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Life is not built on dreams. It is built on the hard work you put into those dreams

Zantid Goldsteer

There is silence, between the loud clangs of pickaxes, between the grunts and the moans of hard work, between the shouts and jovial jokes; the silence in which peace comes. It is here Zantid has come to spend a large portion of his life. From growing up watching and helping hauling things in the quarry with his father, to mining in his own right to help the expansion of towns and cities.

He regretted ever leaving it behind, he regretted the arguments with his father. He regretted leaving his sisters and signing up for a war he never truly understood.

Your house, is only as good as its foundation. Your life, only as good as your conviction

He came home from the battles, from the ache of losing brothers and sisters, from the emotional turmoil of feeling lost, to a home that was no longer there. His father passed while he was gone. His sisters left for lives in the city. Childhood friends felt alien and distant.

Zantid started a new life, a new foundation. He returned to the mines. This time he would listen to the mantra his father tried to teach, and started to truly grow as a man.

Base Information

Primary Class: Abolisher
Race: Harani
Age: 28


Zantid is stern with hints of his jovial past shining through. Crude jokes and digs at his closest friends and himself form the centre of his humour. While his work ethic is governed by a 'today first policy', never leaving something to wait when it could be done today.

General Appearance

While Zantid may have left his life in the army behind, he continues to keep the relics of that life with him. Sword and Shield never far behind. Well kept hair, long enough to offer some personality, but short enough to keep away from his eyes. He is never one for outlandish colour or fashion; preferring a simple tunic to something laced with gold.

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