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Kahinu's Musings:
Notes of the Heart

Entry 1.

[On the outside one would note Kahinu has taken relatively good care of this latest journal or perhaps he'd just gotten a new one? It had a few loose notes and pressed flowers. There's a few lines on the latest page, seemingly dedicated to composing a tune. Musical notes and symbols make up these lines along with little ticks and notes to the author of this journal.]

I sit here standing watch over a young artist named the safehouse of a friend of theirs named Kuyo..a firran though a grouchy and kind of rude one. There was a harani that also helped us this night recover this one but he seems to be more battered then just physically. Saw some of the paintings but I got to wonder if this was self inflicted, aided or..I really dunno. Just know he needs someone around to keep watch and help. That and I should really look into real healing..ha. Didn't know that little thing I did by the water would be a surprise to anyone considering most in the tribe know of it. Well..a good number at least. Does it have a real name..? Hmm..I wonder if the lullaby helped?

In my last moments of wakefulness I write this first entry in the new journal. May revise my latest creation though it was in part inspired by my visit to the City of Towers recently. Place is rather impressive and getting to sit down to chat with Eujene again is nice indeed. He's a little similar to me in terms of interests and some beliefs..gentle too. Though I worry his lack of caution towards necromancers could wind him in trouble. I was too tired to give much effort to that. Hope he likes the coffee..
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