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Based on quest text in italics.


The Warborn follow a tradition of self-naming.

"Goes by Running Parrot. Your kind certainly chose the strangest names..."

Warborn Stabilizers

The stabilizers were given for free, but the Warborn must pay to keep them maintained.

“My stabilizer is due to be serviced, and I can't afford it yet.”
“I know, I know. We're all due for servicing.”
"They gave us our stabilizers for free; it's our responsibility to maintain them."

The stabilizers prevent warborn from turning into Ravagers.

“We can't have you people transforming into blood-thirsty monsters.”
“You want to revert back to the monster you were in your nightmares? Do you want that for any of us? The Harani gave us mood stabilizers that prevent that!”
“Here; it will be painful if you try to disable your stabilizer yourself. Let me help.There; almost done. Can you feel it? That power? That's what the Harani were so frightened of. But don't worry. It doesn't make you lose control as they feared.”

The stabilizers alter memories and dreams. Warborn with stabilizers dream only of the Eznan Massacre and forget their mother, Orichidna.

“We all have that nightmare! Every time we sleep!“
“The dreams we have--the memories--we were such monsters in Ezna.”
“I'm sorry; I've wanted a new dream for so long... you really had me going there. I almost believed you ... I can't even imagine seeing our precious Mother's face. No matter what she said about us. Just to see her…”
“Strange dreams, huh? By any chance, have these dreams been filling your mind with unanswerable questions? Or even... questions that you feel frightened to answer?”
“The Harani not only shackle our freedom, but our very memories! As Freestorm, we refuse to be shackled. The new dreams you've had? We all share them! Our past, returned to us at last!”

Harani Perceptions

Warborn are considered to be dumb, inferior, and subservient. Harani may also be ignorant about the Warborn as well. They are rare to be seen outside of sunbite.

“No offense, but as a Harani, I have a hard time telling Warborn apart.”
“I never get tired of that! You Warborn are so polite. As you should be!”
“I've heard Warborn carry diseases dangerous to humans.”
“I guess the stereotype about Warborn not being very good with details is rooted in some fact, isn't it?”
“ I'll admit, the children here aren't used to seeing Warborn around yet.”
“Warborn always look so fierce! I'm just not used to seeing you around yet!”

Nuian Perceptions

Nuian’s have not forgotten about Ezna and will attempt to capture and kill Warborn for their crimes.

“A few years back, some of us were captured by Nuians. They hauled us back to Ezna for public execution, but we escaped”
“ But as soon as our gratitude falters, they could send the Nuians straight to us! The Nuians would never hesitate to torture us for eternity after what we did to Ezna.”

Warborn Labor and Servitude

Warborn are paid, but very poorly.

“I recently made the mistake of agreeing to a trade with one of your people, rather than actual payment, and now I'm stuck with this... creature.”
“A mechanic? Psshaw, I fired him months ago. Hired three Warborn laborers with his salary!”

Warborn seek work from Warborn crew managers who interact with Harani overseers.

“My crew is full … Ask the other crew managers.”
“The Harani never seem to have a shortage of physical labor for us. The overseers are on us every minute to keep productivity up.”
“Usually only the crew managers come over for a chat; you must be brave.”

Overseers can be cruel.

“I tried to refuse, and... and he chopped off half my horn.”

Warborn accept this treatment because they believe there is a debt to be repaid.

“The better condition we're in, the harder we can work for him, and the better we can pay off our debt to all Harani.”
“Had the Harani not rescued us, the Nuians would have been right to wipe us out.”
“How can we ever repay the Harani's kindness and mercy? Their giving us a home? Through hard work. It's all we have to offer.We certainly owe the Harani a debt. But some of them can be so cruel.“
“ No debt is too much!”
“The guilt for the past is already too much to bear. Narij may not be the nicest man, but he's a Harani. We owe them everything.”

The Harani ensure the obedience of the Warborn by implementing three rules.

“Never take off your stabilizer. Never attack a sentient creature first. Never forget the sins of your past."
“We follow the rules and keep the Harani happy.”
“I forgot my place. I hope I'm not reverting to the monsters we were during the massacre. Maybe I should get my stabilizer examined.”

The Elders and Harani Loyalists

Warborn are self governed.

“The Warborn your people elected to run this place is Imposing Pebble. She's very picky about who gets to live and work at the communes, so if you want to stay, she's who you'll need to win over.”

