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Full Name: Lysander
Nicknames: Pretty boy, or some variant thereof, much to his confusion

Primary Class: Healer (of some sort)

Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: Unknown, believes he's around 40
Hair: White, short & wavy, side shaved
Skin: Tan
Eyes: Purple


Place of Residence: Northern Rokhala
Place of Birth: Gweonid Forest

Relatives: Parents, status unknown

Occupation: None for now
Tradeskills: Herbalism, Hunting/Gathering, Healing


Fashion of Choice: Still figuring that out. Prefers comfortable clothes.
Armor of Choice: Cloth
Weapons of Choice: Magic

Special Talents: Mysticism, Divination, Dream Walking, dabbles in drawing and violin

History/Biography: Lysander's background is shrouded in mystery, perhaps more to him than anyone else. Not knowing his true age or his birthday, Lysander only fully remembers the last ten years of his life. He knows bits and pieces from his childhood and teen years, but those memories are foggier than they ought to be. Through occasional lucid fragments of events and a collection of diaries and letters from his parents, he has a vague understanding of how he got to where he is, and why, but much has been hidden from him.

His parents met while they were both on the run from their own troubles, finding solace in each others' plight, they continued to run together, and soon found themselves with a child in tow. They tried to keep to the edges of society, only meeting with strangers to barter or trade for goods and supplies, and very seldom daring to approach the larger cities. Displeased to be raising a child so isolated, they did their best to supplement more typical enrichment and entertainment with books, art, and music.

His father (while perhaps not his biological father) was fluent in continental Haranyan, so Lysander was raised hearing it as often as Nuian or Elvish, something that was so ingrained that he never fully forgot it. His father was also a gifted healer adept with alchemy, herbalism, and natural medicine. Lysander inherited many of his natural talents, as well as an aptitude for the learned craft as well.

His mother did not have the typical childhood of an Elf, orphaned, she was raised in a cult that taught her strange and unusual magics. Though she escaped her upbringing at the first chance, she never forgot the valuable lessons her caretakers taught her. By far the more paranoid of his parents, whenever she believed that their family had been discovered, or Lysander saw something he shouldn't have seen, she would modify his memory, insisting that she was protecting him from the danger of their lives. When he was young, it started small, a few moments to an hour at a time changed, hidden, or removed - though as he grew older and began to experience more, her paranoias grew in turn. She would take longer and longer lengths of time from him, from months to years, which caused a rift to grow swiftly between his parents.

He spent many years with either his mother or father, each believing that they were doing what was best, though his mother was tenacious and could not be convinced that repeatedly taking her son's memories was not only unhelpful, but potentially very dangerous. This pattern repeated for decades, finally culminating in a devastating, near deadly encounter in Northern Rokhala, giving Lysander the scar over his eye. His father nursed him back to health, determined to find a way to stop his estranged wife's machinations, certain that Lysander could not survive any further meddling.

Lysander's life since then was unremarkable. He continued the habit of keeping to himself, able to survive in the wilds far from civilization with few problems. He got letters from both parents with some regularity for a few years, though he never saw either of them again . It was only very recently when a certain green-haired Haranyan happened upon him while he was injured in Gweonid Forest, healing his wounds and challenging the idea that people were dangerous and couldn't be trusted.


Alignment: Generally good, ideally would put himself first but has made rash decisions with dour consequences to help the people he cares about.
Motivations: Discovering his past, creating his own future
Disposition: Wary but curious. Cautiously/reluctantly hopeful
Outlook: Uncertain, heavily dependent upon current circumstances, can shift from very hopeful to resigned and depressed

Religion/Philosophy: Having spent a large portion of his life alone, he hasn't focused much on the topic of religion. He certainly believes in higher and/or weirder powers, having seen plenty of evidence to support their existence.

Sexuality: peach & eggplant emoji

Positive Personality Traits: Curious, open minded, observant, intuitive, friendly
Negative Personality Traits: Paranoid, easily overwhelmed, highly emotional, easily wounded
Misc. Quirks: Very odd for an Elf, he avoids much conflict and does not enjoy fighting, preferring the outdoors, animals, books. He can sleep basically anywhere in nearly any position, but wakes easily. He does not dream. He has almost no clear memory of his life prior to 10 years ago, due to this, he takes extensive notes about his experiences.


