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Full Name: Adelaida
Nicknames: Ady, Adel, Laida, Little Mouse (Aiden)

Primary Class: Spellsinger

Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Age: Looks mid 20
Hair: Blonde
Skin: fair
Eyes: baby blue eyes


Place of Residence: Ezna Rokhala Mountains.
Place of Birth: Gweonid Forest.

Relatives: Drystan (Big brother).
Enemies: Gweonid Eokads, Julius, Drystan's enemies.
Allies: The Palm, Aurum Dragoons, Samaela,.

Occupation: Mage, Healer.
Tradeskills: Alchemy.


Fashion of Choice: Dresses, elegant ones, also skirts, she doesnt matter. Elegant or cute, but not that cute
Armor of Choice: Cloth
Weapons of Choice: Staff

Special Talents: Artistry,emphaty, Manticore mounting, clairvoyance, precognition. (Foresight dreams),astral plain. The last ones she cannot control them well.


Adelaida was always the black sheep of her family, overshadowed by her brother's glory, Adelaida was always pressurised to be more. Her parents only had her because they thought she mighthave been a prodigy. She never felt well with elven culture, yet she tried her best to prove herself right. Her parents despised her and oftenly blamed herself for everything, yet Drystan was there to cheer her up and sometimes take the blame for her. When she was grounded, Drystan sneaked to her room and cheered her up with the stories he has heard.

The young elven girl used to have nightmares, about the army of the undead attacking and lots of elves dying. She used to scream in fear and awake, alerting her brother in the other room, yet her mother, whenever she did that, used to treat her very badly, hitting her even. The only one she could trust, was her brother, who he told him about his nightmares. Drystan told her that it might be because of their parent's tormenting them, yet he, sadly, told her they couldnt do more. Drystan hugged her that night, and he took a silver chained necklace with a blue diamond he had in his neck, the very same Adelaida was wearing.

"No matter how horrible those nightmares are sis, no matter if we fight or get very fr from each other, we are conected. And I will always go and save you from any evil. They will glow, and when they do, I will come."

She didn't knew that was the begining of her special talent.

After her parents died by the Crimson army's hands, they were taken are by the Eokads, who were allies and comrades of her parents who also were. While Drystan was taken to be one, even under Belion's teachings, Adelaida was once again casted aside. She was worried her brother would be alienated like their parents and feared the worst, yet the hunger of glory and knowledge of Drystan didnt made him listen to her.

As expected with Drystan affinity with magic and prowness, he was an Eokad at a very young age (14 looking wise), yet that was the begining of Adeaida's last hope vanishing, as her brother grew older and more brainwashed by them. She didn't believe they shouldnt listen to them that much, awakening her brother's stubborness and undying loyalty to the Eokad.

In the end, she left the forest...Alone.

Long time has passed, as she convived with Nuians and traveled Nuia, happily, yet her lack of agressiveness and wanting to solve everything by words endangered her, alerting her brother in the forest. Awaiting her death from the hands of the bloodhands in Dewstone, it never came. It just came a powerful firebolt that made them burn to their death: Just as he told her...Her brother has came to her rescue.

After a long so time events Adelaida its not so willing to tell, nor her brother totally explained to her, her brother was freed by the Eokad's influence, but now they are seen as traitors. The wandered a long time, a lot of nice and sad memories marked each other, until they fell to what seemed to be a rift. Everything seemed to be the same, but it wasn't...


Adelaida Now wanders in Haranya after duty called her over there, willing to translate ad help the people of Nuia who were transfered to the other continent. She is alone, but her brother visit her from time to time. She is willing to move onward, and expecting the new friends and adventures to come by

...Let's hope for the best


"Do you require my help...?"

Alignment: Neutral good.
Motivations: Helping others, friends, survival, her brother.
Disposition: Kind, a bit shy.
Outlook: Optimistic.

Adelaida its a kind soul, no matter how mistreated she was in her past, willing to do anything to help people, but not that ind enough to let herself being step over. She is willing to defend her friends with her magic when necessary, but will avoid it if conversation can be stablished. Sometimes too naive, smetimes too shy, yet always trying to keep moving forward. She is not affraid of making new frieds, yet sometimes she calls them friends too soon. She giggles, she laughs, she smiles a lot, very different to her brother's disposition.

Yet its not so good to take advantage over that, since every yin (Dryst) has their yang (Adel), and such kindness sometimes can be gone when picking in places you shouldnt, as the elven girl's coldness it is something to fear, alongside her magic abilities, who might not be as strong as her brother, but strong nontheless.

She doesn't like to show she is sad, but sometimes it is unevitable as she tends to be an emotional girl.

Religion/Philosophy: Aranzeb praised, Nui's believer.

Sexuality: Straight.

Positive Personality Traits: Nice, kind, gentle, elegant
Negative Personality Traits: Naive, shyness, sometimes she wills to save people even if they are too late
Misc. Quirks: She tends to shifts her hands together when she is nervous.