Redempton is governed by Warborn Elders

“As you know, a lot of Warborn trust their stabilizers and believe every lie the Harani feed them. They consider the Freestorm dangerous rebels.”
“The city of Redempton is run by those loyalist scum: the Elders. They're obsessed with redeeming themselves for what happened at Ezna. They barely worship the Mother anymore--just atonement.”
“Some have had to partially reactivate their stabilizers to avoid detection by the Elders and the other Harani loyalists.”
“If they can prove someone is a Freestorm, they forcibly reinstall their stabilizer. If the Freestorm refuses to bend to Harani will, refuses to spend their life atoning, they are killed.”

The Warborn Elders are fanatics.

“The purpose of the Ritual of Atonement is to burn the guilt of the Ezna massacre into your mind. We should not suffer from our sins only in sleep. Rather, our sins should be a source of constant pain, even when awake.”
“You spent too long with a malfunctioning stabilizer. Doubt has rooted itself too deeply in your mind. I will not allow you to profane our most sacred ritual.”
“They see Ezna as a wound that has healed. Over and done. But do you eat one meal and declare yourself full for eternity? No! You must keep eating! That is what our stabilizers provide: continuous nourishment. For our souls.”
“Some Warborn are beginning to chafe under Harani rule. I wish they could see, as you do, what the Harani have helped us become! “

The Freestorm

Warborn who learn the truth often become Freestorm.

“Have you ever heard of the Freestorm? We are an organization devoted to helping and supporting Warborn who choose to deactivate their stabilizers and live outside of Harani rule.”

The Freestorm hide among the Harani loyalists.

“He has no idea what goes on around here. He thinks we're simply strict about who we let in, but in truth, this is a Freestorm stronghold. The only Warborn here are those who've dedicated themselves to the Freestorm cause.”
“Someday, we'll wrest this entire region from Harani control. But for now, we're building our numbers. Biding our time. Enjoying as much freedom as we can scrounge.”

The Freestorm are violent and kill Harani without mercy.

“You've done good work, and we would be honored to have you join our ranks. But first, your final test. Kill the Harani scum you see before you. Kill him, and remember not what we did to Ezna, but what the Harani have done to us.”

Warborn Outside of Sunbite

Twisted Coral lives freely selling tickets at the Yorland Theater in Austera.

“I was lucky to get this job. Especially without a stabilizer. They were skeptical of me interacting with the public.”


Warborn are immortal, but a means to kill them might be possible.

" You have been reborn as a soldier in the army of the Demon Queen. In exchange for your service, she has given you immortality."
“I'm not asking this Warborn to commit suicide! They're immortal! They can take it! The worst that would happen is a little torture.”
“If the Freestorm refuses to bend to Harani will, refuses to spend their life atoning, they are killed.”
“They hauled us back to Ezna for public execution, but we escaped”

Ravager Form & Demonic Possession

Ravager form comes from Nuon heritage, not demonic influence.

“That power flows straight from your past. From ancient times, long before you were transformed by Orchidna and the demons. It allows you to temporarily become an even mightier version of yourself: a Ravager.”

The demonic possession forced their actions .

“When you served our mother, you had no choice.”
“You never had such feelings when my mother and the demons were controlling you. Your hurt is a sign of your freedom.”

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Some suggestions for RP:

  • As a Warborn, you were unlikely to have a master. You likely had several crew managers you relied on for work, and that work came from overseers.
  • Your experience with overseers were likely indirect -- and they would range from indifferent and opportunistic to racist and violent.
  • Your stabilizer was either removed by meeting Damien, by joining the Freestorm, by having help from a skilled Harani. If you removed it somehow on your own, it would have, at minimum, been very painful.
  • You may be mistrustful of other Warborn with stabilizers -- they might be Harani loyalists.
  • The elders are SCARY. If they catch you, they will put your stabilizer back on, or worse, kill you (whatever that means).
  • Being a free Warborn is more like fleeing a cult than a slaver. You were brainwashed not only by the Western Ishvarans but also your own people (who have also been brainwashed).
  • You likely fear being kidnapped by Nuians and might not have a good time visiting Ezna.

Caveat: Not all characters follow the same path. Your results may vary.
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Fantastic research, North! Thanks for the summary!
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Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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