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Full Name: Aurumin

Nicknames: Auru, Aurumin, Golden Light
Primary Class: Vitalism
Race: Warborn
Gender: Female
Age: ???
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Gold
Eyes: Gold and green


Aurumin found her contract sold to a Harani fairly on after she was fitted with her stabilizer. She was taught to farm bananas and to harvest them. Hauling crates for the plantation she was now a part of was tiring hard work and her owner's seemed loathe to give their warborn rest anytime soon.

Aurumin's happiest days were unfortunately in these early days, while still a servant to the Ning Plantation. Of all the people on the plantation, Hirani or not, Aurumin had only one real friend. An elderly woman by the name of Dinai. Dinai worked for the same people she did although she was paid for her work. She cared for injuries among the warborn but was also a personal healer for the family itself.

Dinai treated Aurumin with respect and gave her lessons not only in music, but in healing as well. Aurumin mostly used these new found talents to help her fellow warborn at the plantation, and to help Dinai herself. An aging woman with frequent pains of her own. Her exhaustion from learning these things, her never ending trouble with sleep, and her endless work of hauling goods for the plantation eventually conspired against her.

Her collapse was inevitable really. The strain led to her dropping a crate directly at the feet of Hong Ning, the owner of the plantation himself, overseeing his workers The crate landed across both his feet and she not far behind it.

She earned her stripes that day, and when she glanced up from her kneeled position before him, he also struck her face, nearly hitting her eye. Despite Dinai's kindness she let Aurumin heal naturally and with her own magic only. It was around this time that Dinai began to let Aurumin stay in her small cabin on the property so as to oversee her wounds and her care. It was also during this time that Dinai herself learned of the terrible dreams the warborn suffered each night. Aurumin woke up many times to the comforting singing of Dinai.
As the days went by Aurumin was eventually given the task of tending to Dinai full time and also doing what Dinai had taught her to do. Only now she was given less time to heal her fellow warborn and required to heal the family and the family's children instead.

Place of Residence: City of Tower Housing zones.
Place of Birth: ??
Relatives: ?? Aurumin tends to think of Dinai as a mother. Or at least her understanding of what a mother should be. She thinks of Secundus as a brother.

Enemies: Those that keep Warborn enslaved

Occupation: Works part time at the Jungle Nook, Current leader of the Western Ishvaran Labor Union

Tradeskills: Mining, Fishing, Printing, Artistry.


Auru is a warborn with golden skin and blonde hair. Her eyes are two different colors and one of them bears a rather thick scar that seems to have not affected her vision. By luck it seems to have barely missed her eye. Should one see her bare back she bears the scars of being an enslaved warborn. Scars across her back, and the lingering mount that once held her stabilizer.

Fashion of Choice:

Auru prefers modest clothing that covers the majority of her skin. Pants and jackets typically ((When I can find good ones in game))
Armor of Choice: Cloth

Weapons of Choice: 1 handed club and shield.

Special Talents: Making the wrong sorts of friends.

Alignment: Good

Motivations: Love of Secundus Dariuss, Guilt over Secundus, Wants to see the Warborn have a chance at normal happy lives.

Disposition: Gloomy. Cynical.

Religion/Philosophy: Aurumin generally prays to Nui, although she doesn't actually know that much about Nui worship. She has her own ideas of Nui means to her and those around her.

She tends to believe that trying to help and trying to do the right thing is always the correct answer.

She will heal people even if she questions if they should live. Often times questioning her actions long after they've already been done.

Sexuality: Probably straight.

Positive Personality Traits:

Tries to get along, Tries not to cause a scene, does her best to follow the advice of others.

Negative Personality Traits:

Shy, bad judge of character apparently, holds onto her guilt like its a security blanket, does her best to follow the advice of others.

Misc. Quirks:

She can often be caught rubbing the mount for her stabilizer when asked questions about them or reminded of them. The same is true for the scar next to her eye. She will sometimes lurk rather than joining in conversations due to her said shyness

Affiliations: Western Ishvaran Labor Union
Guild: Western Ishvaran Labor Union
Guild Rank: Temporarily Leader

Interests: Secundus (as a brother), Dariuss and beyond that Auru hasn't given herself much time to really explore her own interests. She's dedicated her life to the Union and keeping those with in it safe. She wants to learn music but her time is little and she only works it in when possible.

Favorite Drinks: Whiskey and Auru have a love/hate relationship. Consequently Whiskey is Secundus' favorite drink. Dariuss' seems to be red wine.
Favorite Colors: Not pink damn it. Not gold either.
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Character Thoughts

Wanderer - He needs my help. He deserves kindness from me. Just don't bring up Dariuss anymore please. He might be my best friend. I'm never more relaxed than when I'm talking to the Wanderer. He's good at that. The scariest people are those you never expect to be scary.

Kuyo - I worry about him constantly. He's in trouble of some kind. He may have done it to himself but I don't think he deserves to be hated by every body. I don't know if he's good or bad. I know he's done things I won't forgive and I don't know that I trust him but. . . maybe he's kind of a friend. He needs my help.

North Light- Mr. North Light is very kind. Sometimes he can be blunt, rude, or even cold in his words but I don't think he means them that way. Even if they make me cry. He's a good person. He recently audtioned for this group and it seems like a big thing I just wish. . he didn't seem less happy now than he was before. I worry he'll need help and I'll never know it really.

