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Full Name: Ignatious Lafeaux
Nicknames: Iggy

Primary Class: Darkrunner

Race: Human
Gender: Male
Age: 26
Hair: Black
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Brown


Place of Residence: Two Crowns
Place of Birth: Haven, Hellswamp

Relatives: None Living Known
Enemies: Slimes
Allies: Guildmates, People of Hellswamp

Occupation: Mercenary, Miner
Tradeskills: Mining

Appearance: Always seen carrying a longspear and wearing leather armor, his head is adorned with a hat and only his face is showing.

Fashion of Choice: Light Armor
Armor of Choice: Leather
Weapons of Choice: Longspear

Special Talents:
Teleportation (Auramancy)


Ignatious Lafeaux was born and raised in Haven, Hellswamp by his mother until the age of eight when she died. He was taken into care by the town, and grew up assisting the guards with various tasks to pay his way around town. Around the age of twelve he discovered he had a special talent; Ignatious could teleport short distances, starting off just a couple feet and slowly developing all the way to his current average of fifteen meters. Using this newfound ability he increased his worth in Haven by avoiding the dangers of the swamp in more important missions for the town, and the guard. His work did wonders for the town, and thanks to his ability he was able to save numerous lives from the same fate of his mother by being able to deliver medicine to the sick and diseased by means of blinking throughout the swamp, a length of travel none of the others in town could have wandered safely.
At the age of fourteen the guards began training him in martial combat, he was, after all, more often in the greatest danger than the others in Haven. He was trained to use a longspear, to keep the creatures of the swamp at bay and to fight at a greater distance due to his novice ability in combat. Throughout the years he continued his service to the town that raised him and honed his skills, until one day a flock of rowboats were travelling south out of the swamp and back towards the sea, witnessing Ignatious' martial proficiency and teleportation as he worked down an enormous slime, forcing it back into the swamp and away from the town. They immediately docked their boats and greeted him, offering him a job on the sea and giving him one day to respond.
After going over the encounter with his Haven brethren he decided to take the job and leave the swamp for a period of time, anxious to see where this life would take him. He rushed down the river to the sands of Sanddeep and met with a group of sailors docked on the beach. They took him to their ship, Le Savoie Cargo, where he would learn the life of a sailor. Over the next few years he would learn the true meaning of sea creatures, pirates, gambling, backstabbing, mutiny, and murder. And, although the crew originally thought he would make a fine member of the crew, being able to simply teleport from one ship to the next, they did not once ever consider the state of mind of one who spent his life facing the horrors of Hellswamp and treating the ever-dying peasants who live there. They realized not long after they had set sail that Iggy, as they called him, very well may be insane. When they finally got him to attack his first ship he snapped, and began to act like the creatures of the swamp from which he came. He charged his spear in as he teleported through poor sailors who had no idea what they were getting themselves into, occasionally murdering one of his own in the fray of combat and eventually even arriving back on Le Savoie Cargo snacking on a mutilated piece of flesh. The crew began calling him 'Hellchild', and whispered amongst themselves that he may be the spawn of a demon. He began to develop personalities from these massacres, some being victims of his that never left the fresh layer of his memory, while others being friends of his from his home, and the last of them mimicking certain characteristics and behaviors that of the creatures of Hellswamp.
The crew had seen enough. They were worried having this lunatic on board would bring a curse to their ship, if it hadn't already. At this point he had murdered several of his crewmates while boarding other ships, eaten one, and cut one of the sails to the point the crew didn't know if they would ever make it to a port again alive. They attempted to assassinate him while he was sleeping, the three men who tried where found all over the room. He had awaken at the sound of them drawing their blades and teleported forward as he swung his spear their direction, literally exploding the three men across his room. The crew was able to convince him that they were plotting against him and that no one else was involved. So... they tried to poison him, but he was weary already and as nervous as the crew was they did not successfully bluff Ignatious. He ate the man that poisoned his food that night. Finally the majority of the crew fled by rowboat, only a handful staying with their captain and the curse of Le Savoie Cargo.
Ignatious walked outside his last morning aboard that ship to find the rest of the crew and captain standing against him with weapons drawn. He simply could not understand why this was happening, and moving between the manifestations he had created in his head he slaughtered them all one by one. The ship now sailed on its own, controlled by no man, and Ignatious leaned amongst the cannons and reflected upon life, where it had brought him, and where it would further lead him. A fishing ship soon crossed his path and he was able to flag them down, teleporting upon their ship and explaining that the cargo crew that he had worked for had lost their minds, most of them fleeing and the rest trying to murder him. He had killed them all, and had to leave that ship as it was cursed and led to the destruction of an entire crew. The fishing ship brought him back to Two Crowns, where he laid eyes on a city of its size for the first time. He would make his life here now, there was something about Hellswamp that made his brain feel like ash and ember, and he was afraid to return. Whatever he would now do, he knew only that it involved fighting, and that it had to move around often, with people who would be able to witness the chaos that seems to unfold around his cursedness so that he would never be to blame for the insanity that he has seen in people.
As for his manifestations, they each lay waiting for their time to emerge in the near future, when blood is being spilled and the smell of death and flesh fill the gaps in which the air flows...

His current doings are in development, although he has joined a mercenary company by the name of the Aurum Dragoons, has taken up mining, and is weary, although also anxious, to return to the sea.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Motivations: Family, Stability
Disposition: Varying Greatly
Outlook: Optimistic

*These personalities come out in each situation this character is presented with by the /roll function in the chat window.*
Personality 1: [1-50 & 91-100] Ignatious the Dragoon, a teleporting spear wielder who is willing to die in combat for any group of working combatants that would take him in like the town that raised him.
Personality 2: [51-60] Drunken Priest of Nui, based on his past life on Tahyang -
Personality 3: [61-70] Magnus the Miner, a personality that Ignatious manifested while trying to keep his mind intact instead of switching personalities. This personality is due to the fact that while mining, Ignatious' manifestations do not interrupt his thought process. This personality wants to mine, and only wants to mine, he believes he is a dwarf, and in a stereotypical manner strokes his chin and makes comments on what a dwarf would do in the current situation, while often shouting things related to mining and attempting to redirect the entire party's activities towards an area in which he can mine.
Personality 4: [71-80] Nico the merchant, a victim of Iggy’s and a prisoner of ale Cargo Savoie’s brigs for a while. Nico is a scumbag swindler who is obsessed with gambling.
Personality 5: [81-90] Glen the Guard, an extremely lawful personality developed by the memory of one of his favorite guards from his childhood. This personality will absolutely not break the law.

Religion/Philosophy: Currently None

Sexuality: Celibate

Positive Personality Traits: Loyal, fully dedicated when given a task, will follow orders regardless of moral direction.
Negative Personality Traits: Has multiple personalities of which he has no knowledge exist.
Misc. Quirks: He does and will eat human flesh.


Guild: Aurum Dragoons
Guild Rank: Member


Favorite Foods: Human Flesh (Although this is a 'secret' to his non manifested personality), Galaxy Gumbo
Favorite Drinks: Rice Wine, Sweetened Tea
Favorite Colors: Any color that is not bright.

Hobbies: Ignatious has learned, since moving to Two Crowns, that mining seems to keep the 'lapses in his memory' from occuring, and so when he has free time and energy he spends his time mining ore and stone. He also loves to fish but from time to time ends in confusion as he awakens a far swim from land and must tire his remaining energy to regroup his self to his former location. He also enjoys exploring taverns and swapping sea stories with the patrons he meets.
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