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Full Name: Eujene Ahlgren
Skillsets: Vitalism/Songcraft/Auramancy
Proficiencies: Gathering and Alchemy (herbalism)


Eujene is a young lad, 16 years of age, with a mix of Harani and Nuian blood. His face is sprinkled with freckles just like his North Ishvaran mother, and his eyes are green and hair a light brown like his Ynysterean father's. Despite his Nuian blood, his stature is still small, at a height of 5'6 (~172 cm) and weight of 150 lb (~68kg).

Always on the move, Eujene doesn't carry much on him besides a few keepsakes that his parents gave him before leaving home. His only clothes consist of leather armor that his father made with leaf and feather motifs, his mother's scarf, and a basic shirt and pants which he typically keeps in his satchel. Other than clothes, Eujene has a necklace with a leaf-shaped pendant, carved out of wood, from his father.

Since some months ago, he has collected some new articles of clothing, now that he can put them away in a chest at Mahadevi Port. He also has a growing collection of notes, books, and herbal supplies, that he'll either carry with him in his bag, or leave at the Port. A little greenman, named Lund, also sleeps in his bag.


- Mother: Kotone Suzuki
- Father: Leif Ahlgren

For as long as he could remember, Eujene had lived in Silent Forest. He was born and raised in a village within the Guardian's Grove. Sticking out from the other kids, Eujene didn't have much for friends. His time was spent watching the little mushroom creatures, the will o wisps, greenmen, and other forest creatures or helping out his parents with chores. He would often sit at the dock on Soundless lake, and play a lute his mother made for him, while watching the fireflies over the lake. As he neared teenager years, he often got into fights with the other kids, not wanting to take the bullying anymore. Much to his parents' dismay, he would come home with scrapes and bruises.

Due to unfortunate circumstances involving his family, his parents sent him away from Silent Forest through a hereafter portal to keep him safe. It has been over a year since then, and the boy is still waiting to hear any news from his parents.

When he was on the road, unsure of where to go, Eujene had been sleeping wherever he can find a place for the past year - whether it was a vacant house, cave, tree, etc. Now however, he lives at Mahadevi Port.


Alignment: True Neutral
Motivations: Eujene is trying to find his place in the world. He wants to find a place he can call home and can make friends.

Outlook: He understands that people, especially humans, have a tendency to be prejudiced towards those who are different. While he believes it would be nice if this was not so, he doesn't think it will be likely to change (unfortunately). In his viewpoint, people are inherently neutral. Most people look out for their own, but will not go out of their way to harm others generally. Overall, Eujene is neither a pessimist or optimist. He's somewhere in between.

Speech and Voice: When nervous, Eujene will speak hesitantly and fumble with his sentences. His voice is soft and gentle (so it might be hard to hear him)

Although mostly trying to look out for himself, Eujene will generally be to kind to others (unless they give him a reason not to be). After all, it is better make allies than enemies. However, at heart he is a gentle and caring individual, who is willing to lend an ear to a friend. That being said, he has no qualms picking pockets or sneaking merchandise from a market stall - if he can manage to do so without being noticed. He also holds a bitterness towards North Ishvara and Ynystere, causing him to be wary of humans from those regions. Despite that, he believes it is better to judge people based on their character, not what their race or ethnicity are.

Eujene tends to be a decisive person. When it comes to interactions with others though, he is reserved and will not generally initiate conversations. He has a habit of shrinking away from crowds and hunching up. Typically he feels insecure and out of place, unless around those he is comfortable with. If stressed out or bored, Eujene will zone out and disconnect mentally from whatever is currently going on.

Religion/Philosophy: Eujene primarily worships Aier, like his mother. He also reveres the spirits of nature.

Sexuality: Probably gay


Likes: Nature, Silent Forest, greenmen, fireflies, Soundless Lake, romance stories, music, trees, owls, will o wisps
Dislikes: being noticed, conflict, horror stories, the pitch dark, people touching his keepsakes from his parents, prejudice
Favorite Colors: blues, greens, and browns. Now red too.

Hobbies: fishing, hiking, playing a lute, humming, exploring, swimming (alone)
Knowledge: a basic understanding of healing magic and herbalism (but he has much more to learn)


In-game name: Eujene
Discord handle: Nolan#9143

(song about him from his mom's point of view)
(song about his parents)
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Character Thoughts

Gale: He's my best friend, at least I see him as such. Besides being an amazing artist, he's strong and brave. I can't help but look up to him. I just wish he could see himself for the great person that he is too. I hurt him earlier, by lying, all because I was worried for him. But... I don't want to potentially lose anyone else. I ... consider him like the older brother I never had, and the thought of losing him breaks me. Besides my parents, he's another that makes me feel safe. He promised to protect me and help me return home, and... I think my parents would like him a lot.

