponymous cliffside just south of Ezna, Two Crowns. Previously a humble cottage, it has now expanded and can accommodate several guests, whether they are passersby or regulars. The cozy outdoor tavern overlooks the Castaway Strait, shadowed by the looming city of Ezna and the Royal Palace itself! Inside are modest accommodations for those seeking a quiet night's sleep.

Even when no one is around, the establishment is very accessible. There is always a stock of dried meat and fish, breads, preserves, and some fruits and vegetables - none of these supplies are locked away. There is even a humble selection of wines and ales available for any road-weary traveler who stops by when no tender is on duty. Prices aren't listed, though there is a small box on the bar with the suggestion for any who stop by to simply pay what they can.

Indoors, there are two rooms available for rent. The back room is smaller, near the hearth, and sleeps one. The suite at the front has a bed that sleeps two, as well as a small seating area to relax in.
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Rotating Menu
Week One:
Roast Duck with Lemon - duck roasted with lemon-pomegranate-cinnamon glaze, served by the quarter
Oxtail Soup - onion, parsnip, carrot, parsley and sage, topped with Solz cheese
Trout Wrapped in Bacon - whole rainbow trout stuffed with lemon and rosemary, wrapped in bacon, grilled crispy
Roasted Root Vegetables - carrots, parsnip, turnips, and potatoes
Iced Blueberries in Sweet Cream

Week Two:
Rack of Venison - slow roasted in a blackberry-red wine & spice marinade
Mushroom Stew - variety of wild mushrooms, onion, thyme, and sage
Caramelized Salmon - braised with tomato, ginger, garlic, shallot, chili, and black pepper, served with rice
Spiced Squash - squash roasted with maple and allspice
Baked Apples - tart green apples stuffed with winter-spiced cherries & brown sugar

Week Three:
Honeyed Chicken with Currants - roasted with butter and honey, stuffed with apples, served by the quarter
Mutton & Roots in Onion & Ale Broth - carrots, parsnips, burdock, celeriac, horseradish
Red Snapper in Banana Leaves - snapper and lemongrass with coconut rice wrapped in banana leaves, grilled
Fiddlhead Ferns - roasted with butter and lemon
Stewed Plums over Ice Cream - plums boiled in honey, red wine, and cinnamon, served hot over vanilla ice cream

Week Four:
Roast Beef and Leeks - beef roasted over leeks, carrots, onions, and herbs
Stewed Rabbit - onion, carrot, and cabbage in an ale broth
Baked Mackerel - mackerel, parsley, dill, lemon, and olive oil, wrapped in parchment
Onions in Gravy - roasted sweet onions served in a rich beef gravy
Roasted Chestnuts - chestnuts roasted in brandy, honey, and cinnamon

Select Cheeses with Stone Fruit
Foraged Salad
Breads - crusty white, black rye, or oatbread
Scones with butter and rose petal jelly
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Non Alcoholic
Lemonsweet - slightly tart lemonade with orange, vanilla, rosemary, and honey
Root Sasparilla - (it's just root beer)
Iced Mint Matcha - matcha, mint, lemongrass, and honey
Fruit Juice

Loose Teas
Earl Grey
Nettle & Red Clover
Violet Dandelion
Sweetsleep - chamomile, rosebuds, willowbark, lemon balm, valerian, cinnamon

Beech Leaf Noyaux
Pear Brandy
Stone Fruit Sangria - rose, peach, plum, cherry
Pumpkin Wine - cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger
Spruce Tip Beer - molasses, citrus notes

Spitehouse Imports
Snowlion's Milk Stout
Coconut Pale Ale
Cocoa Liqueur
Agave Spirits with Cactus Flower Extract
Rice Wine with Lavender Extract
Ashbreath Cinnamon Rye Whiskey
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Preliminary menu added! 🍻
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Full menu rotation updated! More venue info to come.
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