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Name: Hwan Yoon
Race: Harani
Gender: Male
Age: 32

Average height and build, well brushed and oiled dark hair with red undertone, tanned olive skin with bright green eyes, Hwan is almost always covered neck to toe in elaborately tailored clothes.

Every little detail about him denotes how the individual goes to great lengths to take care of how he is generally presented, as there’s not a single hair or speck out of place and his face powdered and colored in various means.

The man is usually appears in jovial enough mood, at least outwardly. This, however, is a facade he’s built himself over the years of his life mingling in various commerce and nobility circles. In truth, he has disdain for most others, and small hints of this show through now and again even in public. Extremely formal and calculative, he chooses every single one of his words and actions carefully.

Born as the third son into one of the more wealthy merchant family in Mahadevi , Hwan Yoon grew up in an environment that was ripe with opportunity. He was pampered and well taken care of by various servants of the house and was educated in many subjects relating to trade and commerce of the land.

On his fourteenth birthday, however, his family struck a deal with a local nobility and traded him away to be their adopted son-in-law, giving large sums of money along with to establish familial connections.

Physically, it was a lavish life, much more so than what he was used to as he now not only had the wealth but also the prestige that came with the name. Emotionally, however, it was a different story and the harani went through isolation and ridicule daily. Rumors and gossip circulated among the higher circles of a lowly born being practically sold off to a marriage.

Still, he persevered and today, he lives out on his own, his 13 year old son the only heir to inherit both the noble title and the wealth from his merchant family.

There are hushed rumors that this lowly merchant have caused all those odd accidents and illnesses that plague other competition within the family but whatever source the gossip springs from tends to get silenced quite quickly through unknown means.

He can be found at his wife's estate in Mahadevi after his personal workshop was decimated recently by a sudden earthquake.

Open to any and all rp.

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