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The West-Ishvara Eye

Last night four suspicious Warborn were stolen from the West-Ishvaran authorities in Arcum Iris. The perpetrators are dangerous radicals. They were last seen fleeing towards Tigerspine Mountains. If you have any information concerning these rebels contact the authorities immediately!

It has been a tumultuous few weeks in Arcum Iris, Hatora in particular. A few weeks ago an artifact of unknown historical value was found at the quarry! Mining activities were halted and experts from City of Towers were dispatched to investigate.

As time passed there were mumblings of protest from the local workers and dissent from the Warborn who were on loan from Sunbite. Rumors have it that a violent radical was contacted to assist, they called him the Second Sun because he makes his home in Sunbite Wilds!

As we all know, the Warborn are a violent people, ruled by their vicious nature. The only way our safety, and the safety of our children is guaranteed is by the stabilizer invented by the inspired men and women of West-Ishvara.

Two nights ago, one of the Warborn in a fit of rage, damaged their stabilizer and massacred the excavation crew and the historians from Mahadevi! Many people died, workers, guards, locals, and even other Warborn. By the clever intervention of the West-Ishvaran authorities the threat was subdued. Several Warborn were captured, on suspicion of collaborating the massacre, some are still at large!

Not one day ago the West-Ishvaran officials guarding the quarry were accosted by Warborn fanatical radicals! Rumors have it they were working together with Harani, no one knows how they got their hands on these misguided fools. With fierce and deadly magic they subdued the brave West-Ishvaran authorities and freed the Warborn captives. They were last seen fleeing towards the Tigerspine mountains.

Keep your doors closed, and your children close at hand for it seems a band of blood thirsty Warborn are on the prowl.
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

Guild Leader of <Out of Character>
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