Guild: OOC
Guild Rank: -


Likes: Music, magic, animals, reading, chatting
Dislikes: Spicy food, strong odors, being sad, bad people, unnecessary fights.
Favorite Foods: Pastries
Favorite Drinks: Tea
Favorite Colors: Shades of purple and blue

Hobbies: Gliding in Kheetian's back, mounting, reading, practicing magic, being with friends.


Also how i pict her singing voice:

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Prelude to the journey to the East

"Everything will be...destroyed."

Again, images of pain, destruction, smell of seawater were surrounded by what seemed to be a black fog. Screams were heard and blood were spilled. A blurry image of a mysterious shape that have risen from the middle of the sea, as the steely smell of blood and corpses. Blood, and corpses, and blood, and corpses...and...

"Everything...Will be...Purged."

In the middle of the night, a pained scream fulfilled with fear and utter horror broke the silence of that night in Ezna. The owner of the voice was a mid-20 looking elven girl, who has jumped away and now its sitting on the mattress. Shivering, sweaty, as she hugged herself, she felt her lip quiver as she started weeping as low as she could do. Her silver necklace with that blue diamond she had was glowing.

“What…What was that…?” Adelaida asked to herself as her tears rolled from her cheeks. “I…That feeling…”

“Adelaida…?” The light of a flickering flame snapped her out of her thoughts, as she glanced to the owner of the light source in the eyes. “…What happened? I thought you were hurt.” He showed her the same kind of necklace she had, but this one belonged to him; the gem was glowing as well.

“Dryst… Sorry, I did not meant to wake you up.”
She girl slightly smiled, yet her fear was still all over her face. “Apologies…”

“Do not apologize over silly things. My slumber can return to me later. Yet my worry will not get away that easily…” The blonde, icy blue eyes elven male approached to his sister’s side and sat down on the mattress. The flame he used to have now was lighten up a candle, after that, the magical flame was dismissed. He dried the tears from her face. “What the matter, Adel?”

“I… Brother, I had a nightmare. Not any nightmare, but those kind of nightmares.” Adelaida spoke in low voice. “I am…Not sure of what I saw but…”

Try to describe it to me. I may have seen something similar somewhere.”

“I do not know…I could not even see their face, I could not even see if it had a face!” She hugged herself to calm her soul and mind. “I…Just saw blood, and corpses, and pain, and the smell of seawater and…Screams…”

Drystan hugged her sister tightly as he made her rest her head over his chest. “Something else?” His voice was tainted with worry.

“It spoke…About everything being destroyed and purged…” She sobbed. “Everything was so real, Drystan. What if…You know…I smelt seawater so—“

“I heavily doubt Dahuta would be involved into this…” He unconsciously watched his left wrist, out of instinct, then he let a sigh out. “Believe me…I would have known.”

Adelaida left a sigh out, being hugged by her brother at least soothed her a little. Her brother has always been her pillar of strength, whenever it was her parents the one haunting her or her own nightmares. It was a side of him that not everybody knew, and that he wouldn’t show that easily.

“I do not doubt your abilities, Adelaida.” His voice made her glance at him, catching her attention. “But the fact that you are leaving in some months to Haranya may have awoken it with your worry.”

“You think…It might not happen?”

“Perhaps. And if it happened, do not even doubt in the fact I will reach up to you.” Drystan caressed her cheek. “Your brother is already used to...Demons, and fiends and…People trying to murder him in general.” He shrugged. “Why not a monster?”

“Brother…” Adelaida rolled her eyes. “Maybe you do have bad luck.” She smile a bit.

“When you have been involved with ‘dark’ magic.” He made an emphasis on dark. “Even if you are not inherently evil or not, those kind of creatures tend to find you…” He smirked. “Come on…” He let Adelaida rest her head into the pillow as he stood up. He made a faint hand gesture as a chair quickly moved to their side by magic willpower. “You need to sleep, I will be by your side.”


“Promise.” He layed his hand over her hear and caressed her hair. “I would never lie. Not to you, at least.”

Her brother’s words reassured her as she started to close her eyes. Her body started to feel light and her head felt drowsy. Drystan started humming in a low voice, and the elven girl has already fell to slumber.

When the youngest of them both has felt asleep, the eldest let out a sigh. He snapped his fingers and a book flew to his hands. He noted every single detail his sister has told him. He narrowed his glance and his teeth were gritted.

“And she is leaving…”
He glanced to Adelaida, then to the book. “I cannot let her go with no protection. This might be more dangerous than we expect…” He frowned. “What should I…?”

His voice was interrupted by a slight purr he heard from his room. Suddenly, his eyes seemed to ignite a spark within them. A smirk appeared in his face. He has been taming—well, he calls in befriending since he doesn’t consider them as foul beasts, this animal for a long time behind Adelaida’s back.

And that animal will be for her aid.

“… I know I said I won’t be going with her due my work in the Ayanad library. But I said nothing about him.

The net morning has arrived, and Adelaida woke up feeling as a new person. She stood up in a blink, showered and dressed up quickly, as she knew she and her brother should get moving.

“Drystan!” The girl went out of the house and closed the door, glancing to the sides. “Come on! I do believe the Dragoons required our help.” The elven girl huffed. No signs of him. “…Dryst?

