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Name: Llyr
Class: Dreamspinner (Vitalism/Songcraft/Swiftblade)
Occupation: Traveler, Writer (?)
Tradeskills: Papercraft, Printing, Writing
Special Talents: He is magically inclined and has a connection to the element of water.


Llyr is an elf just few years into adulthood at the age of 114. He has black hair, blue eyes, and a freckled face. His clothing of choice consists of simple shirts and pants. Should he wear armor, he prefers leather and his weapons of choice are a club and dagger. The elf prefers not to fight though.


- Mother (Louhi), Father, many siblings (including Aiden)



Alignment: Neutral Good
Motivations: Adventure. He wouldn't admit it, but he wants to travel the world so that he can write about what he's seen and experienced to share it with his family in White Arden. He feels guilty about shrugging responsibility and having his youngest sibling take up the mantle instead. Other than that, he just wants to explore and have fun.

Disposition: Paternal personality. He dotes on his family and friends. Calm when he needs to be, but otherwise somewhat overbearing and nosy, even if he means well.

Outlook: The world is full of adventure and interesting people. It would be a waste to not experience that, just staying in one place.

Positive Personality traits: Gentle, caring, paternal, creative, friendly, outgoing
Negative Personality traits: nosy, overbearing, irresponsible, a bit of a ditz sometimes
Misc Quirks: Hums to himself a lot, even if he doesn't realize it. He also tends to drift off into daydreams often. He'll create images in the air with his magic when bored. Llyr writes to home a lot and will bring back souvenirs when he visits.

Speech and Voice: Sometimes talks a little too loud when he gets excited. Otherwise, a smooth voice, somewhat on the deeper side.

Religion/Philosophy: He acknowledges that their are deities, but doesn't think about it too much. He feels a spiritual connection to water though.

Sexuality: Asexual (panromantic though)


Likes: sweet rolls, fruit juice, water, adventure, new places, art, books, magic, Summer Leaf River
Dislikes: Staying in one place too long, too much responsibility, fighting, undead
Favorite Colors: blues

Hobbies: swimming, sailing, traveling, meeting new people, seeing new places, writing, singing, teasing Aiden


In-game name: Llyr
Discord handle: Nolan#9143
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