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Region: West
Focus: Mercenary/Trader RP
Lore Strictness: Lore-friendly
Timezone: EST (Though I'm GMT so expect Britishness)

Pumpkin Company is a mercenary group dedicated to the acquisition of wealth and knowledge from across this grand old world. Led by the materialistic and academia-obsessed witch, Devila, she seeks to expand her party into something larger, with greater potential. Through all this, she seeks to establish a strong bond with all within and lead to the development of new purpose for all within. Based in Ahnimar, the group aims to establish a village dubbed 'Pumpkin Village'.

OOC: Our focuses are based on those within. Levelling, PvP, PvE, professions, etc. The grand goal is to get a Pumpkin in the heroes someday! Contact me on Discord on Cagi#9427!
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