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Full Name: Drystan (pronounced like Dree-stan)
Name Meaning: Full of Sorrow, Also the name of a powerful legendary Knight.
Nicknames: Dryst (most common), Dry, Drysty-Dryst. Icy boy.
Titles. : Beastmaster, Vampire Slayer.
Primary Class: Daggerspell/ Fanatic

Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: Looks late 20s// early 30
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Icy blue


Place of Residence: Ezna (he wanders)
Place of Birth: Gweonid.

Relatives: Adelaida (Younger sister)
Enemies: Too many; his people in Gweonid, Eokads, enemies of the Dragoons, Zadatrix the Warborn,Julius.
Allies: Aurum Dragoons, Adelaida's allies. Jubilent amd his family, Luctus family.

Occupation: Eokad (fomerly), Mage, Mercenary, beastmaster.
Tradeskills: Alchemy


**Unmasked** (he hates showing his face)

A very tall elf, who stands high and mighty like his kin. His hair is concealed under his hood and so is his face, the only visible trait of him are his icy blue eyes, who seem to be judging every single movement he does. Icy cold, stern and distant, yet like the Blizzards and Hailstorms it is not prudent to make him angry. Sarcastic and ironic with his close ones yet kind and noble with his closest ones, yet that disposition of the Ex-Eokad is very rare.

Fashion of Choice: Concealing robes, hoods and masks.
Armor of Choice: Cloth.
Weapons of Choice: Staff, scepter and shield and throwing knives

Special Talents: Prodigy with magic: elemental and dark magic. Adept fighter with Eokad training. Dragon Taming/Dragon Tamer.

History/Biography: It is a long story, and lots of past wounds he rather not open again, or yet...Better to be forgotten.


"Are you actually using your brain?"

Alignment: True Neutral
Motivations: Knowledge and wisdom, survival, his sister.
Disposition: Cold, distant.
Outlook: Realistic and analitical. "Everyone is going to make you fall, you better not do so."


Drystan personality is complicated. He seems to be distant and cold, yet if approached carefully he remains distant but polite. He doesn't talk to much unless it is a theme of his interest. He is very frank, if he finds you stupid he will say it so,yet most of the time he prefers to be silent unless it is necesary to him to speak. Some primal rests of his past Eokad personality remains such as discipline and pride, and sometimes,very deep in his core, vengeance for the fallen.

With his closes ones he tends to be ironic, sarcastic and very snarky. Sarcasm its like part of himself ,yet his aphaty or antipaticness is not for everyone, and he knows about it...Yet he doesn't care.

If you actally reached to him,he can be a formidable ally, loyal and trustworthy, yet still a bit secretive to the others. He shows his true colors like tenderness and his wisdom when requiered, as his ice cold heart melts. He is really fond and kind to his sister Adelaida, who he admires and cares the most, yet he worries for her naivity. He is willing to sacrifice hinself for her if it necessary,so he would for his closest friends.

His true colors with no layers are only shown to animals, as he has been noticeable nice with them, specially with Dragons, who he had admired since he was very young and seems to be keen and have a talent to understand them,since he trats them as a friend instead of an animal, like in Khione's case (his Frost Dragoness), who he calls his 'partner', instead of mount.

Religion/Philosophy: Aranzeb praiser, yet he tried to not get attached too much to what used to be his kin.

Sexuality: Demisexual.

Positive Personality Traits: Adamant, firm, loyal.
Negative Personality Traits: Cold, stoic, snarky, sneers a lot. Maybe too stern. Dosnt know how to deal with people.
Misc. Quirks: He doesn't like showing his face.


Guild: Aurum Dragoons
Guild Rank: Member.


Likes: Animals, his dragons (dont touch them without his permit or else they might bite you), his sister, magic, silence, the cold, reading, playing the piano, the sun (reminds him of Adelaida)
Dislikes: Heat, weird looking trees, Dahuta and her cult, open sea (updated)
Favorite Foods: Fruits, Veggie soup.
Favorite Drinks: Brandy, coffee, also tea.
Favorite Colors: Shades of blue, white, black.

Hobbies: Playing the piano, gardening, reading, investigating, wandering, fishing.


Thanatos, Typhoon Drake: (Status, alive, custoding Jubilent)

His first tamed Dragon. The most aggressive of them all. Doesnt let anyone near him but Drystan and Adelaida. Drystan is his one and only rider. His element is Lightning. He is friends with the other dragons that Dryst has saved. He is in the Cradle by Drystan's order to protect Jubilent, until called.

Khione, Frost Dragoness: (Status: Alive, with Drystan)

The most docile of his dragons. Keen to music. Lets herself being booped by peoples hands, but nothing else. Seems to be quite powerful if Drystan orders her to attack. Her element is Hail and Ice.