Alexander- Sometimes the things he says are. . too knowledgeable for me to understand. He's clever and smart and sometimes awkward. Most times he seems incredibly reasonable. He's shady and I don't trust him. I still am a little confused about some things that he has done. Either I remember them wrong or. . or he's the worst sort of person. I just wish I knew which it was. I remember helping you. Comforting you. How is that possible given all that you've done? He's as bad as Wanderer. He's as bad as Grimjack.

Nelouise- She's. . something. Likes crazy animals. Calls them pets. Alexander calls them God's mistakes. Or at least that's what I seem to recall. That was a long night. Maybe I don't remember it very well.

Onouris - A shaman and possibly some kind of healer. If he helps people he's clearly a good person. The first person I refused to help. I had a choice to make I could heal Onouris or I could trust Wanderer. I chose Wanderer's side. Why did I do that again? Sometimes the best choice is to do nothing. I'm just as responsible for his death as Wanderer is. Why did I help to kill you to save someone like Wanderer?

Kora - I will never understand if she is my friend. I still don't understand if she hates Secundus or not. I like her though. She seems to always do the right thing. Even if not until she acts like she hates that thing.

Jinreo - Much like Alexander he's very smart, and he's good at saying things in a way I understand easily. He doesn't go over my head so much. I think he and Secundus could have been good friends. If only he wasn't so shady and didn't hate Dariuss. . . I don't know him very well but I've suspected him of possibly working with Alexander before. He's a very reasonable person, who recently asked me to play Go Fish. Why do I remember Go Fish?

Gale - Hopeless. Kind. Sincere. Sometime he says things I don't understand or maybe that just scare me enough that I don't want to understand. Things about his last Master. I wish he'd let me help him more.

Shesmetet - She's protective of people. I can tell. Sometimes I don't know why her tail seems angry. I wish she didn't get so angry at Dariuss. I'm trying to help her too. I'm just not sure how much use I'll be. Its always better to try though. . . Right?

Asmeret - She's very nice but sometimes I'm a little intimidated by her being a professional hunter. She was ready to kill gorillas one day and. . I sort of felt bad. . . For the Gorillas.

Dariuss - I hate the way he flirts with women, or talks to other people. I hate the way he talks to Wanderer. He's done a lot of good for the Union. He told me he doesn't agree with everything Secundus has done but thinks his heart is in the right place. He's attractive, and I think people oftentimes judge him unfairly. Sometimes its frustrating that they won't give him a chance to be trusted. He's going to leave me like Secundus did. . .

Hwan- He's clearly a noble. He clearly hates me. He clearly hates my tea. He clearly hates warborn.

Secundus - I love Secundus like a brother. I wish he would come home. He's made some mistakes but he said that he was just trying to make sure that I can live a life that's free. He said that the thought of warborn still being treated like this for the rest of however many years I live scares him and that he knows he only has his lifetime to try and help. I thought that maybe there would be more between us, I'm not sure when that changed. I wish he would have let me find a way to help him. I wish I could have helped him more. Why did you leave? Why didn't I leave with you? This memory of whiskey under the bridge. . . it doesn't match with everything else I feel. It just makes me miss you more.

Khoshekh - Seems to be nice and fun loving. He doesn't seem to like being around Kuyo. He seemed sick one time I met him and. . I wasn't sure if I should offer help or not. Likes to take his shirt off. Its embarrassing.

Grimjack- I don't understand you. . I doubt I ever will but you seem okay?Terrifying.
As scary as I think Wanderer might be. He seems angry around me a lot and I don't really understand why.
I don't know what I've done to deserve you being so angry.
Please don't kill Dariuss. Why do I remember sweet soup when he talks to me?

Baghs - ((I've only seen you once briefly in character. Like a rare pokemon you were gone before I could make a move. ))

Rhett - Probably one of the best people I've ever met. Best friends. She's a bad influence though. I barely remember the best times we get to hang out. She also hates Dariuss. I wish she wouldn't.

Leng Wu- I only met him briefly but he seemed alright.

Sapha - Is she Dariuss' assistant? Quiet. . seems shy.

Sinestra - Scary, dangerous. . Smart. I wish she was my friend but. . maybe she is. I still don't know for sure. I don't know much of anything about her. I really should be more like Sinestra.

Sturdy Wave- Sometimes she goes into demon form on a whim. Its. . terrifying. I think I remember her being the voice of reason once. I was a little drunk. I might not be remembering that right.

Vrekka - A nuian. He's kind enough. I trust him. I almost gave him away once. Maybe I should just forget his name. Then I can't cause so many problems anymore. I have to get better at lying. I really hate lying.

Seia - She says I'm pretty. She seems very brusque but that's okay. Maybe a little violent too but I'm getting more used to people being that way I think. She's actually very nice once you get to know her. She asked me on a date and I said yes.

Rosier - We don't really get along. He's angry and stubborn and I'm sad and stubborn. He's been a lot better to be around though. He wants to support the Union and trusts that Secundus will come back.

Yureila- I have only met you a few times. You always seemed hungry. I hope you're alright.
((Just the people I thought of off hand. If you don't see your name it'll get there soon. Promise!))

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