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Nicknames: Ret, Tribe Cat (nicknames are reserved for friends,
folks can make some up)
Gender: Female
Age: ??
Race: Firran
Profession: Wanderer of a
Traveling Tribe of Firran called the Sunweavers
Alignment: Neutral Good
OOC Class: Immortalist

Hunting, Archery, Fishing, Animals, Traditions, Info Collection, Jewelry & more.
Animal Friends:
Bereket: A male Snowlion she’s had since a young age. A fierce protector as much as he is a wonderful friend.
Idili: Her sabrecat. A more recent addition to the group but no less precious to the young Firran. Given the creature’s age it seems there’s still a lot to teach this young cat.
Yedeki: A pitch, black donkey Asmeret has just bonded with and has following her around. For whatever reason she wanted to keep this one while she sold others. A certain charm perhaps? Or maybe she just found it oddly cute.

A somewhat awkward person with a tendency to be straight to the point. Yet she still tries to at least be respectful to strangers though may come off as blunt or odd. She prefers to keep things the same if she can, despite knowing being adaptable is the way to live. Luckily for her her current life keeps her mostly on her toes, only has her interact with those she needs to, and take up arms to protect herself and her own. In this way Asmeret is able to enjoy a relatively simple existence but something inside her says she wants more out of life. She just isn’t sure what that all entails quite yet.

In recent times she's explored and went to most places she'd marked down. Now she is working on getting a trading post up and running while pondering a few other things and people.

RP Hooks:
≽ Wandering the road at the time or often, gives you a chance to run into her.
≽ Needing aide or food.
≽ Being a healer.
≽ Needing company.
≽ Being a firran.
≽ Her tribe travels between Falcourth, Tigerspine Mountains, Windscour & Rookborne mainly. They will very occasionally move close to Villanelle. The tribe is currently in the Tigerspine Mountains.

Her Journal:
☼ Tales of a Young Firran ☼

To Contact Me:
Asmeret, Firran, East. Mahadevi Residency
Post on this thread or mail me on this site to get in contact.
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People of Note(Updated as Needed)
Who She Knows/Is Curious About/Notable Meeting:
☼ = Loves | ❁ = Respects | ✓ = Friendly
♢ = Neutral | ?? = Confusing | ☒ = Enemy

Leng: A Harani bard and drifter with a slippery tongue or at least the night version has that. Asmeret finds him weird and confusing still though she now knows more about him. She believes the matter of their feelings is settled. [✓, ??, ❁]
Tani: A pleasant and smile filled warborn. Short horns, short black hair and a good heart or so she thought..still thinks? Given recent events she's doubting this. Starting to believe some warborn are actually violent.
Amaljin: A scruffy, easily spooked and somewhat dirty firran with a good heart. Enjoyable company despite not talking much, but he's got the energy at least. They seem to get along decently though he's on the road again.. [❁, ✓]
Hakir: A tribe mate she's recently gotten to reconnect with. Not blood related but a good friend and one she enjoys chatting with. They used to do more together but wandering has kept them apart for a while.
[❁, ✓]
Kuyo: A prickly, odd and yet pleasant firran she first met in the Silent Forest. Playing with wisps for his research. Something about souls & alchemy. Lots has happened since then and they've become fairly close...Partners even. [☼, ✓, ❁, ??]
Kora: A pink haired, young Harani woman whom act somewhat violently at times and has a good sense of humor. She's the only Harani that Asmeret actually likes and doesn't find weird. Does she know this one from before..? Though now she questions if they're honestly good. [❁, ✓]
Aurumin: A shy but kind, golden warborn woman. The first Asmeret's ever seen like this and somehow, the firran wants to protect her or at least support her. [❁, ✓]
Onouris: He's sort of proof of how vile necromancers can be with how he appears now. Like he was dragged through some grinder and somehow managed to come out barely alive. [♢, ??]
Zazussa: A warborn she used to find pleasant. Certainly still is to..a slight degree though that's changing slowly. Capable and able to live through anything. [♢]




Fine with most rp, however ask OOCly before you do something iffy. I however don't do excessive gore or mutilation, and I don't want Asmeret to die as of now but she can get hurt!
#14243020 Nov 06, 2019 at 07:21 AM
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Nice profile! Always glad to see more Easties :)
I'll see about adding you to my in-game FL and maybe we can meet up some time. In-game I'm also "Kora" if you'd like to do the same
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

Guild Leader of <Out of Character>
#14243080 Nov 06, 2019 at 09:10 AM
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#14243020 Kora wrote:

Nice profile! Always glad to see more Easties :)
I'll see about adding you to my in-game FL and maybe we can meet up some time. In-game I'm also "Kora" if you'd like to do the same

I'll try to add you when I get home later! Hopefully we can meet up soon yeah and glad you like her profile. :D
#14257548 Nov 29, 2019 at 12:45 PM
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Updated with significant meetings/people plus a new image of her! Hopefully one day I find a way to resize gifs..
#14319102 Feb 29, 2020 at 08:15 PM
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Updated her profile pic, added a screenshot and slightly edited some other things. She and my other characters are overdue for journal entries as well! Stay tuned folks! If you wanna rp with this character post here or you may find me in the community discord.
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