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Laughing Tide
Penitent Wanderer

The Shape of Obedience
Laughing Tide is a Warborn woman. A raised and glorified corpse, though one could never really say they were undead just by looking at her or her people. She was a muscular woman, lean and tall. Unlike the rocks weathered by wind and water, the years she'd spent barely resting or eating and only toiling for the Glory of the Harani barely left her looking worn. The lashings. The starvation. None of that had any adverse impact on her body as far as she could tell. The scars that ran down her face, she surmised, were likely before she was even raised or from a quarrel she could never remember.

Her hair was black and her eyes were green. An almost unnaturally bright green. Was she even sure this was what she looked like before? She could never really say for certain. She was a woman who was both curious and frightened of her own past. Even something as simple as speculating whether or not she was a green-eyed, raven-haired woman before was a topic she wanted to investigate but could never find the courage to do so. She kept and used the moniker one of the Harani had given her but she was curious what her name was before she had dined on a Dragon.

No Better Than the Near Past
The Warborn woman had also experienced the usual complications that came with being a Warborn working and toiling in harsh conditions. She was also subject to less common circumstances like a faulty stabilizer. Slowly but surely she began to question what she was doing. Why she was still doing any of this. More often than not this led to more severe punishment from her handlers. Whenever her stabilizer would be looked at, at best it would only receive some temporary measure to ease it but it was never completely fixed.

It was during this time that, like so many others before her, she had learned of the Freestorm. They fed off her resentment and promised her justice. She never knew completely knew how much resentment and indignation festered in her, but she slowly understood piece by piece as her stabilizer cracked and chipped and failed. She did their errands and proved her worth. When it was time for her to join, she did not hesitate to pledge herself. It was intoxicating after all.

It was also easier to digest what she did when she believed it was part of protecting her own people from all the cruelty the Harani were capable of. After all, she had her fair share of such abuse. It infuriated her, however, that the Warborn would still be so naive as to believe the Harani had their best interest at heart. That they would still toil the fields, make homes, and break ground for them.

The Shape of Penitence
Laughing Tide had spent much time with the Freestorm. She would be one of the louder voices for that brayed for blood. She was always eager to set torch to tents and blades to throats. Her hands were nothing if not dipped in blood. She was no better than the monster in her nightmares and she never once realized it. Not until one fateful encounter.

It involved some Harani coming into Sunbite as they do. However, over the course of meeting these Harani to learn their itinerary and plot out whether slaughtering them before they leave of somewhere in between was better, she'd have her world turn upside down. The simple act of common courtesy and decency from the short, prideful monsters was something she had thought they were incapable of. Instead, they broke bread with her as if she was equal. There was barely an veiled contempt in their voices. Most of all they had children along with them, ones that didn't quite recoil from the horns.

It was a rather savage trigger to her memories. A jumbled mess of a recurring nightmare that slowly formed a complete picture. It was a show of her savagery in full display as they turned Ezna into a city of corpses. men, Women and Children. It made her throat dry that what she was going to do the same horrific thing again. Instead she found herself doing what she'd never expect to do. Warn them. She urged them to leave right away. Sunbite homes can wait.

Just to help her case as she returned to the Freestorm to report their quarry's early exit, she had set fire to their camp. She'd play it off as her hot headed nature getting the better of her.

A Quiet Escape
Laughing Tide had decided that her days with these Freestorm would be numbered. Much like her, she could see how entrenched they were in their beliefs. The irony tasted bitter on her tongue as she decided to run away when she was so loud when it came to calling for Harani blood to be spilled. She was getting sloppier and sloppier, which she was certain was likely raising suspicion among the others. She had gathered her things, whatever she could carry on her back and prepared to leave.

In her preparations, an unexpected boon came to her in the form a rather odd Harani and an egg. She wouldn't have to pass through the Freestorm ranch to leave. Instead all she had to do was show him a Hedegealope and accept his offer to see another city. One called Lutesong. He showed her how to a hereafter stone functioned and before she knew it, she had taken a portal to a place away from Sunbite.

A very quiet escape and a new slate.

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