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Brennic Fieldred
Lilyut Born, Sozlreed Raised

The Farm Boy
Brennic was the third child in his family. He had two elder siblings who would teach him how to do his chores while his father worked the field of their homestead and his mother was out to run errands in the nearby towns. He was born just before they left Lilyut for Solzreed but could never really remember the place. His earliest memories all took place in their Solzreed Homestead.

He'd grow up and learn to run the farm himself. He had an obvious liking to the chores involving the livestock where he had spent a day crying when his favorite cow was put down. He had also spent more time with his mother as she went about preparing the food for the day. If it wasn't for the hard work he put in the farm, he'd likely have been a rather chunky boy.

The Farmhand
Thankfully, Brennic did not get wide, though he did grow to be a rather broad lad. The constant activity made sure he was physically fit. Every now and then his body would be tested, he'd have to carry one of the farm animals out if they were sick, usually with help but sometimes just on his own if he could manage it. His ravenous appetite only helped him get bigger and stronger.

Days spent under the sun, tilling the land and making sure the crops were well watered and the weeds were well pulled out of the ground, gave him a farmer's tan. A rather even tan besides, considering the times he'd work the field shirtless because he was out of clean cottons for the day. The boy sweat a lot after all, then again, who wouldn't?

Their neighbors would occasionally comment how much he had taken after both his parents. He had his father's dark brown hair as opposed to his mother's blonde. Yet, his eyes were a light, cool green like his mother's and her thicker, fuller brows. Despite the tan, he was still a lighter shade that copied his mother, but he always wore his father's easygoing smile even as the days grew hotter, the work was harder. It was an almost permanent shape for his lips.

Of Cuisine and Commerce
Brennic had much in the way of practical experience. He knew by heart the crops that were suitable to Solzreed and other regions which were alike in climate. The time he had spent tending to the livestock had given him an understanding of animal behaviors and usually had an inkling whether or not the animal was sick. He had his own list of "Best Practices" when it came down to matters of farming and animal husbandry.

The time he had spent helping his mother, when his younger siblings were old enough to work the fields, had given him a basic understanding of bookkeeping. Enough to know what probably looked like a good number. Though he had made it a point to pick her brain on the dozen ways she knew how to prepare a chicken. Despite their humble background, his mother was a learned woman. He was a natural at traditional Nuian cuisine and has a basic grasp of Harani cuisine. He tries to find his list of "Better Practices" when it comes to matters of cooking and "I think I get it" practices to bookkeeping.

There and Hopefully Back Again
As he grew older, his older siblings started to drift away from their homestead. His sister was the first, she was adamant about leaving for Marianople to learn more about the world. A year later, and his older brother had to fight harder for his right to leave before sneaking out instead to join Nui's Shield. Brennic couldn't help but worry about his brother.

Two years passed before he had finally decided on what it was he wanted to do as well. He would try, again and again, to ask his parents' blessing to leave. His mother easily ceded, but his father would take more convincing. Brennic resolved not to leave like his brother. He could never bring himself to do anything like that.

Eventually, his father had given him his blessing before the year turned. He told them how he wanted to travel to Ezna and see how they handled their farms across the Feuille Sound. He told them how he wanted to eventually travel to Haranya and learn more about the cuisine and culture of the Easterners. He made a promise, not to his family but to himself, that he'd return and own his own land and make something that'd surpass the homestead he grew up in. And, that if anything were to happen, he'd drop whatever he was doing and run back home to help.

Brennic had hoped that even after leaving in the middle of his twenties, he'd still have a couple of pages in his life for the rest of his plans as they came and went.

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