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Full Name: Sinclaire Nic a’ Ghreidheir
Nicknames: None yet

Primary Class: Evangelist

Race: Dwarf
Gender: Female
Age: Mid-20’s
Hair: Black
Skin: Ashen white
Eyes: Violet


Place of Residence: N/A
Place of Birth: Evergreen Village, Aubrey Cradle, Nuia

Relatives: Ghreidher Mac a’ Mhaighstir - Father; Helma - Mother; Dresden - Elder Brother; Marian - Younger sister
Enemies: Inquisitor Allysse Yor
Allies: Verox - Follower; Mickael Mac a’ Lios - Childhood friend

Occupation: Priestess of Nui
Tradeskills: Machinery, Bookbinding, Tailoring

Appearance: Sinclaire is darkly beautiful in the way one might behold a mysterious artifact - precious, delicate, and possibly dangerous. She is of an average height for her kind, and quite well-developed in her figure, sporting a voluptuous countenance not common among her people.

She maintains a high standard of cleanliness and visual presentation, out of necessity for her profession as a priestess. She is well-mannered in her behavior, demure at most times. In spite of her beauty, she bears 2 distinct scars on her face, obtained during her childhood. They lay across her right eye and from one cheek to the other, which only accentuates a palpable aura of menace that can sometimes exude from the woman.

Fashion of Choice: Priestess robes, finery during formal functions, gothic lolita for liesure
Armor of Choice: Cloth
Weapons of Choice: Scepter and shield, or a Greatclub

Special Talents: Sinclaire is a capable painter, though she only produces work for personal use.


Sinclaire was born the middle child of an honest, hard-working dwarven family in a small village nestled in northern Aubrey’s Cradle. Until her 7th birthday, Sinclaire was a cheerful, energetic girl that had dreams of traveling to Marianople and earning her fortune as a seamstress and fashionista.

Then, she was struck by a malfunctioning automaton that had rampaged and escaped the Clockwork Factory. Her father had managed to disable the machine and rescue Sinclaire, but the damage was done. She had been crushed to death beneath the metal monster, her body broken and pulped in several places. Sinclaire died that day. Then, she returned.

A Priestess of Nui and a cleric of Shatigon worked to restore her body enough for a proper funeral, and on that sad day, as her parents stood before her at her casket, Sinclaire awoke. It was a terrifying experience for everyone, except Sinclaire. She was in a stupor, and although all authorities confirmed that she was very much alive, the manner of her return was unusual, even by magical standards.

The Priestess declared her return a miracle from Nui, and congratulated the family on their fortune - surely, the Goddess had greater plans for Sinclaire! Ever since then, Sinclaire was never the same. The energetic spirit that once drove her was replaced by a somber, cynical personality.

She eventually recovered some of her cheer as she became more and more involved with Nui’s faith. At 12, Sinclaire declared that she wished to become a Priestess, without any warning. She was resolute, even motivated, so at the time, her family was simply glad that she finally seemed to have recovered from the gloom that held her for the last 5 years.

Sinclaire threw herself into her studies, easily took to her lessons and quickly learned magic that would see her become successful a Priestess. She had an unerring focus, and her piety was undeniable. Some worried, however, that her faith came too close to fanaticism, and she had developed an unusual intensity with her practice, and began to ask uncomfortable questions about death, Nui’s true nature, and various other topics.

When Sinclaire finally became a full Priestess, she immediately set about preaching a new philosophical approach to Nui’s faith which she called the “Aspect of Finality”. So different and dark was her doctrine that she was sent out into the world on a pilgrimage, hoping that experience would temper her into a more fitting Priestess.

Instead, she was turned away from most communities after only brief visits, and was eventually excommunicated and ordered never to preach again. Sinclaire ignored the order, and soon after, was captured by Nui’s Shield. They declared her a heretic, and sentenced her to death, which she accepted almost gleefully.

At the age of 21, Sinclaire died again, by hanging, at her own request. Once again, she returned. All were baffled, and unexpectedly, Sinclaire was distraught. She declared herself unworthy of her Final Rest, and escaped from custody using dark magic she had not previously displayed.

To this day, Sinclaire continues her pilgrimage, bearing a self-imposed exile from her homeland. Meanwhile, Nui’s faithful rescinded their decision to excommunicate Sinclaire, restoring her status as a Priestess, in light of the fact that she resurrected not only once, but twice. It was clear that Nui had some grander fate for Sinclaire, and they would tolerate her contributions, although they would keep her at arm’s length.

Sinclaire now wanders from shrine to shrine, village to village, doing humble works in Nui’s name, desperate to earn her Final Rest.


Alignment: Neutral Good, with some Evil tendencies
Motivations: Sinclaire wishes to spread her unique doctrine, the “Aspect of Finality”
Disposition: . Calm, with sinister undertones
Outlook: Optimistic nihilism, with a dash of humor


WARNING: The following may be seen as dark and triggering, as it discusses death and suicide. Continue at your own risk.

Sinclaire is first and foremost a Priestess of Nui. She is devout and proper, yet she espouses a particular doctrine she calls the “Aspect of Finality”. According to Sinclaire, Nui is not only the kind, compassionate savior of all life, but also a calculating judge and a gardner - the Goddess Nui measures and judges the souls of the dead as they enter the Hereafter and determines the worthiness of each one, pruning her flock and sending the unworthy back into life to mature further. Those who are accepted are allowed to find their “Final Rest” in the Hereafter, and views a failure to remain dead as a sign that Nui has deemed that soul unfit to rest.

Sinclaire preaches about the sanctity and dignity of death, its inevitability and its necessity. She even recognizes and respects the personal choice to take one’s life, or to bring such mercy to those suffering irreparably. Sinclaire often presides over local justice, offering her services as a Priestess and even sometimes as as an adventurer, should the people not have a champion of their own.

Sinclaire’s darker version of Nui has put her at odds with much of the clergy, though they tolerate her because her methods have proven to be quite effective. For most, this is enough, yet some more zealous members of Nui’s faithful have taken a keen interest in her doctrine, and actively work to ruin her reputation as a result.

Sexuality: . Bisexual. Sinclaire wishes to experience all life has to offer in hopes of becoming worthy of earning her Final Rest.

Positive Personality Traits: Gentle, supportive, sense of humor, patient
Negative Personality Traits: Vindictive, risk-taker, martyrdom complex, self-loathing
Misc. Quirks:

Often plays into stereotypes for a laugh. Has a creepy, doll-like stare she uses to unsettle others.


Guild: N/A
Guild Rank: N/A


Likes: Lillies, prayer, artwork, fashionable clothes
Dislikes: Necromancy, disrespecting the dead, cowardice
Favorite Foods: Sweets, especially Crepes
Favorite Drinks: Mint tea, coffee
Favorite Colors: Blue, white, black, purple


Sinclaire spends her idle time painting, designing new outfits she may never get to try, and occasionally volunteers in local community efforts.
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