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Full Name: Gale (Real name: ?)
Nicknames: Painter, Slave boy, pet, puppy

Primary Class: Paladin

Race: Harani
Gender: Male (Often mistaken for female.)
Age: 24
Hair: Black with orange highlights, mid back when down.
Skin: Pale but tanning
Eyes: Bright gold flecked with silver that sometimes glow


Place of Residence: The world, the Palm, Kuyo’s safe house
Place of Birth: Unknown

Relatives: Unknown
Enemies: None
Allies: None, Figures he’ll be left by everyone eventually

Occupation: Landscape and portrait artist
Tradeskills: Painting, crafting inks and dyes, cooking, alchemy

Appearance: A diminutive man, standing only 5’2” that’s often mistaken for a woman in both armor and robes. Normally he keeps his hair up out of the way, but it still manages to have a mind of its own.

Fashion of Choice: Dressy robes, prefers things more sleek but can’t afford a tailor so everything is over-sized.
Armor of Choice: A well-worn set of plate bought for some dye
Weapons of Choice: A shield

Special Talents: Talks to animals, but doesn’t realize no one else can yet. High tolerance and a developed numbness for pain due to a lifetime of abuse along with an innate talent for healing that he cannot access yet. It keeps him alive through things he shouldn’t be able to live through, which along with his trained numbness leaves him walking away from the seemingly impossible.

The holy light within him is unstable right now and flares up with his emotions.

Gale is a book whose first chapters were torn out and tossed to the wind. Nothing about his true name or family is known to him, and his first memories were of running with a small street gang. The leader was fond of collecting orphans and teaching them the trade, as small hand were oft the most dexterous. Unlike his peers however, he could not manage a single lift nor snatch. He would stutter and stumble from the guilt of it all, and ended up being a detriment to the gang as a whole. Despite acting like a guardian, the gang leader sold Gale off the first chance he got to a crotchety old painter who was taken by his delicate appearance.

Life under his new master, sating his appetites made him regret his refusal to steal, and he spent most of his days dreaming of being back with his friends running wild and free through the streets. Spirit broken, he lacked any will to flee and took solace in mastering his owner’s craft until the day he was able to surpass him.

On seeing his work, the old man flew into a rage and started to throw anything he could reach at the young man. Gale could do nothing more than cower under a desk until the throwing stopped. Along with the man. Blind fury had triggered a heart attack and he fell to the floor with a shattering thud. Frightened and uncertain what to do, he gathered what he thought he might need and took to the road, never looking back.


Alignment: Lawful Good inherently but movable
Motivations: Live and love as much as he can before he dies, steadily shifting to protecting those he cares about from everything, especially each other.
Disposition: A boyish bright-eyed enthusiasm and love for all things tempered by a dark specter of trauma and self-doubt.
Outlook: If anyone should fall or suffer, it should will be him and no one else.

Religion/Philosophy: He doesn’t understand religion, but if so many people believe in Gods, they must be real

Sexuality: Submissive

Positive Personality Traits: Optimistically tries to see the best in all he meets, regardless of the personal cost.
Negative Personality Traits: Optimistically tries to see the best in all he meets, regardless of the personal cost.
Misc. Quirks: Quick to cower when he’s in danger, but even quicker to put himself in the way if others are. Always wears a heart-shaped locket carved from blackened wood.


Guild: OOC
Guild Rank: Member


Likes: Stories, animals, physical affection
Dislikes: Meat, Death, Fire, Cheap paper
Favorite Foods: Cheese, raw vegetables, sweets (rarely feels he deserves them though)
Favorite Drinks: Tea, worryingly taking to whiskey
Favorite Colors: Browns

Hobbies: Making pigments, art supplies, training to be a paladin.

Current Song Last Good Day

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My time out in the world has exposed me to a full spectrum of people and emotions I can barely even start to untangle. Working through it all has started to make my heart hurt and leaves me lost and confused. To try and make sense of this chaotic mess, I have decided to keep a journal trying to figure out just how I feel about others. There are many more than this and I will add them as I go. Focusing on too many at once just makes the pain worse...

    Warm feelings. Being around him makes me feel happier and stronger. Chances are I might be projecting but in him I see what I could have been. A whole person with a loving family, kind disposition, hope, fear… the whole range of normal emotions. Looking at the world around though, I get frightened. If he is so much the man I could have been, if something comes to hurt him… could he end up like me? The thought is so uncomfortable it makes me want to push harder, keep him safe and keep someone else from ending up a broken useless thing. It’s a love like feeling that pushes me I know but it’s… different? The thought of intimacy with him is oddly uncomfortable.

    Rage (written in red ink). Thinking about the feelings he causes makes me feel them again. He kidnapped my friend, says my other friends should die and threatened Miss Seia. Don’t want to think about it anymore, don’t wanna feel it again… I want him to-to feel PAIN.

    Tension, discomfort. Miss Kora is like the dark voice in the back of your head given flesh. She says all the things you doubt and fear and says them with such conviction that I both want to argue and cower. Other than Dariuss, she is the one person that’s made me feel a slight… burning feeling in my chest. Anger? Maybe, I’m not sure.

    Awkward feelings that make my face burn. Kuyo is like… a dashing rogue in one of those badly written but illicit adventure stories I see behind the counter in some of the markets. Seeing him jump around and cast magic he’s so… energetic and lithe. He acts cruel sometimes but when fewer people are around, there’s a kindness and warmth to him that I don’t think many people see. Mostly because he doesn’t want them to. A few times I have been in his arms, like when I almost died in the river, I thought about what it would be like to feel more. Seeing the way he acts so impish around people like Tani and Sapha I’m pretty sure the way he leans wouldn’t include me so I try not to spare it much thought.

