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"Ishaan?" Vahn repeated, trying to puzzle out exactly what any of that meant. He felt a deep and pervasive sense of shame for the way Harani simply owned Warborn, and hung his head a bit. Though he knew nothing of these nobles, he still felt simply guilty by association. He thought for a moment, then straightened.

"This structure seems derelict. If it was left to someone who doesn't seem to care to ask after a will, then... " he trailed off, hesitating. "I mean, you've... been sleeping in stables. With... some fixing-up, I think this would be an upgrade. Ghosts notwithstanding."
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Kora rolled her eyes at North's hang up about opening a letter but listened attentively.

She looked around the room with obvious doubts. "You recommend he live here?" Kora said incredulously "It looks like someone might fall through the floor if they jump high enough. Or weigh enough." she mutters under her breath.

After a moment she shrugged. "At least you should have a Priestess of Nui come by and cleanse the place."

Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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He lets out a brief curt sigh, "I said most everything, not all. It appears as if all this was left for me."

He pauses for a moment, letting the thought settle. "A warborn."

"It all seems rather convenient, really, that I would find myself back here after all these years, with the two of you, no less. Everyone I meet and everything I do seems to converge here."

He begins to pry away the boards covering the windows, letting in the sunlight that had just begun to shine around the escaping storm clouds. "I think I will stay here. See if I can rebuild what was before. Perhaps even better."

He then adds to Kora, "And I don't think a Priestess will be necessary. As for ghosts, I'm quite happy thinking Rajul might still be around here. Watching."