Cionaodh, FlameSpark (Status: Alive, with Drystan)

The youngest of his dragons. Friendlier since he is a hatchling that earnt to fly reciently. He is his shoulder-sized dragon. Feisty. Still agressive if they dare or threatens Drystan. He is the most energetic of the three. Bites fiercely.


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Character Thoughts:

"I do believe i need to write down my analysis of these individuals So..."

The Wanderer/Vahn:

"I do like in interest in Khione ... He seems wise. I like that. Khione also likes him...

Update: Kyvaenth is such a sweet boy. Khione sees him like a son. I really seems to appreciate Vahn's point of view and he is very wise and smart. A bit too shy but I dont blame him. I will teach him things he can do with dragons the next time i see him"


"Mysterious, yet I do not think she is a threat or an enemy. Adelaida likes her. I still wonder why Khione was so upset with her... Maybe she is a jealous dragoness.

Update: She has a sort of fiend,I apreciate she trusts me enough to telling me that. She seems...Nice to be arround. And wise, and she seems to have a rather peculiar sense of humor. She reminds me of the other Samaela a bit. A part of me thinks I can trust her, but I better be wary, for I think that fiend is dangerous."


"I did not spoke so much with him, yet... Eh. I dont mind him.
Update: He seems to be affraid of dragons. Too bad, they are staying. He can leave. Still will try to not get in conflic with him since he is a dragoon."


"I am still not over the fact he threw a plank over my face. An accident, yet still."


"I emphatize with her. I hope my help helps her somewhow..."


"... I wont speak my mind about her because i do sense children can hear me, but, overall, I hate her to death."


"Please. Do not eat my dragon."


"Well, lets say i know him, but not him, but...He doesnt seem bad? He is banging Vahn. Seems nice. Adel likes him. Is fun to speak."


"I pity her for the horrible thing she has faced. She is nice, Khione likes her, so does Adel. I can relax a bit with her, thing that it is weird with me. Glad she has found love. Maybe next time, I an make her a nice offer related with Khione..."


"Forsaken woman. I respect her since she attends the Palm. But she and I? Dont hope to me to get along with her. She insulted my dragons, well they dont like her either and if she wasn't a friend of my alies..." Drops of ink seemed to stop the writing. "Eh, I will leave it there."


"Goofy. Smart yet goofey. He is a fool."


"I do not know so much of him. But Adelaida seems to have spoken more with him"

"Samaela's apprentice. I think i have saw him the first time with I arrived to the palm the first time. He seems to be learning, I have faith he will do well in the future. He is...Really young."

"Stay the hell away from my allies and my sister, two faced bastard."


"I do not have to know you to have hatred against you. You are a childish fool over that silly vendetta, your close mindedness will be your doom and I will make sure to concrete it. Samaela told me you have not targeted me, but you have targeted my allies. And you will pay for that. I swear on my life"


"Smart girl. Appreciate her knowledge."


Questions marks were surroinding the sketch over that page with the face fo a mysterious elf. "...Who are you?"

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An old Friend:

The wind blew strongly in the lands of Aubre Cradle, along with the snow who was falling from the sky. The weather seemed to show no mercy, but for the cliffs it was the only way to go. And he knew it. And he knew he needed to go practically alone…That meant no Dragoness by his side.

His only company was an old dwarf, who wore a dwarven armor, along his shield and sword. He walked by the tall elven man, whose head and body was covered completely in white, but a black mask that covered his face. Only his icy blue eyes were visible, his eyes matched perfectly the merciless weather.

“I can’t believe you took me here up to only see your lizard. I have been taking good care of it, but not getting too close to it, since that fella seems to be aggressive.” Jubilent grumbled. “Have giving him tons of meat and water. Still believe how he tolerates the ice since he is reptilian.”
“Rumors say beside them being reptiles they are homeotherms, you know, warm blooded.” The elven mage spoke. “…Jubilent?”

“Drystan.” The dwarf glanced at him.

“You think he…Remembers me? You know all the deal within the rifts and us jumping from it and…” He glanced to the floor. “Maybe he might kill me.

"Well…Then it has been an honor to meet you, Drystan of the Hailstorm.” Jubilent laughed. “My boy, you know more than anyone it is a hit or miss trial. Just like when you tamed him.”

Drystan remembered that day very well, that is how he got the scar on his face, after all. But it’s a tiny price to pay comparing to his winged friendship he had with the Drake.He remembered gaining his trust slowly, just like he himself would open up to people. It was not easy for the ex-member of the Eokad to tame the mythical beast; was one of his most difficult taming in his life… But it was completely worth it.

Since that day, he felt a strong connection with dragons, much stronger than his desire of meeting the when he was a child. People would call it for the ones who have experienced it long ago, the connection of a rider and its dragon. Yet people told him it was good with only dragon, since the task was not an easy one.

But there he was, with not one, but two dragons as his allies, as his friends…Maybe even as his family. But now that confidence with the first dragon was on risk, considering he actually came from another plane, and has been a while since he has not seen his dear friend.

