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Violet Mist

Tani, Taniana


Race: Warborn

Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Profession/Class: Deathwish


Tani is on the shorter side for her race, just like almost everything else about her. Two short horns poking out from her short, dark brown hair with faintly glowing golden eyes peering out through rogue strands of hair in her face. Can be seen sporting a breezy leather jacket with metal pauldrons and gauntlets, her pants and boots fairly nondescript. The two swords strapped to her belt of a very high quality, unusual for a seemingly poor Warborn. She has messy war paint around her eyes, partially covering the sun speckled parts of her face, a clear consequence of her time in Sunbite.


Tani comes across as a jovial, sometimes mischievous, woman however to the perceptive onlooker it's clear there's more underneath all that joy, almost as if it's fake. Will often go quiet in times of peace, or when looking at a serene view, taking it in fully and as long as she can as if she's savoring it like a fine wine.

Other Information

Residence: Homeless

Occupation: Unemployed

Likes: The ocean, booze, and socializing

Dislikes: The desert, money, authority

Alignment: Chaotic Good


Heavy spoilers on her backstory leading up to leaving Sunbite, avoid if you'd like to learn this IC

Tani, once referred to as Violet Mist by her contemporaries, was a slave to the Ishvaran overlords in Sunbite like many of her brothers and sisters. Life was never easy, her small stature certainly didn't help. After an especially tough job she took a hard fall that, unbeknownst to her, damaged her inhibitor. This led her to have dreams other than the atrocities she committed during the Demon War. She was starting to remember. This led her to seek out others who had experienced or were experiencing something similar to her, having to keep a keep a mask up so that no one would suspect something was wrong with her. Her search led her to the Freestorm, a search that built up more and more animosity towards the Ishvaran in her.

She killed the Harani woman without hesitation to join the Freestorm.

From that point on she acted as a saboteur and assassin, disrupting Ishvaran activity in the area to further Freestorm goals. With her inhibitor now broken, she felt rage toward the Harani, particularly the Ishvaran overlords of Sunbite. A near unending supply of anger poured from her or was bottled up with each mission. Seeing her brothers and sisters in invisible shackles tore her apart from the inside. Her life was in constant turmoil, her emotions swinging from enraged to in anguish and mourning to a blank slate, bottling it all up. Her own comrades began to believe her to be insane or emotionless depending on the day. Her supervisors in the Freestorm slowly stopped putting her on missions, though effective they didn't want her to go insane. This disappointed her greatly, she wanted to help, wanted to kill the bastards putting her people in chains... but she relented and stood down, leaving Sunbite for a... vacation so to speak without any of her comrades knowing. She needed to cool down... or expand some operations.

In-Game Name: Tani
Discord ID: QBorg#1202
RP Limits: Non-existent
RP Combat: Preferably text based with IC/OOC communication based on dice rolls or earned trust, if we do the combat via in game duel then we can do equalized armor and weapons

RP Hooks
You may know of Tani if you keep tabs on wandering Warborn, free or otherwise
You may know of Tani if you frequent the Open Palm
You may know of Tani if you frequent the Silent Forest, hearing about a smaller Warborn who comes and goes quite a lot
You may know of Violet Mist if you are/were involved in the Freestorm
You may know of Violet Mist if you worked in/around Sunbite as an Ishvaran official

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Character Thoughts

Will be updated periodically...

Amaljin - A... very odd Firran. Met him when he climbed through the window of the Open Palm, seems a bit loony, gave him my scarf.

Asmeret - A kind, reserved Firran seemingly, nothing noteworth enough to make me distrust her.

Khoshekh - This Firran makes the drink for the Open Palm, and he's a master of his craft in my humble opinion. Don't really have much else to say about him, he seems nice enough however.

Kora - I trust her, more than most people I've met since leaving Sunbite. She's seen me in action, it didn't seem to drive her off either... I hope I didn't scare her, give her a poor impression of me, think any less of me. I was just doing what I had to.

Kuyo - This Firran has quite the stick up his ass. He's quiet, brooding, and dangerous. He finally seems to be free, good for him. But he hasn't quite gotten out of Haranya yet which could be concerning, I figured he'd be halfway to Auroria by now... and the bastard knows my real name.

North Light - A fellow Warborn, and quite a talented one at that. He runs his own tavern, can play the piano beautifully is very well mannered. I haven't had a chance to speak with him much, but I would certainly like to.

Ozlan - An odd Harani, a small, show off of a man. Almost seems like he's given up on the whole 'gang' thing in favor of being a monster hunter, good for him. He may be a little obnoxious, and have quite a large ego, he's still fairly nice to me and others.

Wanderer - He's a nice boy, nicer than most Harani I've met anyway. Very knowledgeable too. I trust him after he gave me a good heads up on Kuyo, it came in handy. I'd like to get to know him a bit better the next chance I get.

Zazussa - She's kind, gentle, caring. A true heart of gold no matter how much she may reject the title. I've taken to calling her a dove on account of the wings with gentle personality. We've become quite close, and I suppose we're even a couple now, I'm unsure how to really handle these things, I hope I don't mess it up. I really admire her.

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Added RP Hooks along with updating some Character thoughts
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Edited some Character thoughts along with changing up her backstory in Sunbite a bit!
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