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((Rhett cannot read or write, so a 'journal' for Rhett really doesn't work out well. So with this thread "Tales from the Tavern" I plan on writing short stories, rumors, and tall tales told by NPCs about Rhett's recent or not so recent happenings. I also plan on writing a few 'Rhett Ramblings' as well as she will tell a story or two from the bar stool herself. Each post will be one completed story and each story may be told in a different way. Keep in mind if a tale is told in a second person point of view and address 'you', it is addressing you the listener/reader of the story, not your character.))

((I would also like to make this thread semi-interactive as well. So if your character has had an interaction with Rhett that you would like to share and write as a 'tavern tale' Please feel free to post it here! Please keep the posts more along the lines of a singular story/tale per post. This is not meant to be forum RP.))

((Nothing written in this thread is to be taken as IC knowledge for your character. This thread is here to help me share Rhett's story with this great community! Please Enjoy!))
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The shadows in the dimly lit tavern seem to dance across the walls and floors with each flicker from the assembly of candles thrown across the room. Each time the front entrance is opened, the flames flicker in unison as a frigid gust of wind from the sea quickly fills the room. The room is drowned in a droning noise of a drunken crowd decompressing from their long day of work. Amidst all the chaos is a small round table in the corner, cast in shadow that has been just recently occupied by two men. A large nuian male outfitted for battle, wearing full mail armor and weapons clearly visible strapped to his back, and a small harani man wearing a hooded cloak, his face not visible and shrouded in shadow.

The nuian raises a hand, getting the attention of a waitress. "Ma'am, Ale for me." He looks to the harani sitting across from him. The small harani waves a hand dismissively.

"Once ale then, coming up!" The waitress trots off and returns quickly with the ale.

The nuian takes a long pull from the mug and set it down on the table between the two and speaks with an annoyed tone. "So... What is it that you want?"

The harani pulls the hood down further over his eyes. “It isn't about what I want. It is all about what the boss wants.” The two sit there a short while, just staring at each other before the small hirani continues. “And he wants you to set up a /meeting/…. with /her/.”

“Her? You are going to have to be a bit more specific.” The large nuian takes another swig of his drink and continues sarcastically. “There are a ton of women in this world.”

The small harani man let out a long drawn out sigh full of frustration. “Don’t make me spell this out for you. She is the one that chopped off the boss’s leg, and you know who I am talking about. The boss says this is VERY important, so....” The harani man leans halfway across the table, getting in the nuians face. “We- No… YOU have to keep this quiet.” He withdraws back to his side of the table. “If she catches wind of this setup, or that the boss is even involved and she runs off, it is your hide. And I mean that in a literal sense.” The harani reaches up and adjusts his hood to make sure his identity is concealed. “The boss said the time for his revenge is now, and if you are the reason he doesn't get it, he will surely carve you up.”

“Revenge? I thought he already took his price…” The nuian takes a drink of his ale before continuing. “I mean I was the one holding her down when he ripped an eye from her face.” The man shivers noticeably as he recalls the memory. “Seems like plenty enough revenge for a person... to live without an eye... like that.”

The harani lets out a frustrated sigh as he takes a moment to collect himself before reaching into his pocket. He pulls out a piece of folded parchment and places it onto the table. He places one finger on top of the parchment and pushes it across the table to the nuian. “Just make sure she is at /this/ location at /this/ time…. You can read, yeah?” The nuian grabs the piece of paper and slips it in one of his gauntlets for safe keeping. The smaller harani man continues speaking. “Do whatever you have to do to make it happen. I don’t care if you have to trick her by making up some convoluted story and double crossing her, or if you beat her and drag her kicking and screaming to the boss… As long as she is still alive.” A wicked smirk becomes visible as the harani reveals his face by pulling down his hood. “And if you thought removing an eye was revenge... Well, I would make sure not to eat before you hand her over…. If I were you.”

The harani man quickly flips is hood up as he stands. Without a word he quickly walks and exits the tavern as the nuian is left at the table finishing his drink.

((There will be a follow up story to this entry, most likely in a separate post, as it will be quite a story to tell and may end up being quiet long))
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