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Vi lifted her gaze and looked out across the expanse of sparkling blue water. A lop-sided smile curved into a corner of her lips. Her gaze dipped and she began writing...

It has been a long road; one we are both weary of. We found a nice little spot to build on. Quiet. Calm. In a bay. This is where we are starting over, changing our names and becoming father and daughter in truth. No one knows us here.

Her gaze drifted over to watch Porter chopping wood into logs. Sweat rolled off his brow, neck, and arms and he caught her eye, "Going t' sit there all day, lass?" With a sheepish grin, she stoppered the ink well and closed the journal on the quill, then stood and picked up a small ax, swinging it in an effort to loosen barely-worked muscles.

West Side, Wynn - Vittoria Hauser
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