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Name: Amaljin
Race: Firran
Gender: Male
Age: ???


Slightly taller than average with a bit of a lanky build and distinct musty moss smell, Amaljin would not leave the best first impression on anyone by any means. The firran has jet black hair and fur with the former forcefully pulled and tied into a long ponytail as if some brave soul attempted to conquer the matted mess. Clearly, this didn’t do much good as there are still twigs, dead leaves, and sometimes even live beetle stuck to the tangled bunch. His eyes are gray with feline pupil like most other firran and he has overly large upper fangs that peek through between his lips. His claws on both hands and feet are unkempt and splintered and on his wrists are heavy shackles with broken chains. If one were to look closely enough, they would also note scars on his neck and legs suggesting of similar contraception that had once been there prior. He also has a kinked tail that causes it to sway more leftward.

Outfit of choice:
He usually wears leather and cloth garment with firran tribal decoration adorned on the hems. It appears he has fascination with color red and that is apparent in his fashion choice as well. He insists on wearing cloth to cover the lower half of his face unless he is actively eating or drinking. He also carries around a long crudely made spear.

Amaljin has a knack for moving about quietly and he rarely makes much noise when left to his own devices. He is extremely curious about many things and can often be found poking into personal properties of one thing or another. The firren has rather high energy, bouncing from one location to the next as he absorbs any new information about the world around him.
He has recently gotten around to speaking more and have gotten better in terms of pronunciation but still speaks in shorter sentences much like a child.

Amaljin was born of a Tehmikan couple of Hasla with his father tending the farms while his mother gathered herbs in the forest. As a young child, he often tagged along on herb gathering outings with his mother, learning to identify various different types of wild plants. On one of these trips, however, he went missing and his parents never saw him again since then.

The next decade of the young firran's life has been spent in captivity, kept not as slave, but as something of a pet, denied both freedom and education one would need to grow into properly adjusted individual. Over the years Amaljin developed strong attachment to his captor, coming to the wrong conclusion that, somehow, this individual had saved him and holding onto their every word like the law.

It wasn't until the outbreak of mysterious illness through out Hasla that subsequently freed the firran. His captor had fallen ill during the chaos of government mandated quarantine and the crime was discovered, causing something of a hushed rumor around immediate region.

However, before anything could be rectified (or, admittedly considering location, become worse) Amaljin managed to run off from the authority, hide away in some random poor sod's farm wagon and ended up on the western side of Ishvara where he has since then wandered aimlessly, lost, confused, and hopelessly trying to find a way back to his kidnapper that he believes to be his friend.

During the time of his aimless wandering and generally failing at surviving on his own with his sudden freedom, he encountered another firren named Asmeret, a tribal firren that appeared much more knowledgeable in everything than himself. After couple encounters with his limitless ineptitude, Asmeret offered to take him to her tribe where he can at least have shelter. He accepted, and stayed with the group for a while and picked up quite a few knowledge as well as rekindling his very old memory of crude herbology from his childhood.

His stay did not last as more Amaljin learned of the world, the more anxious he became. He said his farewells to the tribe and set out by himself, trying to find his friend to get answer to his questions. Eventually he was advised to work at a local tavern to easily pick up on rumors and thus he applied and started his employment at the Palms in Solis Headlands and works there as a bartender to this date.


Amaljin currently works as a bartender at the Palms and can often be found within or around the area. It was also observed he has often been sleeping under the steps with the tavern goose...


Open to any and all rp.
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love the artwork! Sounds like an interesting one. If you're ever up for rp he could run into Asmeret perhaps as she tends to wander around with her clan and is also a curious sort.
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#14248365 CrystalineWolf wrote:

love the artwork! Sounds like an interesting one. If you're ever up for rp he could run into Asmeret perhaps as she tends to wander around with her clan and is also a curious sort.

Thanks, and yeah! Though my rp availability hours are weird due to work schedule. XD Hit me up whenever if you see me online on wed~fri in game though and 9 out of 10 I'd be up for rp.
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