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Rusty Nails Adventurers are looking for bold 'venturers to join our guild of promising heroes! The Rusty Nails are known for their bravery in the field of grand endeavours, no matter what your goals are, be it riches, fame, glory knowledge or any of your individual goals! The tales of the fabled Rusty Nails spread wide and far, about their pursuit of heroism into the deepest dungeons and yonder the tallest mountains. We welcome any and all no matter whom you are as long as you share the lust for adventure!

The Rusty Nails Adventurers is an European roleplaying guild originally started back in 2008 on World of Warcraft, ever since we have spread with several chapters across various MMOs and now we're coming to ArcheAge Unchained! Joining us means partaking in a community of mature, laidback roleplayers who also enjoy sharing the whole gaming experience together in all aspects of the game. We offer campaigns and events that will give a lot of space for character progression aswell as casual RP events, such as camping, tavern hang etc.

We hold steadily to our original principles of being a laidback roleplaying guild with a lot of inspiration taken from, for example, Dungeons and Dragons and humor from Monty Python!

Do as hundreds before you and join our grand adventurous community!
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