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News from Mahadevi Port

The current Mayor of Mahadevi Port, Jinreo Mikat, has raised concerns over a breach of a historic Port-Crown Accord by an individual named Nesu Thampsis, late this week. Thampsis, a man under the employ of Amarendra IV's royal guard, was said to have attacked an unarmed villager, allegedly upon the command of a patron representing MagiCorp, a private engineering firm and enterprise. The Harani mayor, his aide, and a witness, traveled to the City of Towers to report the turn of events and to return Thampsis's body after an altercation turned violent.

Late Thursday afternoon, locals say that an unknown man claiming to represent MagiCorp arrived, along with Thampsis. The MagiCorp representative allegedly stated that they were given orders by the Queen herself to perform an investigation beyond the city gates in search of missing persons. A villager named Mathilde Whetcot was presented with a warrant. When Whetcot questioned the validity of the warrant and cited the terms of the Port-Crown Accord, a legal treatise limiting the presence and jurisdiction of royal law enforcement, the MagiCorp repesentative and Thampsis attempted to force an entry. Locals Whetcot, and Zaakir Amat, physically blocked their entry, when the representative commanded Thampsis to kill Amat and capture Whetcot for an interrogation, presumably to be conducted or facilitated by MagiCorp.

"I'm certain that [Thampsis] must have been acting outside of the knowledge of his chain of command, but what's concerning to me is a lack of royal oversight," Mayor Mikat told reporters, confessing that he had not seen the warrant in question and that it was not left at the scene nor sent to him. "I have never in twenty-eight years living in the Port, nor almost a decade as its mayor, heard of any of the crown's law enforcement working under the command of representatives from private enterprises--not even the Blue Salt Brotherhood."

As a result of the altercation, Thampsis was killed by neighborhood peacekeepers after nearly fatally wounding Amat, and both Whetcot and an unknown Firran traveler were abducted via teleportation by the MagiCorp representative.

Mayor Mikat told reporters that if there is any validity to the warrant, and that the Queen did issue such orders, he hopes there will be wider public accountability for partnering with private, corporate interests. He further stated, "I am happy to work with royal authorities, but I'd ask that proper protocol be followed."

Mikat has agreed to permit royal authorities to come to Mahadevi Port to conduct a thorough investigation for the next week, stipulating that the locals not be met with any undue harassment or unfounded suspicion, and that MagiCorp not be involved in the investigation, as a private party. Many locals are feeling shaken after the incident.

He expressed a willingness also to assist in gathering any information pertaining to any missing persons, and has asked that the crown similarly assist in finding the abducted persons, Whetcot and the unknown Firran traveler.

When reporters approached Queen Amarendra IV's press liaison, the validity of the warrant was neither confirmed nor denied, and the crown issued the following statement: "The violence in Mahadevi Port is something [Her Highness] does not condone. The crown recognizes and maintains the Port-Crown Accord and regrets the reprehensible actions of one of Her sworn protectors. As always, the mission of [Her Highness] is to provide for and maintain the safety and liberty of all Her people."

Citing criminal behavior, Mayor Mikat has issued a ban on any MagiCorp representatives or affiliates unless otherwise permitted, and publicly invites MagiCorp's leadership to correspond via owl post to surrender the unknown representative to the proper authorities, and return the two individuals taken from the Port.
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