Guild: Aurum Dragoons
Guild Rank: Member


Likes: The outdoors - forests in particular, water, swimming, fishing, plants, learning, people, music
Dislikes: Violence, aggression, vague pacts with aspiring eldritch horrors
Favorite Foods: Game meats, fruits, pastries
Favorite Drinks: Teas, wine, sake, beech noyaux
Favorite Colors: All of 'em

Hobbies: Exploring, seeing new things, meeting people, socializing, day drinking, being on boats

RP Hooks

-Lysander has been around for a long time and is much older than he thinks. He has traveled great lengths between Nuia and Haranya, though mostly along the edges of society, not interacting much beyond trading with wandering merchants or small farms. His appearance has changed slightly over the years
-Knowing either of his parents in the past would work well too, either as a family unit or individually. Lysander resembles them both
-It is entirely plausible to find him in any quiet, wooded area
-He spends lots of time at home in Northern Rokhala
-He is socially reserved at first, but will try to help anyone in need
-Lysander is not able to easily resist the opportunity to explore new places

OOC Info

Discord: illuminatibynature#2194
Time Zone: CST. I'm available weekday evenings and usually pretty flexible on weekends.
RP Limits: I don't consider any subjects off limits, however the extent to which I will actively RP some of them will vary a whole bunch. I am comfortable talking about pretty much anything on an OOC level, though.
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Character Thoughts

    A very proper and well dressed Elf. One of the Dragoons, I had hoped to get to know him better, but I haven't seen him in some time. He is apparently something of a fortune teller, and gave Vahn a potion to help with memory problems. I wonder if he might have been able to help me? Frax told me that he's gone and probably not coming back.

    Elven woman, captain of the Hammerhead. She's brought the guild out on a few Maritime Adventures. She seems like she has a good sense of humor. She is very well versed about all things sailing, she expects a lot, and while perhaps not the gentlest teacher, I know I could learn a lot from her.

    I met her at the New Years party hosted by the Dragoons. She is very sweet. Voted me as "Best Dressed," which was very flattering. I've never seen anyone quite like her, her skin and hair and eyes are all gold. I know she is close to Vahn and has been helping him with his pain as much as possible. I trust her, but I haven't seen her in a while.

    I'm not sure if I've spoken to her, but I have seen her at the Palm.

    A Firran woman I've seen more frequently. She runs an antiquities company, S.M.R.T. She seems a little guarded, though polite and open. I've seen her frequently with Thorn.

    I have not met him formally or spoken to him, and I have no desire to. He has hurt a lot of people and doesn't seem to care about it.

    A very friendly Nuian woman I met at the Raven's Den.

    An elf I met briefly at the Palm. He has a dragon. I believe he means well though his manner isn't... my favorite. I know I can be sensitive but he seems to have little to no ability to read social cues. He seems connected in the way that many others are, I am envious of this.

    I've seen him around more and more, he seems very shy, but kind. He has, unfortunately, been around during some of the worst times; that would be reason enough for things to be sour. He is far braver than he gives himself credit for. I recently learned that he's been separated from his parents for some time. He seems hesitant to seek out his mother, he's afraid of what he might find, a feeling I am all too familiar with.

    A very forward Nuian man who was at the Palm. He may be associated with some darker things, I am hesitant to find out, though it may be for the best. I think it would be wise to enlist his help, though I worry what the price for it might be.

    I met them at Arisea and later helped free their home from pirates in Sunbite. They mean well, I think, but can be a bit brash. I can't really fault them for the things they said, however. How would they know? I was involved in a successful attempt to free their home from pirates. As a thanks, they gave me the title to a little home in the waters of Sunbite, it is really quite lovely. Since retaking the Cove they seem much more in their element. Quite happy to be home, I'd imagine. I don't know if it will ever be truly safe from those pirates but if I can help ensure that, I will.

    A strange Firran, very indelicate in her manner. She is associated with good people, however.

    He is unlike most of the Elves I have encountered, having no strong love of violence or combat - though it seems to be a sore spot with him that he is not more "gifted" in that respect. He thinks he is very clumsy, perhaps he is a little, but certainly not any more than I am. He has started some gatherings for exploration which I have enjoyed quite a bit. We wound up having far more in common than I could have imagined. Things have... changed between us, in a very good way. It was unexpected, but I feel very comfortable with him, I feel a lightness in myself, an easiness that I can't remember experiencing before... I think that the feeling is "happy." It is easy to forget my troubles when we are together, though I do worry about getting him tangled up in some of these messes. It is so strange, how he understands some of the most difficult and complicated feelings that I've had. I don't feel the need to hide any of it, or likely anything from him. He loves me, and I love him more than I know how to say.

