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Heartwood Trading Company

Region: West
Focus: Casual/Adventure RP
Lore strictness: Lore friendly
Timezone: Run by EST-players primarily.

Heartwood Trading Company began in Anihmar, an area that has a very up and coming community with houses and farms galore. Ahnimar is our base of operations at the Heartwood Homestead. We're a mercantile group, focusing on creating goods and trading across continents. We are looking to establish a wider net to bring more trade to our surrounding communities. Our company is run by a group of crafters, traders, and adventurers alike and we hail from all corners of Nuia, bringing with us our expertise.

OOC: We're primarily focusing on enjoying all aspects of the game including by not limited to, Trading, Farming, Crafting, and PvX. There's a lot to be had in this world, and we want to make sure we enjoy the lot of it.
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