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#14264284 Dec 10, 2019 at 07:58 AM
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Guild Name: White Ravens
Guild Faction: East

We're building a relaxed RP/PvE Community for those on the East side. This includes Harani, Warborn and Firrians...and any future races on this side of the content.

The scope is to have a guild which feels more like an extended family, were anybody can be themselves, enjoy RP, PvE, or a mix of both.

The guild is English speaking, but any European (or even non-EU) can join...just keep in mind English will be our main language.

We also delve into things like dungeons, trade pack running, and naval stuff, not to mention anime banter, nerding out on things, and perhaps trying to use a speedboat to jump over an island! (tl; happened).

And if you just like to chill and chat, we have quite a few areas built by our members to serve as RP locations (including an RP tavern and homestead in Arcum, and a relaxing Cafe in Rokhala!)

So if you you're on the East side, and are looking for a relaxed RP/PvE community, please PM me on discord! (Zephyris13#1144)
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