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I'm InsolitumIn and I do art. It was some time since I did character art related drawing, but if anyone after looking into examples of my work will want one, we might organise something.

I have done various of formats and everything you will see here is probably just a fraction of what I might come up with in the future.



Half body/waist up

Full body

Illustrated character sheet example

If you want to see more of my works, I'd recommend checking out my media:

Basic commission information:
Icons - 5€ (for character headshots or other small references)
Portraits - 20€
Waist ups - 30€
Above knees - 35€
And full body - 45€

- For my drawings I use large canvas, their resolution fluctuates between 3k-4k or can be made as requested.
- Simple backgrounds are free, for more complex one we can always negotiate.
- Additional character +1/2 price.
- Prefering PayPal, but would consider other ways of payment aswell.

More detailed commission information: click here.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me here or on Discord: InsolitumIn#3146

Edit: in the past I have done commissions for in game gold. Would do it again once I'm more familiar with current economic.
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