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Full Name: Aiden
Nicknames: The Autumn Bard, Truthseeker, Firewalker, Taleweaver, Honeytongue (etc.)

Primary Class: Bard

Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Hair: Fiery red down past his waist
Skin: Pale and decorated with silver and green leafy swirled tattoos
Eyes: Deep green


Place of Residence: White Arden
Place of Birth: White Arden

Relatives: Mother, Father, Brother Sister
Enemies: None
Allies: None, yet

Occupation: Bard, Scribe, Storyteller
Tradeskills: Artistry, Printing, Papercraft

Appearance: Tall and athletic, he is always vainly well-kept even in the wilds. He keeps his hair swept back into a long tail and silvery green tattoos decorate his face and body. Nearly every slip of hair is practiced and he moves with a dramatic grace.

Fashion of Choice: Sleek silks and robes, or as little as possible.
Armor of Choice: Cloth
Weapons of Choice: Instruments he can channel magic through.

Special Talents: Talented with his tongue, knowing several languages and speaking fluently. Can play by ear and improvise on almost every instrument he gets his hands on. Besides music, he is also magically inclined but chooses not to show it off too much.



Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
Motivations: Making a story that will be told through the ages.
Disposition: Bemused, and enjoying the world around him like a spider observing whatever falls into his web.
Outlook: A good story is worth all the joy and pain that comes from the journey.

Religion/Philosophy: We are just actors and pawns in plays written by the gods. Play your part to the hilt.

Sexuality: Always

Positive Personality Traits: Generous, loves to help and sees little value in wealth and money.
Negative Personality Traits: Never lets people in close or tells the truth. Always a new tall tale and never bothers to keep his stories straight.
Misc. Quirks: Never refers to people by their real names.


Guild: OOC
Guild Rank: Member


Likes: Music, stories, sex, perfumes
Dislikes: Cheap drinks, boring people, blood, making young men cry
Favorite Foods: Fancy cheese, sliced meats, finger foods
Favorite Drinks: Fine wines, fruit drinks, coffee
Favorite Colors: Greens

Hobbies: Collecting stories, songs, and lovers, pressing and drying flowers.
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