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Full Name: Skorin Ellström
Alias: "Jackdaw" or "Jack"
Primary Class: Ebonsong

Race: Half-Elf*
Gender: Male
Age: 48
Hair: Brown-black hair that he styles in a choppy undercut.
Skin: He's naturally pale, though his skin is shades darker from the sun.
Eyes: A half-lidded, stormy glare that usually looks unimpressed with the world.


Place of Residence: Unknown. If you namedrop him to enough seedy merchants in Ezna's harbor, you're sure to find him. The sewers are his smuggling route of choice, and he travels between Halcyona, Hellswamp, and Haranya's shorelines frequently.
Place of Birth: In the hull of a Lutesong Junk on the Arcadian Sea, raised by pirates.

  • Lazarus - Father
  • Kanna - Mother (Deceased)
  • Lucius - Uncle
  • Imryll - Cousin
Enemies: Law enforcement, border patrols, pirates who can't be bribed, snitches.
Allies: Imryll, The Amber Halls, Harani cartels, Ezna's underground, anyone with coin.

Occupation: Founder of Jackdaw Enterprises, smuggler, forger, drug runner, interpreter.
Tradeskills: Translation, scribing/printing, commerce, larceny, processing, carpentry.

Special Talents: He was taught calligraphy and penmanship during his youth by his mother's crewmates. Overall, he's able to absorb new information quickly, and has a surprisingly keen memory; even when at odds with his drug-addled mind. This Jackdaw knows his way around a ship, and can read most maps with relative ease.


Description: Skorin looks worn for his young elven age, mostly due to a life of financial hardships and an ongoing Haver dependency. He rarely smiles unless it's out of spite, or at someone's expense—though his mouth is fixed in a permanent, knowing smirk. Dark circles that have formed over many sleepless nights hang under his eyes, and he's slightly underweight. The freckles on his face are often buried underneath scrapes and bruises.

Fashion of Choice: Skorin goes for dull, low-key colors and fabrics to keep from drawing unwanted attention to himself in public. As far as personal tastes go, however, he much prefers bold colors and elaborate designs.

Armor of Choice: Face coverings, layers of thick cloth and some minimal plate armor.
Weapons of Choice: Bow and arrow, and some songcraft that he utilizes to make speedy escapes. He prefers not to engage in combat when it can be avoided, and will often hire mercenaries wherever security might be an issue. Skorin is a proficient fighter in his own right—but hates getting his hands dirty.


Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, usually as an antagonist.
Motivations: Money, connections, freedom.
Disposition: Sardonic, quick to throw on a cheery facade if he wants something.

Outlook: The cup is half empty, and everyone wants a sip.
Philosophy: "The best client is a frightened millionaire."

Sexuality: Bisexual Disaster.
Positive Personality Traits: Observant, snarky, intelligent, adaptable, charismatic.
Negative Personality Traits: Manipulative, opportunistic, vindictive, dramatic, selfish.
Habits: He's a notorious foot-tapper and leg-jiggler, also chews on his thumb while asleep.


Business: Jackdaw Enterprises
Guild: The Amber Halls
Guild Rank: (TBA)


Likes: Good business, linguistics, ugly-but-cute things, small spaces, fitted clothing, riddles, pranks, surprises, arguing, competition, haver cologne, one-night stands, keeping old tickets and bookmarks, body modifications, coffee, chocolate, and making new connections.
Dislikes: Inactivity, small talk, routine, politics, emotional attachments, playing dead, being asked too many questions, bitter foods, high-pitched voices, stammering, lettuce, seabugs, lock-picking, repair work, long-winded lectures, people obsessed with honor, keeping promises, cats (allergic), elven culture as a whole... and many, many other things.

Favorite Foods: Tenderloin kebab, smoked ribs, sweet bread.
Favorite Drinks: Bubble tea liquor, honey mead, jujube sparkling wine.
Hobbies: Sailing, learning languages, horse riding, archery, getting high, drinking.

* I've read mixed accounts where half-elves in ArcheAge are concerned, and I'm electing to just go ahead and run with it. If this conflicts with the lore for whatever reasons, rest assured, I have another backstory in mind that can easily be swapped out. I'm definitely not looking to ruin anyone's immersion, and hope to gobble up all the extra lore I can!

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