“I am here.” Drystan was leaning under a tree, with a basked in his hands. “I know there is a long time for your birthday, or for your departure…And you do know I will not be always by your side.”

“I know.” Adelaida glance to the floor, with sadness. Being away from her brother made her heart sulk. “But your work its important.”

Drystan raised her sister's face by her chin, gently. “Yes…But that does not mean you will be going alone with just Starlight.” He smiled warmly at her as he handed her the basket.

“What do you mean…? Drystan, what is this--?”

But before she could finish the sentence, a little cub peeked his head out and licked her face. It purred at her and kept licking her.

“Oh my Gods! Drystan!”
She giggled. “It tickles! W-What is this?”

The girl took the cub gently and examinated it, it seemed like a lion…But with horns and featherly wings. Adelaida blinked in surprise. Could it be…?

“Is this…? Drystan, are you joking? Is this a--?!”

“A Golden Manticore.”
He kept smiling at her. “He was quite feisty after I found him alone and malnourished, but after a while…He was quite nice with me. And you now seem to be liking him. Yet that’s not the case with everyone you will approach.”

“What do you mean…?” She said while the cub was purring in her arms.

“What I mean… Is that he is yours.”

Adelaida was in shocked. She never had such a magnificent beast…For herself. Astraios, the griffin she shared with Drystan, was the closest beast for her to ever had. But this? Is this really for her?!

“Is this for real, brother?! Really?!” A bright smile appeared on her face.

“Yes. But be careful, he is your responsibility now. Manticores are rare. Not like a dragon, but rare...”

Adelaida couldn’t avoid to laugh with joy, no ill intention, as she raised the cub up high, still surprised. She treated him kindly, besides her sheer joy.

“Hello little one!” She smiled at him. “…Hello Kheetian.”She has just blessed that cub with that name, the beast roared seeming to like it. She sat down and put the cub on her lap as she kept carressig him. Then she glanced at Drystan. "Thank you, Dryst."

Looking at her sister so happy compared to what happened the last night made Drystan chuckle with joy. Now she has a friend, and he knows she will be safe with him.

At least…For now.

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The Bard of the night:

When Adelaida finished attending her last patient, the elven girl let a big sigh out. She liked her job, but it was tiresome, but the smiles of the patients and the families she attended was enough to her to keep going for the rest of the day. Not that it has ended it meant for her to go back home. She knew she left Kheetian resting somewhere in the dunes of the deserts, since he likes to roll over sand. She stood up, gracefully and was about to head out the post it was given to her to attend the ill….

Until an unexpected guest reached for her.

“Excuse me?” Adelaida turned herself to meet the owner of the voice. There was a tall elf in front of the door, his skin was slightly purplish as his hair was black. She heard from her brother there were other kinds of elves over there that are not fair skinned and with ‘normal’ color of hair. Rumors even said they blended up with the moonlight. His hair was jet black and his eyes were a grayish lilac color. “I am sorry to interrupt you miss, but I am a little bit lost. I am not really from around here.” The man’s voice was graceful and elegant, soft to the hearing, not an annoyance. His haranya’s accent wasn’t bad, but there were the undertones of elvish over it.

“Yes?” Adelaida approached to the man. ” Where do you want to go, sir?”

[“Well I do understand this is Sunbite, or, however it is named.”
He let a chuckle out, a bit sheepishly. “And I wanted to know where can I grab a carriage to Mahadevi.”

“Well that it is far, good sir. You have to take a carriage that passes over Arcum Iris, Tigerspine mountains and then you will reach Mahadevi.” Adelaida responded in her usual warm elegant tone.

“My, I would say I distracted myself from the route, but now with your beauty I am starting to doubt to even go to that place.” The mysterious elven man smirked at her, his eyes gleaming, staring at her eyes. It made the girl’s heart skip a beat.

“W-Well, I, Um…” Adelaida played with her hair, a mannerism she has when she sometimes is nervous. She scoffed. “But sir, your duty might be important over there, please do not waste your time with me…”She glanced to the side.

“Well, now that you say it, I cannot say no to the demands of a lady like you. But at least, miss, please do give me the pleasure of knowing your name, for I believe it might have been destiny the one reuniting us.” He said, while approaching to her with a calm smile.

“I…My name is Adelaida, Sir…Umm—“

“Tiordan, the Bard of the night.” He bowed to her, then he took her right hand and kissed the back of it, making the elven mage to stain her cheeks in a pinkish color. “Well, Adelaida…” He said her name in a soft whisper. “I do hope our paths meet again.” He nodded at her, politely telling her goodbye with the gesture. “Have a wonderful night, for I do believe I may have a new muse in my dreams.”

The blonde elf wasn’t even able to answer to that, as she waved him goodbye, shyly, with her hand. When the mysterious elf was gone, she scoffed a bit and put her hand over her chest. That man was a surprise, and he was mysterious, but he was still a nice surprise nonetheless.

“I…I think I have lost a lot of time over here.” She said while taking her last things and put them on her satchel, before closing the door of the place, heading where she has left her beast…But not able to forget that man’s smile.
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