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Nicknames: Wolf (Nicknames are reserved for friends,
folks can make some up.)
Gender: Female
Age: ??
Race: Warborn
Profession: Field Worker in the Flower Fields
outside of Fleurstad.
Alignment: ??
OOC Class: Doombringer

Ceramics, Dancing(she more so watches for now), Food, & more to be decided.
Animal Friends:
Ebony Stone: A male pongolin she’s more so simply visits often enough to consider it a friend

A somewhat shy warborn, that appears somewhat slow despite half the time having many thoughts swirling in her head. She enjoys being able to walk around where she wants if she's feeling brave enough. Little Wolf is inclined to try and help those in need or suffering under others. She'll even possibly get into a fight if the situation is deemed needing such. However due to her only having recently become a little more free may struggle and therefore hesitate to act even if she feels something is right. It's a battle to figure out her feelings, strengths and whom she can really trust with more then the basics.

Life is complicated for her, but she also makes it more so then it needs to be a lot of the times. Without many allies, figuring herself and the world out proves a great challenge for her. Controlling her temper also appears to be a potential challenge.

The shackles are false, but they've yet to really break..

RP Hooks:
≽ You're a Warborn that works in the Flower Farm near Fleurstad or work/live there.
≽ You're a Warborn. She'll try more so to offer what little she can to her own that need it.
≽ Need a helping hand with something.
≽ First aide? She knows some.
≽ Need a friend? She's a bit awkward but means well enough.
≽ Know how to make pottery.
≽ Like mint or peppermint tea.

Her Journal:
❀ Thoughts from a Flower Wolf ❀

To Contact Me:
Post on this thread or mail me on this site to get in contact. You can also find me in the community discord.
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31 Posts
People of Note(Updated as Needed)
Who She Knows/Is Curious About/Notable Meeting:
☼ = Loves | ❁ = Respects | ✓ = Friendly
♢ = Neutral | ?? = Confusing | ☒ = Enemy

Ozlan: An energetic, thieving Harani fellow she acknowledges has some good in him but at the same time he annoys her. On top of it all he's a Harani and to her they're just..still a beacon of light and an object to be angry with. [♢, ??]

Zazussa: A red eyed Warborn woman with a gentle enough demeanor. Similar to Wolf though perhaps more tense then her..both sharing similar feelings towards Harani and a past all Warborn have had or have. She draws well too. Could be friends. [❁, ✓]

Kuyo: A soft furred, but not so nice firran she met in Redemption. After asking some questions he challenged her to not hide in the shadows of what she could be..though even with valid points it still stung. [??]

Kora: Owner of the Open Palm and her new employer or at least one of them. She's not sure what to make of the tiny lady and neither can she figure out how she'll handle..her new environment. [♢, ??]



Surveillance, by George Oglivie
Foreign Hands, by George Oglivie
Count Your Blessings, George Oglivie
If That's Alright, Dylan Dunlap

Fine with most rp, however ask OOCly before you do something iffy. I however don't do excessive gore or mutilation, and I don't want Little Wolf to die as of now but she can get hurt!
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