    Sadness and Guilt. A firran with cool hair and even cooler drinks. He makes a lot of the drinks the Palm sells himself which is an art that fascinates me. It’s art… you can drink! How neat is that. Unfortunately I can’t learn more from him… or even be close to him. Something about the small piece of Onouris inside me gives him severe pain and I… wish I could help him.

    (Text here is heavily blotted out with thick ink, and smudge with tears)

    More Face burning, shame. So far I’ve acted a bit stupid around elves. Most I’ve met have been so tall and beautiful it’s hard not to look up to them. Lysander though… is different. Not that he’s not either of those things. I mean… he very much is both. Very very much is both. But I feel like I’ve been getting to know him better while the others I’ve met are still big ol’ mystery boxes. Not because we slept together though. Which we did, but… in the same bed, not the other thing. The idea of the other thing makes my heart race in a way only a few people have. He loves Vahn though, I remember that from when we were all drunk. Not worth thinking about, not even the worst behind-the-counter stories involve an elf with a broken slave.

    Love and longing. Everything about him seems to… soothe me. Soothe my doubts, soothe the voices in my head telling me I’m nothing more than what I was made. While others look at me with pity, he defends me. When I am in danger, he protects me. How is it the simplest feeling becomes the most complicated and terrible? Everyone tells me he is evil, beyond saving. But the tell me I’m weak, stupid, look down on me and think I’m just a broken thing being taken advantage of. If they’re right about him… it means I need to give up my shield and admit that they are right about me as well. If we’re right about each other though… him that I can be strong and protect those I love and me right that he can let go of his anger and hatred once his pain is soothed… maybe we can make ourselves better people… together. Despite what others think, I am not so dumb to overlook the pain and fear in everyone’s eyes. Too much pain stains the ground, a ghost of blood yet to be spilled. It will be me at the center and I will try to take what blows they deliver to try and forge a way to peace until nothing of my shattered heart remains.

    Being able to lay with him and look up at the stars with my head on his shoulder, our demon’s at rest and finally knowing contentment is my fondest dream I know will never come true.

    Fondness and concern. Our first encounter… left an impression but I can’t seem to feel anything but nostalgic when I encounter him. He reminds me of a time I thought was lost to me in a haze of darkness and pain. A time when I ran wild in the streets of the city with several kids just like him. When I see his smile and frantic energy I feel a bit lighter in foot, but also feel concern. Of all the kids I used to know, very few made it out okay. Most ended up terrible men. He has that edge, he could end up hero or ruthless thug and maybe I should stick about to make certain he does not walk that path. ESPECIALLY with Eujene.

    Pain and longing. The first man I ever had… feelings and attraction for. Before I always felt like I existed for the pleasure of others and he made me feel longings of my own. Teaching me how to pick potatoes, trying to teach me to defend myself and fight. It was his strong hand that gave me the first push onto the path I now walk. The love I felt for him and the pain of him leaving taught me the most important lesson. No one will care about me enough to stand by my side and the path I walk in this world is one I will end up doing alone.

    Confusion. She stays cloaked, speaks plainly and shortly and doesn’t seem to give away much. It feels like she knows so much more than she lets on, and she was the one that made me wish to go to Auroria alone- but that seems to be on hold. Need to find her again to see what she knows with less people around, I’m certain she knows more about Onouris and how to free him.

    Warm amusement. Small and fierce with a mouth that would make a sailor blush. She can be a bit temperamental like Kora, but is far more… well… fun. My feelings are mixed though because with what happened with Dariuss I really want to protect her. However I get the feeling she would get insulted by the sentiment since she seems to love to fight her own battles.

    Warm adoration and concern. One of the very first people to save me and one I have the most complicated relationship with. Before… the event… I loved being around her and she made me feel so comfortable. Everything seemed to change though when she found out I knew her brother… who isn’t really her brother… and if I write out all that I’m gonna run out of ink. Note to self- Make more ink. We’re good though, even if she stabbed me. Sometimes I worry that me caring about him hurts her far worse than any blow she could have given me. The whole situation tears my heart to pieces and I keep wanting to ask her more questions… about the other her… about the two Onouris’ but I fear that any time I open my mouth will only cause he more pain. Why… does caring about people cause so much pain?

    Admiration and Aspiration. So strong and fun and has so many interesting stories. Seeing her with Miss Zazussa I know she will keep her safe with how wicked her blades look. One day I’ll be able to spar with her and on that day I know she’ll be really proud and happy she took the time to help me.

    Warmth and Unease. If there was anyone I was ever so desperate things were simple and stayed that way with… It would be him. We started off as such good friends, always a kind word and healed me back when I was even weaker than I am now. No matter how sad I was or how I got bloody I could trust him to help. We both started off uneasy and uncertain but now… He’s a lord with fancy clothes, a tall handsome boyfriend, power and… a magic thing in his head that wants me dead. It seems no matter how I try to help we get getting tugged closer than further apart. One day… maybe we can share books and tea together without tears...

    Concern and Unease. Vahn seems happy with him but Onouris said he was one of those people that kill others. For money. I don’t like the idea of fighting or killing but I can understand to defend yourself, or for some grudge… but greed? It seems kinda evil to me. He also has inappropriate thoughts in his head about Shesmetet and it upsets her and therefore upsets me.

    Admiration and Aspiration. One of the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met. Seeing her and Tani together bring me such joy and sadness. Although it reminds me that I’ll never have anything like it no one deserves it more than she does. There’s a look in her eyes when others aren’t watching that makes me know she understands the pain I went through before. One day I’ll be able to repay the kindness she has shown me with more than peanut butter.
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