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Nicknames: TBD(Can make some up.)
Gender: Male
Age: ??
Race: Firran
Profession: Drifter. Though he belongs to Asmeret's wandering tribe the Sunweavers.
Alignment: ??
OOC Class: Ebonsong

Food, more food, shiny things, stories, music, free stuff, wood carving & more to be decided.
Animal Friends:
Amibesa: A female snowlion he’s had for a while.

A laidback, happy enough firran whom enjoys just walking towards whatever seems interesting or holds the promise of something good to eat, a story or song. He carries around several notebooks along with his usual camping supplies to record what he experiences. When it comes to things he enjoys detail can be fairly important, while other times his lazy side shines through and he’ll only strive for the gist. Short and sweet right? The attempt to make him a bit more serious with more things has more or less had little to no effect though he promises that one day he'll shape up.

While on the road you may hear someone humming or a lute being plucked. May just be a wandering cat, testing out his latest piece of the collection.

RP Hooks:
≽ You're a drifter too! He’s on the road often enough.
≽ Need a helping hand with something.
≽ Have a story? He’d be happy to listen and add it to a collection
≽ Have a song? He’s practicing his singing when he thinks none are looking
and also adding songs to a collection
≽ Need a friend? He tries his best but can be a bit odd.

His Journal:
❦ Notes of the Heart ❦

To Contact Me:
Post on this thread or mail me on this site to get in contact.
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People of Note(Updated as Needed)
Who He Knows/Is Curious About/Notable Meeting:
☼ = Loves | ❁ = Respects | ✓ = Friendly
♢ = Neutral | ?? = Confusing | ☒ = Enemy

Eujene: A shy, gentle young man whom enjoys the lute. To Kahinu he seems like a potentially great friend but also someone whom could use someone watching their back..or can they do that just fine themselves? He doesn't know. [❁, ✓]
Gale: An underweight, small artist harani fellow whom appears very distressed. For the moment he sticks in Kahinu's head as a thing to worry about though he doesn't really know them much beyond the troubling paintings and some lines uttered. Will he be ok? [♢, ??]
Kuyo: A grouchy, pushy but useful enough firran in robes. He at least appears to have heart somewhere in there. [♢, ??]



WILD - This is Our Time
Walk Off the Earth - Gang of Rhythm
The Griswolds - All of My Friends

Fine with most rp, however ask OOCly before you do something iffy. I however don't do excessive gore or mutilation, and I don't want Kahinu to die as of now but he can get hurt!
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