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Invite to Koi Song on the Water's Grand opening!

Grand opening of Lutesong Harbor’s newest Sushi restaurant Koi Song on the Water! Join us on our boathouse for a night of delicious sea food and strong rice wine. The fish is freshly caught and prepared locally.

Try our new flavors of jujube fruit and fried salmon, and the hippest walk-and-dine concept!

Rice Wine 20% off!

- - - - - -

“You!” A shriek can be heard; a harried-looking woman runs up to a bedraggled looking man pulling a cart. “We're on the opposite side of the river!” She points angrily at the boathouse restaurant across the river.

With a long-suffering expression he sighs and tugged on his grey donkey’s reins. The cart comes to a stop slowly, bumping into him from behind. The man, without saying anything, pulls a map from his pocket and looks it over slowly.


Thousands of pamphlets explode into the air as fireworks slam into the cart. Three nearby children shriek with laughter and run away quickly. The papers fly everywhere- to the merchant stalls all around them, onto the passing travelers, onto the boats heading to Nuia.

Friday November 1st
18:00 East US
23:00 Central Europe

To celebrate the new East RP hub of Lutesong harbor we thought we’d host an event there. Hope to see you all~
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