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Name: Astee
Formally: Astee of Moonsingers
Age: 5 years after the Bejant Trials
Race / Ethnicity: Firran
Gender: Female
Occupation: Practicing the way of Ebonsong sect of archery. Range assassin.

Physical Details

Height: short 5'1ft / 155 cm
Distinguishing features: odd eyed. Born with a pair of dawn, blue eyes. The left eye gradually changed to deep yellow/orange a year after Bejant trial. The cause is unknown.
Hair: light blue
Fashion of choice: Astee loves to stay in trend! Which is frown upon by her the Moonsingers tribe. Sometimes Astee wears her native firran outfit when she's not on an adventure mission.
Armor of Choice: Leather armor concealed with a costume.
Weapons of choice: Bow and flute


Astee was born at a small settlement near the fast-running Loka River. She's part of the Moonsinger tribe, the firran bards who are devoted to keep the old traditions of the firran. Astee's parents settled in Rookborne as the Moonsingers who took out pens and papers instead of the flute or lute. They scribed the lives of the retired firrans who spend their last verse of life in Rookborne. When she was a cub in Rookborne, Astee became an excellent swimmer. Other than swimming, her childhood consists of running with her Snowlion on the steep, rocky hills of Rookborne, learning the songs of Moonsingers, doing errands for the retired firran warriors. The ardent enthusiasm to explore in the young firrans who grow up in Rookborne where the retired folks dominate the population became quite common. The younger generations of firrans and haranis, tend to move out once they reached a certain age. After her Bejant trials, Astee became devoted to archery. Her skills were taught by the retired warriors in Rookborne, she wanted to explore the art of archery beyond the way of Tahyang. Astee wanted to feel the world where the end Loka River could never reach, the mountains that are bigger than the Rokhala, and maybe the plains where she and her snowlion can dash with the melody of her flute....

*work in-progress*
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