    I only met her briefly at the Raven's Den. She became intoxicated very quickly. She has a large, well behaved wolf and a farm somewhere near the tavern.

    The first time we met he drew a picture of me. It was very good, flattering even. I've been getting to know him but he had some... strange and troubling connection to Onouris. I shudder to think of Onouris' intentions, though now Gale seems to have parted ways with him... I am relieved. Perhaps there is hope for me too? I know that Gale wants to help me or at least try, but I don't want to drag him back into this mess. He's become important to me, he seems to understand me, in some ways more than I understand myself... I want him to be happy. He has recently sort of... adopted a dryad? I honestly don't know what that means, but Steel is very sweet.

    I don't think I actually spoke to this man. I think he is married to Lysyra? This seems a little odd, he is rather gruff looking(and acting) and she is quite the opposite.

    I met her after starting some alchemy and/or brewing lessons with Kho.

    A Dwarf born for the seas, this seems unusual? She's taken me on many fishing expeditions, and has always been helpful and pleasant. She recently had an... altercation with Ianthe, due to her background. I haven't heard what happened since then, but she was very, very angry. I hope things can be resolved.

    I've seen Ianthe more, she is very helpful and very skilled with a bow. She confided in me recently, though now she no longer needs to hide. I hope she's okay - I confess I don't know much about what it must feel like to have people dislike you, just based on who you are, or things you can't change. Hopefully she can live more freely now.

    He organized the "speed dating" event. Seemed to be very close with Kora, though now I he seems to be involved with Shesmetet. He is easygoing and personable, not bad in a scrap either.

    She's a member of the Dragoons, a healer, and a good one, from what I hear. I wonder if I could train under her? I should ask.

    An outgoing and affable Firran who is generous with sharing his knowledge and enthusiastic about his trade. He's introduced me to many things, and in addition to his usually laid back and casual demeanor, has been very supportive and kind as well. I know he has his own struggles right now, they seem to parallel my own in many ways. I wonder if I can be of any help? He is a good friend.

    A scantly clad and very friendly young woman I met at Carp Diem. She says the cove has been her home for a long time.

    I have heard her referred to as "The Pink One," though I doubt she would enjoy such a nickname. She is small and fierce, more brusque than nearly all of the Haranyans I have met. She is very close to Vahn and protective of him, she almost seems like an older sister to him. Though she is rough around the edges, she has a good heart, though I expect she might not like to admit it. Vahn and I are going to mate our elk to give her a calf to raise. It seems she is much more fond of animals than people.

Leng Wu
    A very strange and rather cryptic man. He seems very philosophical, far more than I really understand, though he is also very practical and realistic. He offered me help in a troubling situation. I hope I do not need it, but it is good to have the option.

    A really lovely and friendly Elf, I met with her at the Raven's Den with Demii. She was very sweet and flattering - she said I am very pretty - and helped me get to bed after I had too much to drink.

    Vahn's brother, in a sense. They couldn't be more different, but Miahn is oddly endearing. Though he can be intense and severe, his presence is comforting to me. I am excited to know him and watch him grow. I thought briefly that there may have been a unique bond between us due to something Vahn said, but I do not think this is the case. I suppose it should not be so surprising, as he shares a soul with Vahn, though it was a disappointment nonetheless. He is very magically skilled, which I suppose should also not be much of a surprise either. He sometimes come off as reckless, but I think he has a greater amount of control that he lets on.


    One of the strangest people I think I have ever met. She is friendly and outgoing, but also a fearsome warrior. Her mood never seemed to shift regardless of what she was doing. I haven't seen her in some time.

North Light
    I don't think I formally met him, but I know he is a wonderful musician. He played at the New Years event and a few times at the Palm.


    Kind of a funny young man, so brash and boorish compared to most Haranyans I've met, but it's oddly refreshing. He is very friendly and outgoing, he was so excited to see the hot air balloons in Rokhala. He frequently gives me rather strange looks, though not unpleasant or rude. He makes me laugh, I don't know if he's trying to be funny, or if he's just like that? It's hard to be unhappy when he's around. I think he might be sensitive about his height? And frogs. Definitely frogs.

