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Lady Amis Amon stood at the balcony window, gazing out at the City of Towers. She was at her office, which meant she wore her grieving veil down over her face. She puffed a breath of air out, making the gauzy black fabric ripple, and smiled to herself. Soon she would shed the air of mourning, release her name, and fully step onto the stage to which she had always been destined.

A knock sounded at the door and the Lady turned slightly. The other woman in the office moved silently across the floor and opened the door. “It’s Omaka,” she announced.

“Let him in, Sasha.”

The blond-haired woman stepped aside and allowed Jask Omaka, chief operating officer of Kitsu Enterprises, to enter. The tall firran stepped inside and offered a pleasant smile. “Good morning, Lady Amon.”

“Jask, my favorite COO!” the lady replied warmly as she turned, her painted lips curved in a genuine smile.

“Your only COO,” he replied with a sheepish but warm grin.

“Still my favorite. What brings you by today?”

Jask stepped over to the broad mahogany desk, a file held delicately in his hands. He had no claws, only scarred nail beds where they had once grown. “Early this morning there was an incident with one of the leftovers from the previous holding.”

Lady Amon tilted her head and approached the desk. “Which one, and what sort of incident?”

“Wyatt. He was found on the north boundary of the campus, in distress, violent and ranting. He was then apprehended and moved to one of the… containment facilities.” Jask grimaced at the phrase.

Lady Amon couldn’t blame him. Said ‘containment facilities’ were once used to imprison test subjects and kidnappees. “It’s for the best, I’m sure. You said he was ranting?”

“Mostly incoherently. But I had it transcripted for you anyway.” He passed the file to her.

Lady Amon took a seat behind the desk and started to read. Her brow gradually furrowed in concern. Jask was right, it was mostly incoherent gibbering from the looks of it. But there were a few things that caught her attention. “He mentions Mahadevi Port and Devigard.”

Jask nodded. “He was one of the few that survived that particular… incident.”

“More’s the pity,” Lady Amon remarked. “And here is something about an island near Veroe?”

“That is likely in regards to the Kwang Su business,” Jask elaborated as he rubbed at his clawless fingers. “The heir to the Su estate resided on a small, hard to reach island, and we received orders to surround it with artillery. That was… when I was formally rebuked and demoted to janitor.”

“Formally rebuked because you had common sense and knew too many resources was thrown into that particular effort with no gain.” Lady Amon smiled. “Ah, well. His loss was my gain.”

Jask returned the smile gratefully. “Thank you, my lady.”

She returned her gaze to the paper. “Tentacles? Claws in his mind? It sounds as though Wyatt encountered a monster. I have a contact in Veroe already, so I will have her keep a watch on this island. And I want whatever documentation there is regarding that incident, if there is any. Do we have any eyes on the Port?”

Jask thought back. “There was one infiltrator, as I recall. A fisherman.”

“No, no one they’ve seen before, especially during the blockade.” Lady Amon pursed her lips. “No, pull someone out of the Solis travel agency, what was it--Halo’s Holidays. Tell them they need to write a fluff piece on the Port and its beaches. If they already have one, tell them they need to update it. It needs to be as legitimate as we can make it. That mayor of theirs is a shrewd man.”

“You should have let me kill him,” Sasha spoke up suddenly. Jask gave the slight woman an alarmed look.

“Sashaaaaaa,” Lady Amon chided. “We don’t do that. We’re better than that.” She smiled at the Ynysteri woman’s sullen expression. “That place has the feel of a wasp nest, never mind all the rumors. We don’t need to kill the queen unnecessarily, especially at the risk of having all the wasps come out armed to the teeth. They did blow up a ship, remember?”

Sasha sighed and nodded in acquiescence. “Yes, my lady.”

Lady Amon smiled faintly. “I’d rather have an uneasy truce than open warfare. Especially given what I’ve seen and heard. Anyway.” She closed the file and offered it back to Jask. “Send Wyatt to Dr. Riko.”

“Are you certain?” the COO asked uneasily.

“Yes. She’s been clamoring for another test subject. Why not give her one that was indirectly responsible for losing her position at the Su estate?” Lady Amon smiled. “Perhaps his personality will improve with an anima.”

“Of course, my lady.” Jask bowed, then saw himself out of the office.

Lady Amon’s smile deepened and she leaned back in her plush chair. “Yes, your loss was my gain, indeed,” she purred to herself.
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