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Nicknames: Luna, Lune, Ei (only for friends, can make up names)
Gender: Female
Age: ??, looks youthful at least.
Race: Elf
Profession: Candlemaker(a hobby more so), Owner of the Sweetbriar Teahouse & Inn, Brewer to an extent, Budding Herbalist.
Alignment: Neutral Good
OOC Class: Fanatic

Candlemaking, tea, Archery & Swordplay, Anything animal related, the Arts in general, reading, history & more.
Rowyn: A Violet Elk. Mount she’s had the longest though nowadays she alternates between this old friend & her horse.
Canaid: Her faithful wolf comrade. Follows her almost everywhere and she enjoys going on adventures with this four legged friend.
Auryn: A Gray Lilyut Horse. Similar to Rowyn, treated with just as much care and affection.

A quiet soul with a small smile on her face almost all of the time. She’s quick to try and greet others with at least a slight dip of the head then offer assistance should the new face need it. Despite being friendly enough and enjoying being able to help folks she tends to also keep to herself and prefer to spend her time with animals, reading a book, drawing or working on something. She seems to need to keep herself busy almost all the time and the few times you do catch her relaxing she may be perched somewhere she believes to be mostly out of reach.

Despite being perhaps unconventional at times she does her best to respect and adhere to elven traditions and practices. This also includes keeping in touch with her closest of kin despite her being away from her home and people at times.

Who She Knows/Is Curious About/Notable Meeting:
☼ = Loves | ❁ = Respects | ✓ = Friendly
♢ = Neutral | ?? = Confusing | ☒ = Enemy

Lio: An elven bard she met out in Gweonid forest one day. Led to an interesting & kind of scary adventure with some orcs. After that she's become slightly more wary of going on adventures with strangers she meets in the wild. [♢, ??]

To Contact Me:
Eiluned, Elf, West. Ahnimar Residency
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