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Skillsets: Malediction, Occultism, Shadowplay
Class: Saboteur


Kuyo is a male firran, seeming to be in his early to mid thirties. He possesses white fur with black stripes and an unkempt black mane. His irises are red and he bears the mark of malediction upon his left eye. The man is tall, even for a firran, with wide-set shoulders that connect to skinny, lanky arms. He is often either seen in his Ishvaran-issue task gear, or in his maroon haori robes.

He carries no weapons on his person, except maybe a small knife or poison dart hidden somewhere in his robes. In battle he will often be seen side-stepping, backflipping, and blinking across the field as he launches his malice shards through the air in erratic, unpredictable movements.


From a young age, Kuyo was taught to be paranoid. Forced by his elders to distrust his peers, to use them for his benefit, the kit learned that the only person he could rely on was himself. Even after those days were long behind him, Kuyo could never shake his calculating and manipulative nature. There was one other thing his masters instilled in him, an unquenchable thirst for knowledge... and power.

While serving in Halcyona, Kuyo was taught by the Ishvarans the importance of social hierarchy, how knowing one's place is essential to a "stabilized" society. Because of this, he respects those who've worked hard to improve their station in life, valuing pragmatism above all else. He revels in philosophical debate, picked up from his time in harani courts and councils. He is eager to prove simple minds wrong and point out hypocrisy when he sees it. While Kuyo respects those with a strong commitment to their convictions, he has a disdain for those who he deems are wrongfully self-righteous. This leads Kuyo to often look down on those around him.

Kuyo's outlook regularly manifests itself in his antagonistic nature. By most accounts, the man is hostile, condescending, and difficult to work with. He's developed a reputation for butting heads with those who would fight for "good". There are some who might even call him downright villainous.

Roleplay Connections
Your character might know Kuyo if...

[~ 10 years ago] They were involved with the failed Harani conquest in Nuia.
[~ 5 years ago] They sat in on the councils and courts of Harani nobles.
[Past few years] They frequently explore the woods in the Silent Forest.
[Present] They are connected to/employed by the Ishvaran elite in Lutesong Harbor, City of Towers, or Austera.

Your character might meet Kuyo if...

- They frequent hotbeds of magical energy around Haranya.
- They are connected to/employed by the Ishvaran elite in City of Towers or Austera.
- They get involved with shady business in the Harani underworld.
- They frequent the Open Palm.

In-game name: Kuyoh (don't ask about the -h)
Discord handle: Kuyo#3263
RP limits: No gratuitous gore, torture, or ERP
RP combat: text-based via OOC/IC communication, dice rolls, or (earned) trust.

Thanks for reading my character's profile.
Please use common sense when incorporating any of the above information into roleplay.
If you're unsure about something, just ask~ My preferred method of comm is Discord DMs

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Character Thoughts

A feral firran, at least, feral enough. From my encounters with him, he's shown to have no regard or understanding of law or civilized society. He embodies all of the primitive traits that hold back his kind and so I hope I don't see him again. It would only serve to worsen my opinion of firran, I'm sure.

A strangely kind firran, full of curiosity. Somehow both naive and wise at the same time. She's asked me to change an important aspect of my identity, which is usually a surefire way to get on my shit list, but something about her urges me to listen. Perhaps it's her off-putting level of concern for me, or perhaps I'm just losing my edge... been in the forest too long.

A golden warborn with strong faith, always a good trait for a healer, especially one as talented as she. Possesses a healthy mix of idealism and realism, which is quite rare these days. She's a little naive when it comes to certain things, but I can't help but respect the commitment she has to what she believes in. I'm of the expectation she will accomplish any goals she sets for herself.

A young man from the Silent Forest. I noticed him once or twice as a youngling, sneakily following me around in the woods. While he has grown since then, I must say, not by much. He looks like a strong wind may snap him in half. The young man seems to have a longing for the Silent Forest that I can relate to, and so I feel a strange amity toward him.

A weak little ishvaran that's somehow managed to win my respect. Despite seeming to be dealt bad hand after bad hand, he seems like someone in full control of his destiny. He leverages his talents in unique ways to create the change he wants to see, while maintaining a realistic view of his capabilties. As someone who's gone through similar trauma during his formative years, I see something of a kindred spirit in Gale. His art is not so bad either.

A brat of a harani. She can't be but a child and yet she somehow finds a way to stick her nose in everything. Would even be impressed if she wasn't such a blabbermouth. If she's such a pain in my backside now, I shudder to imagine what she'd be like in five, ten years. Perhaps something I should nip in the bud now...

North Light
Now here is a warborn to be mindful of. At first I was impressed by how civilized and cultured he was, a testament to what truly hardworking warborn can be capable of. Unfortunately, my research on this man has found thay he may be quite unstable, perhaps prone to mood swings. I've got a few eyes on him to warn me, should he swing out of control, but from his size and stature, I'm not sure I want to be around when he does.

A dangerous warborn. She seems to embrace her violent tendencies more than others I've met. Most warborn don't really comprehend the power they possess, but Sinestra seems revel in it. I had her pegged as a union grunt but she's since proven herself to be much more. I was taught never to make deals with demons but I'm not one to shy away from exceptions.

This warborn has shown herself to be an annoying combination of stubborn and protective. An unreasonable woman who seems to care more about one's character rather than one's usefulness. Not sure how an idealistic woman like her came to be freed but if any warborn should be repatriated by the state, it should be her.

Quite the mystery, that one is. From the start it's been hard to pin down her motivations. This warborn seems just as likely to invite me for a drink as she is to bury a dagger in my chest. She's laid her hands on me, twice. Which is two more times than I care to allow, but she's proven to be useful and may be a rare case of a possible ally. Maybe.

The Wanderer
An oddity, as far as Ishvarans go. I'm not sure if he's naive or just green. He seems well-learned, however, and has even written several books at his young age. Despite this he seems to have little understanding of how the world truly operates. He's proven to possess a dangerous level of magic prowess for someone as untried as he. Also one to keep a close eye on.

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Updated with pretty loose character thoughts. I'll be refining them as more roleplay happens. Also no links or fancy formatting right now because I'm on my phone. That'll come soon.

There's still a few more characters I'd like to get on this list so look forward to getting hit up for roleplay soon 😎
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