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    In-Character Information:
    Rumor has it that the Open Palm is facing an ownership crisis, and friends and allies to the owner have been trying to find ways to help keep the tavern afloat. Though the crisis cannot be solved with coin alone, raising money to pay the wages of skilled help to fulfill the terms of an excessively demanding contract.
    A young scholar, after diligent research, proposed a charity drive. An auction--not for goods, but for the time and company of another person. Posters around major cities are requesting volunteers to offer their time for charitable donations towards the Open Palm, asking only that they grant their winning bidders their respectable company for a short time per the winning bidder's request. These posters ask for volunteers to send correspondence to "The Wanderer" to allow him to make appropriate preparations. The posters emphasize that the Open Palm will not compel the volunteers to honor inappropriate requests of their winning bidders.
    Out-Of-Character Information:
    Auctions in small RP communities like ArcheAge's are a fantastic tool for stimulating and incentivizing RP. These auctions are conducted with actual in-game currency, and the amount earned is OOCly divided among volunteers equally (while ICly it is said that the tavern keeps all of the earnings), no matter how high or low a bidding price each volunteer ended up with. There are some restrictions that apply that you can read about below. Important information about how to pre-register as a volunteer is below.

WHAT is the Winter Whimsy Auction?

    It is an RP event involving the auctioning of social calls with another character. Essentially, the character who has been won by a bidder is obligated to spend time with their bidder in an in-character capacity. The event itself stretches a bit beyond simple imagination though, as it incorporates the use of real in-game currency.
    This is not the first time the ArcheAge RP community has held such an event, and in the past, it was a hit! As the old adage says, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it." Very few things have been tweaked for this event this time 'round.

HOW does the auction work?

    Any characters may volunteer themselves to be auctioned. Others can then bid on these characters ICly, but must have the real in-game currency they are bidding on their person at the time. When bids on a character have slowed, the auctioneer (Wanderer, in this case) will check twice more to see if there are any last minute bids before closing the round. The winning bidder will approach and trade the gold to Wanderer, then both the bidder and the character won will return to watch the rest of the bidding until the end of the event (or they need to go).
    After the event, I will ensure that all of the gold tallied has been accurately accounted for, and will distribute the gold evenly among pre-registered volunteers only. Last minute entries will not be added to the pool, in the interest of avoiding last-minute changes so that I can focus on running the event smoothly.
    There are a few ways you can register as a volunteer:
  • Send Wanderer a mail in-game (IC or OOC, doesn't matter) with the name of your volunteering character(s).
  • Send Wanderer a message on Discord to DimmerMeerkat#4019 with the name of your volunteering character(s).
  • Reply to this form post with your volunteering character(s).

WHEN is this auction?

WHERE is this auction?
    At the Open Palm, of course! It is a part of the aforementioned holiday celebration! The Open Palm is in Solis Headlands:


  • A bidder may not bid with the expectation of ERP or adult themes. No character is obligated to participate in something they (or their character) are wholly uncomfortable with. Bidders must be considerate in their expectations for the character, and must be proactive in communicating OOCly with the player.
  • Characters who have been won in the auction are obligated to have one RP "session" with the bidder.
  • Bidders must have on their person the actual amount of gold they are bidding during the event. IOUs will not be accepted, and a failure to produce the gold promised will forfeit your win and default to the next highest bid below yours.
  • Anonymous bids will not be accepted (because it's a logistical nightmare).
  • If I have failed to see your bid, please whisper me ASAP, before I conclude the bidding. Keeping up with RP spam during this sort of thing can be hard.
  • Bid increments must be done in only gold increments. Upbidding by a few silver or copper will be ignored. After 50 gold, bids must be in increments of (or greater than) 5 gold (eg 55, 60, 65, 70), and after 100, they must be in increments no smaller than 10 gold (eg 110, 120, 130).
  • Volunteers must roleplay during the event. You cannot sign up as a volunteer and then only enter OOCly.
  • Volunteers can enter multiple alts if they desire, but will still only get 1 equal share of the earnings.
  • Volunteers may bid on other volunteers! The only people who cannot bid during the auction is the specific person up for auction. You may not bid on yourself.


    Why use real gold instead of RP credits?
    Two reasons; One, to keep players from godmodding their wealth and outbidding everyone with unrealistic amounts. Two, to really benefit the people participating in the events and hopefully help to build up more RP events down the line.

    If I bid on someone who fails to meet up for RP or who doesn't live up to my standards, can I get a refund?
    Unfortunately not. By that point, the funds will have already been split among the volunteers, and I may not have the funds to help you out of that pickle. Be discerning when bidding! If you haven't heard of the character until that day, it's probably better to be careful about it.

    What do I need to do to be a volunteer?
    Just let Wanderer know~

    Can volunteers/auctionees in "queue," so to speak, still bid on other folks up for auction?

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