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Full Name: Zazussa
Nicknames: Zaz, Red, Freckles

Primary Class: Gypsy

Race: Warborn
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Hair: Red
Skin: Fair/Freckled
Eyes: Large slitted, ruby red


Place of Residence: Mahadevi, Herb Farm
Place of Birth: Unknown

Relatives: None
Enemies: Unknown
Allies: None

Occupation: Farmer/Rancher, Blue Salt Brotherhood Supplier, Artist
Tradeskills: Husbandry (Mainly), Alchemy

Zazussa is fair of skin covered in adorable freckles which she keeps years of abuse in the form of scars hidden by the cuts of her clothes. Marked upon her forehead is a symbol of wings permanently marked in black. She has a broken stabilizer which, if examined, looks as if someone has tried to rip it out of her back none too kindly. Deep auburn/red hair mid back length she either keeps under a dirty rag or, if she is delivering to the Blue Salt Brotherhood, she wears down loosely tied back. She has a pair of swept back horns that end in red tips and large ruby colored eyes that mark her demon heritage clearly.
Zazussa commonly dresses as a lowborn peasant or rags not even fit for slaves that smell horribly of sweat both of her own and of the animals she tends. If she is delivering to the Blue Salt Brotherhood, she wears the official Dawnsdrop leathers, in which she smells clean with subtle hints of cinnamon and chamomile, until she can change back into her normal garb. She's always got a leather pouch on her side which has been enchanted to hold just about anything that will fit past the mouth of the pouch, so she's usually got a potion on hand if needed.

Fashion of Choice: Peasant
Armor of Choice: [Hiram] Cloth (Does not wear armor in RP)
Weapons of Choice: Scepter/Shield

Special Talents: Zazussa is a natural artist, whether it comes to drawing or carving or even singing. She cannot play an instrument... yet.

Like all Warborn, Zazussa remembers... those... times. She was one of the few elite given wings to reign terror from the skies, the Skaikru. She retains the title as a reminder of what she once was, death from above, and strives to forget the horrors of her actions. When the Warborn were released, she was one of the unlucky ones captured by the Nuian and tortured, starting with the painful removal of her wings, until she was purchased as slave fodder after her will was doubly broken. She was passed from Master to Master for several years, the stabilizer causing the memories to always be just within reach.
That is, until her last Master, a monster of a Harani that found immense pleasure in her pain, who went out of his way to bring as much misery to 'Red Raven' as he possibly could, even changing her name officially in a false act of kindness to 'Zazussa'.
Kinotomo, her last Master, died quite suddenly after several people witness a brutal, savage beating in Austera, to which Zazussa blames herself for not protecting him. What really happened is unknown, only that he was found in his garden in Mahadevi skewered on his own blade.
Though it's been several years, Zazussa still maintains the farm. Her neighbors reach out to her occasionally, either asking for help or asking to help. She's been called the most beautiful demon in the Herb Farm area, awarded for her diligence and sacrifices to help others and ask nothing in return save peace and solitude.
It's safe to say any information in her history can be found out if the right people are asked.


Alignment: Lawful/Good
Motivations: Art, Music, Animals, Helping Others
Disposition: Shy, Quiet, Guilty
Outlook: Conflicted, though her kind nature often wins

Religion/Philosophy: Law of Nature and Chemistry

Sexuality: Unknown

Positive Personality Traits: Extremely helpful, diligent, punctual
Negative Personality Traits: PTSD, survivors guilt, shame
Misc. Quirks:
Cannot read or write, all of her stories an songs are drawn as lifelike images upon the pages of her notebook. To the outsider, her drawings are absolutely amazing, realistic, ranging from the dark and depraved to stunningly beautiful. To her, they are memories, dreams, stories, experiences, songs, poems, her treasures.
Still sees Hirani as people whose orders are to be obeyed without question. She feels conflicted when she is shown kindness by Hirani, terrified to disappoint, so views 'suggestions' as orders.


Guild: <kom Skaikru>
Guild Rank: Leader/Owner


Likes: Travel, trade, animals, fishing, farming, art, music, singing
Dislikes: Being noticed, especially when the target of anger or frustration
Favorite Foods: Honey
Favorite Drinks: Honey tea
Favorite Colors: Orange

Hobbies: Drawing her songs and stories and what she sees

Rumors in Mahadevi
Its rumored, among the gossip of City of Towers, Zazussa is a sorceress of sorts, schooled in the ways of magic or has some level of magical potency and skill, though no one can confirm if anyone has seen her perform a single spell past infusions for alchemy, which any common alchemist can do.
It is also rumored that Zazussa does not have a demonic form, again, no confirmation.
I would rather be damned by my honesty than caged by my lies.
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Oh, I had no idea you were a roleplayer. Hey there, neighbor!


<----Amaljin. The farm land...y'know >u>;;;
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Imagine my amusement when I saw your name on the character list :P There're actually quite a few names I recognize as I perused the list. Hopefully we can RP together sometime :)
I would rather be damned by my honesty than caged by my lies.
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Yeah! Honestly would've been more open to trades whatnot had I known in advance. (What can I say, I'm biased)

Should look into joining OOC discord server if you use discord. Got lot of folks there even if they're in different guild! :D
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