“Here we are. A few more steps and the icy fog will start to disappear…Showing us the cave.” Jubilent said. “Often I leave his food here. The bones must be buried in the snow.”

“…Good.” Drystan started walking forward to the place the dwarf has told him. He walked with caution, but no fear was in his heart, since he know they may feel it.

Just as he was walking forward, the mist started to disappear, showing the entrance of a cave near some cliffs, and on the cliff, resting, there was the Typhoon drake, who he has raised his head, on guard.

The dragon exanimated the man who was approaching to his lair, his icy blue eyes staring down at him menacingly, his pupils as sharp as a blade. Some parts of his scales were glowing, as if lightning has embedded himself.

…And with no warning, just batting his wings twice, the Drake pounced towards Drystan, crouching, as he seemed to be examining him, locking his eyes with him. Anyone would have screamed, fainted or jolted In fear, but the elf just stepped a bit backwards, raising his right hand up.

He moved slowly. “Hey…Hello there, Thanatos.” As he spoke to the drake in elvish, smiling slightly under the mask, his voice soft and nonmenacing.

The beast narrowed his glance as he approached to him, crouching at him, like a predator against a prey, without breaking his glance with the mage. “…Remember me?” Yet the elf did not stopped speaking to the beast.

Not even when the drake stood in his two back feet, just like when a dragon is about to spew his breath. Jubilent saw that as he started moving his hand slowly to the hand of his sword, in case of the worst. He joked with the theme, but Drystan was lie his son!

If the beast dared to attack him…If he dared…

“…It is me.” Drystan moved his hands slowly towards his own face, pulling his hood and mask down, showing his scarred face. Thanatos seemed to back off at the sight of a familiar scar to him…

With the sight of the face, Thanatos decided to sniff the white cloaked elf. After that… He leaned his snout towards the dragon rider, cooing softly. It was his rider! His rider came back for him! His dear friend! Thanatos was not the most affective dragon out of there, but he had his ways to show his affection.

Jubilent laughed happily at the scene. “And you were worried he wouldn’t remember you, lass!” He grinned to Drystan. “He seems to remember you just fine!”

Drystan couldn’t avoid to laugh his heart out at the display of affection, answering it with him caressing his dragon’s head. “I missed you, my dear friend!” He smiled to the beast as he spoke back in the Nuia dialect. “You did not trouble Jubilent that much, did you?” He chuckled, Thanatos answered to him by snuggling his snout more against him. “Ha ha ha!”

“Well…” Jubilent seemed to nod to himself. “The rumors seem to be true, no matter what…A Dragon would never forget their Dragon Rider. He mumbled to himself as he watched the happy reunion from afar. “Oi, Drystan. He is not the jealous one, right? Considering you have Khione now?!”

“I have seen him interact with dragoness before!” Drystan yelled at him from afar while caressing his beast. “He is only territorial with males, yet no women nor hatchlings!” He pointed to his face. “You see why!”

“Silly boy! Do not joke with your scar!” He grumbled

Drystan was happy to see his first dragon okay, as he knew Thanatos is only really kind to Drystan, but not to others. Adelaida was a special case since she was her sister, but not even her would be able to mount Thanatos. Only Drystan was the one and only rider of him.

Dryst would have liked for him to be more with him, but he sighed. “Thanatos…We need to go to Ezna. You will meet another friend of mine an ice dragoness, Khione.” He told to his drake, as he growled slightly. “No growling, she is nice.” He rolled his eyes. “After that I will give you details, but…How do I say this?” He felt silent for a moment. “…Let’s say I am I danger. And my sister, and lots of people as well. I require your help, if the time comes…Would you help me?”

The dragon tilted his head towards the mage for a moment, he stood in his two back legs and let a mighty roar out, his lightning breath coming from his mouth. Drystan understood he meant ‘yes’, as a smirk appeared on his face. “Good…I will saddle you in Ezna. For now, …” He approached to his dragon as he crouched a bit, so the mage could jump up and ride him. With the mage mounted up, the dragon stood up high and mighty.

“Are you sure you need the dragon, Drystan?!” He asked to the dragon rider.


“What if they do not need their might?”

Then I will have them for a fly and to enjoy Haranya!” He approached to the dwarf mounted in Thanatos’ back. “Jubble…Thanks for taking care of him.” He smiled.

“You and your lizards…” He rolled his eyes, but then he smiled at him. “No thank needed, Drystan. You are like a son to me.”

“Alright…” He bowed his head slightly to the dwarf, then glanced to his scaly friend. “Thanatos, Tatae In Vah-Eh!

And with that order, the dragon took off the cliffs, reaching the skies alongside his friend, as he flew as fast as lightning. The mage yelled his heart out in glee, alongside the drake roaring at unison with him, as their voices echoed in all the mountains walls as they disappeared into the clouds…
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