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Those passing through The City of Towers, one may hear one of many rumors of a new pub on the edge of town.

“I think it's called the Jungle Nook.”
“If you head out the eastern gates and head south, I’ve heard it is on the right hand side.”
“It doesn't even have a sign in front of it. I was lost for a minute.”
“It looks a bit run down for a place so new, but it does have an odd charm about it.”
“The ale was cheap! And the other prices weren't half bad either.”
“The Jungle Nook seems kind of shady if you ask me. I bet that owner is doing some nefarious business out of that place.”
“The owner said he was looking for some part time help bartending.”

On the bar top there are two frames holding two separate signs.

The first reads:

The second reads:
*Sloppily written* Tea

((Hey everyone! Just a few OOC notes about the Jungle Nook! This property is not owned by my character Rhett. The Jungle Nook is owned by an NPC named Garrick, who I can stand in for and help RP if need be. There is also an outdoor patio, but the land is set to guild only to keep the trees and plants from being stolen. If you are not a part of <OOC> and wish to use the patio, let me know when and I can make it public.))

((If you want for your character to Bartend ICly at the Jungle Nook, please let me know and I’ll RP Garrick whenever your ready to show up/interview ICly. We can work together OOC as well for setting up and running any events here in the future as well.))

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Can't wait to come by ICly!
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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