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Full Name: Sir Castillion Eglamore

Primary Class: Hedge Knight

Race: Nuian
Gender: Male
Age: Adult
Hair: Black
Skin: Fair
Eyes: Grey

Appearance: Sir Castillion Eglamore, the Hedge Knight of the Realm stands at the size and shape of a bear, years on the fields of chivalry left traces in his gaze of both sorrow and honor. Overall he has a rugged appearance, yet his days of glory still shine through. The Hedge Knight carries a greatsword of prodigious size, scarred from its many battles the blade remains as sharp as it ever could be. Amongst his weaponry he also carries an enormous towershield at a size larger than his own, adorned with several spikes prepared to impale his opponent. By his side hangs his trusted battleaxe. The Hedge Knight wears an armor of hardened steel made to ensure his life is prolonged in his battle against the horrors he must face. His flesh guarded by steel as his soul is guarded by faith, making him the finest bulwark against the nocturnal terrors of the underground and whatever horrors evil may conjure.


Alignment: Chaotic Good
Motivations: Buttkicking, for goodness!


Guild: Rusty Nails Adventurers
Guild Rank: Captain
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