Kuyo: I remember meeting him before in Silent Forest when I was younger. I was being a nosy child and following him around, curious was he was doing. Being away from home, it was nice to see a familiar face again. He's a kind individual, despite the vibe he gives off. He bought me a meal when I didn't have the money and gave me one of his will o wisps. I have a feeling he might be a necromancer, but I don't mind. Magic is just a tool. What matters is how you use it.

Jinreo: He is the charismatic leader of Devigard and another individual I look up to. I'm grateful to him for providing me a place to live and... belong. His goals seem lofty, but I wish him, and the rest of Devigard, the best in achieving those goals.

Samaela: She seems cold and distant on the outside, but I think there's more than that. Out of all the people I know, she's probably one of the coolest. She's an amazing mage too! I'm grateful that she took me on as an apprentice, and frankly, somewhat surprised. I just hope I don't disappoint...

Leng: He's kind of hard to figure out, but his heart seems to be in the right place. Most of the spells I know currently (songcraft) are thanks to Leng. His methods are a little rough, but I am grateful either way.

Zazussa: A kind and warm individual, not to mention hard working. Currently, I am working under her as a temp worker at the Herb Farm, and she's been teaching me herbalism as well, which I am grateful for. Her art is also amazing. For all the pain she had to go through, the fact that she extends so much energy to helps others is awe inspiring.

Ozlan: He's another I consider as a friend. Around Ozlan, I feel like I can relax and goof off. His mischievousness and playfulness are contagious. I wish I had had friends like him when I was back in Silent Forest. It would have been less lonely. He seems to have more confidence in my capabilities than I do. I just hope I don't betray those expectations.

Kahinu: He is also another I consider as a friend and someone I can laugh around. He listens to my worries, which is nice. I was worried he wouldn't share his worries either, as he seemed somewhat guarded., but he recently did, which makes me happy. I want to be there for him too.

Lysander: A kind-hearted elf, who seems to care a lot about his friends. Although I was terrified of the hot air balloons, visiting his place with Gale and Ozlan too was enjoyable. Camping outside with friends and fireflies was fun. He seems to really like hugs. I'm not sure if he considers me as a friend yet, but I would love to be friends with him.

Asmeret: Seems like she's from the same tribe as Kahinu. She's another kind soul I have met. When I was hungry, she gave me dried fruits and nuts for the road, and a roasted banana before that (which was delicious!). Lund likes her too (she gave him fruit).

Shesmetet: Yet again, a kind soul. I haven't talked to her much, but from what little I have, as well as based on what Gale has said, I can see she cares for her friends. The whole situation with her brother, however, hits too close to home that it hurts.

Onouris: Horrifying.... so much so. It's not that he's a necromancer, Kuyo is too, I think, but isn't scary at all. No, he horrifies me because not only has he hurt my friends or threatened to hurt me, he makes me remember my own pain with my family. The whole revenge scenario. I hate it...

Fraxinus: We first met in Mahadevi, exploring the Astra Cave. I don't see him often, but I'm happy whenver I get to. He's another friend. We both talked about our pasts and found we could relate in some ways. He seems shy like me too.

Kora: I've seen her around but hadn't actually talked to her properly until recently. She seems grumpy often. I guess she likes books too? Maybe I'll get to know her more by talking about books? Though I don't like what Gale has said she has said to him before...

Wanderer/Vahn: I haven't really talked to him much or at all, but Gale has mentioned him. From what I have seen and heard, he seems like a sweet and kind person. His other self, however, I want to smack upside the head for what he said to Gale.

Seia: She's a fellow Devigard who's really tough and grumpy, although she has a good reason to be. I haven't talked to her much, but when she was drunk once she called me little brother, which felt nice. I never had any siblings. I hope I can talk to her more sometime.

Khoshekh: Another person I haven't talked to much, but have seen around. He seems really nice. I hope he's ok though, after mentioning the shadow thing to him...

Tani: I also have not talked to her much, but she's really cool. Skilled in combat. She helped Ozlan and me once when we were monster hunting. Her and Zazussa seem to love each other a lot too, which is cute. I'm happy for them.

Takaris: She doesn't seem to like necromancy much, but I guess that makes sense. Also seems to know how to handles situations involving it, maybe? She asked me for a piece of my scarf to cover her face when we were around necromanctic energy, but I said no. I feel bad... but it's my mom's scarf. She was understanding though.

Flipp: Another fellow Devigard. I haven't talked to her much, but she seems happy and chipper. It was amusing when she... "borrowed" pillow and blankets from houses to make that pillow fort. I think she thought I'd care, but I didn't much.

Aiden: When I first met him, he was already charming, but after getting to know him more, I find myself falling for the him underneath the mask more and more. He seems to have issues with self-esteem too, which I understand so much.... He may not think he's interesting, and puts up a facade to feel more interesting, but I find him very much so. And hopefully one day he can see himself that way too. He says he's a bad person too, but he's sweet and kind, and actually listens. Maybe it's too much to hope for, but I hope he can let me closer in to his heart some day.

Others I know the names of, but don't know much about yet:
- Little Wolf
- Patient Song
- Vrekka
- Ren
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