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At a Glance

Race: Warborn
Age: Adult
Gender: Female
Class: Ebonsong
Locale: Currently Mahadevi
Affiliation: None


Sinestra sports a toned body that she has no shame in showing off; her fashion sense is less practical and more comfortable, with heeled thigh boots donning her legs and straps covering her midriff. She retains the demonic tail and wings from her days of blood lust, although the latter are stunted and no longer capable of normal flight - they do make for great gliding, however. Her dark hair, usually tied up into a messy ponytail, gives way to a vibrant red hue. A scar claws across her right eye which is white due to blindness, while her left eye remains amber and ever alert.

Update: As of late, Sinestra seems to be hiding her wings more often. When she does don them, they seem... healthier? More full? It is hard to say for sure, but she does seem to have a spring in her strut nowadays...


Sinestra is notoriously hard to pin down - always on the move, she takes great pains to mask her motives. That is, unless they are of the carnal kind. Sinestra is known for her scantily clad body and her flirtatious nature, which extends to both men and women. She sprinkles her vocabulary with 'dear' and 'darling' whenever possible, and seems to delight in making others a bit uncomfortable.

Underneath this amorous persona, however, lies a dedicated tracker and a ruthless huntress. Sinestra has faced many bloody battles and seems to revel at the idea of combat, her bow always strapped to her back should she ever need it. She is always analyzing situations and prefers to lurk over conversations safety from the rooftops above.

No one really knows what her ambitions are, for she keeps them close to her heart. Offer her a bed, however, and she will readily accept the offer.


There is not much entirely known about Sinestra; like the rest of her kin, she took the lives of many innocents before being released from a lifetime of warfare and forced into normal society. However, unlike her kin, Sinestra seemed to sympathize with the Harani that put inhibitors on their necks - they were murderers, after all. Did she like them? No. Did she understand why they had them? Oh yes, of course. She'd have done it too, if she were in their shoes.

Using her womanly charms, she convinced her small group of rebellious Warborn miners to help her remove the inhibitor from her neck, only to abandon them to their fates once the Harani found them out. Her movements were always hard to track, somehow remaining stealthy in most situations, even despite the fact that she wore heels. The rooftops were her stomping grounds, and she often spent time gliding from one to the other, eavesdropping and learning what she could about the world around her.

She joined the Western Ishvaran Labor Union for a time, but no longer seems to affiliate herself with them. There is an adamant gleam in her eyes nowadays, but as for why, none can say for sure.


Handle: Wolke, Kim
Guild: OOC
Timezone: US-Central
Work Hours: Mon - Fri, 7am - 4pm CST
RP Experience: Forum RP, Post-by-post RP, DnD/Tabletop RP, WoW/In-game RP, literally anything really.
RP Limits: None. That being said, I always operate on a 'you start it' basis. I will reply to any and all forms of RP, but will only initiate what is considered to be 'standard'. That way, everyone is comfortable.
RP Notes: Sinestra is one of my first highly flirtatious characters. If her antics make you uncomfortable, please let me know and I'll tone it down pronto.
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Character Impressions

Sinestra's Inner Musings and Thoughts

An Elf that lingers on Eastern soil. Interesting in itself, a bold move. I usually only encounter Western folk on the bloodied fields of battle in contested territory, yet here he is, content to drink among us. I'll be keeping an eye on him - he seems to have a connection to my former 'compatriots', which can lead to valuable information.

A wolf in sheep's clothing, or so I had hoped. Her heart is passionate, yet about all the wrong things. A shame, really - I once saw an ally in her. Now I see nothing but weakness. Pity. At least she still thinks of me as a friend - I can milk that for now.

A dashing Firran in a strong position, valuable assets to me. He owns Magicorp, an industry that seems to focus on infusing magic into machinery. I've agreed to be his little test subject for the time being - not only does this allow me to learn more about how his machinery works, but I want to see if any of it can be used for my purposes. if nothing else, the man seems drawn to my body, so gleaning information is rather easy... and fun.

Rosier was awfully fond of this one, yet his reasoning as to why escaped me. A blubbering artist with no spine, fodder for the beasts of the world. He was kidnapped once... twice? It's hard to keep track at this point. Yet his soft heart is good at winning people over - something to monitor, at the very least. I'll treat him as a fawn to be doted upon. For now.

An unfamiliar face with a peculiar personality. I will not let my guard drop around this one until I can see what he's hiding under that mask of his. He possesses magic of some sort - teleportation, I believe? His fairy familiar is something to be mindful of as well. But his persona is amusing enough and he did fork over some gold for my company. I'm curious as to why.

I've barely interacted with this one, but I do know at least two things about him. One, he supplies brew to the Open Palm on occasion. Two, he doesn't like wearing shirts. I suppose I shouldn't be surprised given how some Firran choose to operate. He does seem protective of North Light and Wanderer, however, almost to a fault. This can be exploited, if necessary.

If I didn't know any better, I'd think that Kora owns the Open Palm. She spends most of her time there, it seems. I've approached her a couple of times now, gauging her reactions to recent events and assessing her standing on the peers she surrounds herself with... the results are intriguing. She definitely seems business oriented, but turned down my offer of gold for information. She did seem to consider it, however - I may still yet be able to buy her loyalty.