Patient Song
    I've seen her frequently at the Palm though we haven't spoke much. Her hair is very unique.

Relentless Thorn
    She goes by Thorn, a Warborn woman I've been seeing more of. She is very shy but very kind and friendly. She runs a division of S.M.R.T. I believe. Though nervous sometimes, she seems like she is coming out of her shell.

    An Elven woman who is a member of the Dragoons. She came out on her first venture on the Hammerhead recently. She seems very capable.

    The first time I met her was unpleasant, but there is far more to her than that. She is wise and knowledgeable, and uses both of those things to help others, myself included. She helped illuminate some of what is wrong with my memory, an she seems to want to help. I hope I can return the favor. She has spent a long time alone and also seems unused to being involved with so many. I suppose it is nice to know that it's not something that comes easily for everyone. I don't know if she would admit it, but she is very kind. She is in danger now... I don't know how to help but I hope that I can.

    A Sallium woman, not a Haranyan, who works at the Palm. She escaped Nuia, where her people are kept as slaves by some Nuians. She opened up to me briefly. She has lost an unspeakable amount, including someone she loved very much. I don't fully understand what that's like, nor am I envious of it. I think I'd like to know her better, I don't think that she lets her guard down easily.

    I'd seen her somewhat often around the Palm but hadn't really talked until one night. She was usually reserved or concerned even, but we drank a lot and had quite a bit of fun. We had something in common that was difficult to speak of, though there was something comforting in knowing I am not alone. She was deeply tangled up with Onouris, but thankfully has been freed from his influence. She is still very afraid, a feeling I can understand all too well. I trust she can keep herself safe, though I still worry. I am not sure why, but she regularly seems irritated or displeased with me. I'm not sure if I've done something wrong, but she doesn't seem to like me very much anymore.

Silent Fox
    She has joined us on a few exploration expeditions. She's very friendly and good with a glider. I've seen her around the Cove lately, she is pleasant to be around, and a formidable fighter.

    Steel Tide is Gale's adopted son. He is a dryad, born of a blue tree. I have never heard of anything like that before, it is quite a wonder. He seems very sweet and kind, which comes as no surprise.

    A rather wild looking striped Firran. She came to the Palm when things were... tense. She left with us and helped. Seems to oppose dark magics, which is always a comfort.

    A regular at the Palm, I've spoken with her a little. She is very close to Zazussa, they seem quite happy together. She has joined up with the exploration adventures... she seems like a lot of fun.

    An older Haranyan woman that I met at the Palm. l think her family is pretty important, she is always very well dressed. She does not get along with Shesmetet at all. She has joined Frax and I on many of our exploration adventures, I think she's very funny if sometimes rather brash.

    A very friendly Dwarf. I met her during Fraxinus' exploration venture in Marinaople. She's very knowledgeable.

    He hosted the evening at the Raven's Den. Apparently he enjoys wine, though others have questioned the quality of his preferences. Lysyra and Demii cautioned that he may attempt to be improper with me, but from what I can tell, he appeared to have no such interest.

    I only met him briefly at the Palm. He knows Thorn and Colette.

    The leader of the Dragoons. I find him intimidating but very reasonable. He is a very capable warrior, to a degree that's a little scary sometimes, though he's also very personable. I tried giving him a tarot reading recently, though I didn't get to finish.

    He was my first friend, at least the first I can remember. He saved my life, quite literally, but in a more poetic sense as well. I might still be stuck in the same life, the same habits and patterns if it weren't for him. I felt very attached to him though it wasn't meant to be; he loves someone else... apparently throughout multiple realities they are a family. I don't think that it is a picture I'm meant to be in. We seem to be growing apart.

    Honestly, I hardly know the guy. I feel... inadequate. Perhaps I am. He makes Vahn happy, so he is worth protecting, even if the costs are high. Samaela said she sensed a bond between the two of us, though I don't know what that means or what to make of it. I think I am apprehensive to find out.


    A warborn with Astra wings - an uncommon sight. She bartends at the Palm and I've had a few chances to speak with her in depth. I felt oddly comfortable talking to her, even about very private things. She has offered some very sound advice, perhaps not the most comforting, but honest and helpful nonetheless. I saw, very briefly, the fierce side of her, while it was in stark contrast to her usual gentle disposition, she was still fair and concerned.
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