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Time passes and weeks have gone by
Things go up and down, far and wide
there have been many traversing highs
a journey spent on weary sighs

Nice people enter our lives
Into thoughts we at time dive
Things go way too fast
yet on the foot of elk we last

Can we really say we dream
is reality as it seams?
There are so many theories going on
plots and secrets go beyond

But where will we drift?
Into a deep abyss?

"On the shores of the island of shields our story starts"
"hunting with one with a immortal heart"
"A woman with short horns"
"one they would call, warborn"

"the story shifts and the scene change"
"lo behold few give looks strange"
"the crossroads we meet a anora"
"following on a trip over the world's flora"

"The trip changes to another place gain"
"a firrian we see then"
"cute and with cold air"
"uptight, but their heart is there"

"oh there's also roof lady! she was nice! she didn't like my tea though... maybe she prefers it iced?"
"We played a game! i'm not very good at hiding seek..."
"The ship lady is good at hide and seek though!"
"my horse is very sneaky..."

"The date went well, i enjoyed it thoroughly"
"I want to be a more likable person..."

#14280236 Jan 04, 2020 at 12:32 PM · Edited 2 years ago
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"I've found it quite fun teaching the day before, should I turn my hut into a school? I have no other use for it... it would be fun i think"
"the quiet one was fun! Peace be with you!"
"Yeah she was very quiet but cute! I hope she'll work on her handwriting more"
"do you think i should become a teacher?"
"yeah! It was fun to watch! Why didn't sapha speak though?"
"I don't think she can speak... not everyone is as blessed as us to do so"
#14283686 Jan 09, 2020 at 06:59 AM · Edited 2 years ago
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A Afternoon Reflection

A small date on the towers
Lanterns glowing, the night glowers
Like two eyes glimmer in dark
A small twang of pain in heart

Taking risk do we see twice
In simple happiness do we suffice
A learning eridites soul
and the laughter of children passed old

How far are we from back then
Simple happiness from when
Have we found simpleness again?
who are we when,

time flows like a raging river
dispersing in dream and rotting our livers
time goes on again
but when...

"i'll see you another time then,"
#14286584 Jan 13, 2020 at 02:30 AM · Edited 2 years ago
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"sometimes there are unfounded fears which Cant help but make me worry about you.."
"Insomnia is one hell of a drug isnt it noon? Be glad you're only taking the night shift once soon, its difficult to be by yourself, the fear of losing and having no one else. Do those you care about think the same? Do not refrain, from closing your eyes..."
"Keep those you care about close, or they may leave like you fear most"
"Don't push them away again..."
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