Admittedly, his tricks amuse me. I was always intrigued about this one, ever since the whole Warborn fiasco in the quarry. What drives him? What is his end goal? The magic he uses is potent, that is for certain. I consider myself lucky to have been privy to it first-hand. I daresay our future will be a most interesting one, if things continue the way they are going. I look forward to it.

Leng Wu
I... do not know what to make of this one. He is either blissfully ignorant of the world around him or a spy with superior subterfuge skill. I'm keeping a close eye on him for now - after all, the cheerful ones are the ones hiding daggers.

North Light
I eavesdropped in on a conversation the owner of the Open Palm was having with his peers, who seemed concerned for his health. The man seems overworked, tired, irritable... all the attributes of a Warborn who can be swayed. However, he rebuked my suggestion to drink from our innate power. A shame - I see a lot of potential in him, if he ever chooses to open up. I doubt that he ever will, though.

If nothing else, Rhett is fearless... to a fault. My attempts at blackmail did not seem to shake her, even when it involved her little establishment and her friend, Aurumin. I did learn that she herself does not own the Jungle Nook, an error on my part, but good information to have nonetheless. Regardless, I have shown my hand to her and it backfired - I'll have to find another way to use her.

Bumbling, strong, good-natured but with a nasty temper - Rosier was the epitome of a Warborn that had all the potential in the world to be molded into an avatar for others to follow. I had plans to work with him in nurturing his Ravager potential, but Secundus sunk his claws in before I could take root. Now all he cares about are Warborn rights and freedom, and condemns himself to follow a doomed man to achieve it. Truly a shame.

Dariuss' little plaything, although he'd hate to hear me say that, I'm sure. She's mute. I don't even know if she can read. She has an odd fascination with fruits and vegetables. To be honest, I'm not certain how sound of mind this one is, but I can't imagine that Dariuss would take on the company of idiots. He does seem unnaturally fond of her, though - something I can exploit, if necessary.

In my way. Even if he is innocent, it'd feel so good to have his head under my heel. Although at this point, I have a feeling the man is dead. What a shame. I wonder if he drowned at sea, his final gargled breath spewing more nonsense about Warborn rights and slavery. I wonder if it was painful. The thought tickles me.

This woman always had her eye on me, but I shrugged it off initially - who doesn't, after all? But recently I've learned that she is a Freeblood - a Sallium - and that in itself is intriguing. The woman blindly challenged me to a duel recently while inebriated, and while I can never turn down a battle, it was... interesting. She is strong for her size, I'll give her that, but seems to succumb easily to desire; I've never won a duel with a kiss before. I might have to start doing that more often.

I haven't interacted with the female Firran on a personal level, but it is abundantly clear she fancies herself a protector of those around her. She fidgets with a dagger when unsettled, it seems - good to know she conceals one. Aurumin seems to latch to her like a fawn seeking milk, and thus I have a feeling that she is wary of me. That's fine - I'll save a few sweet words to ease the tension. The last thing I need is an additional pair of eyes on my back.

A Warborn I haven't met before, shrouded in mystery. He approached Gale and presented a contract for him to come live with the man... or work for him. I was able to glean from Gale that he supposedly oversees a plantation, but did not gather where - or even more pressing - how. He has a full set of wings, something I'm envious of, but did not seem keen to divulge any more details about himself. I do know he did something to get those wings. I will find out what.

This Firran seems to frequent the Open Palm, but I have not approached them yet. Their vocabulary seems... limited? The others in the Palm seem to react positively to their presence, so I'll keep it in mind to butter her up with my charm and get on her good side.

A cheerful female Firran that seems relatively oblivious to my true nature. I don't know too much about her, but having aces in my sleeve are always helpful, should I ever need them. I still have to figure out how exactly I can use her, but I'm sure something will come to me. In the mean time, I'll continue to butter her up and gather as much as I can from her.

Wanderer's current plaything, it seems. Well... 'partner', as he calls the man. He is a Nuian, something I did not expect but am starting to realize is more common than I thought nowadays. He doesn't seem to talk much, although that could just be the language barrier. Wanderer is fond of him, but I'd still like to know more about him. You can't entirely trust Westerners, after all.

Completely oblivious and innocent to the world around him, I almost pity him in an odd sort-of way. I suppose fate dictates that there needs to be those who foil individuals like myself, but I never really believed in such things until recently. He did have some interesting information I can use, so my gold wasn't all for naught. And although I still don't know his name, I know who does. Cute guy.

A Warborn woman that I did not get to talk with much. She referred to a former master during our brief conversation, but I was not able to glean if she still has one currently, or if she still has an inhibitor. I'll have to meet with her again to properly assess her.
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The List

Tucked away under her pillow is a neatly folded envelope, sealed with a kiss, a single scroll inside...

- Potential
- Impressionable
- Weak
- Useful

North Light
- Potential
- Resistant
- Weak

- Strong
- High Potential
- Weak

- Potential
- Need more info.

- Need more info.

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