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Name Information

First Name: Rhysandrick
Last Name: Bellam
Nicknames: Rhys ; Drick
Aliases: Rhys
Titles: Supreme Emperor of Charm and Roguish Good Looks
Name Meaning: Honestly, Rhys just thinks it was an inside joke for his parents.
Name Origin: His Grandfather’s name is Rhysander, don’t know where the Drick came from.

Demographic Information

Race: Nuian
Nationality: Nuian
Birthplace: A little ways west of Wardton
Citizenship: Hah.
Country: Anywhere, really.
Other Land: A man can dream.

Class: Professional Nobody
Income: Professional Nobody Salary
Debt: Yeah.
Assets: The clothes on his back, the cards in his pack, and the swords on his hips; they’re worth something to him at least.

Age: 26
Birthdate: December 12th, 26 years ago

Sex: Male
Gender: Male

Languages: Nuian (Perfect Comprehension)
Accent: A southern Nuian twang.
Voice: Lucas Black (Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift ; NCIS: New Orleans)

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Physical Appearance

Height: 6’1” (185 cm *Approx*)
Weight: 178 Pounds (81 kg *Approx*)
Build: Lean, with solid muscle.
Skin Tone: Pale
Hair Length: Short all around, but medium length in the back. No, not a mullet.
Hair Color: Black
Hair Style: Down, kept.
Hair Type: Straight and silky.
Eyebrow Color: Dark Brown
Eyebrow Shape: Medium thickness, well kept.
Eye Color: A vibrant, emerald green.
Eye Shape: Round
Eye Size: Average
Eyelid Type: Single eyelid
Pupil: Normal
Nose Shape: Somewhat pointed and rounded down; quite pronounced.
Nose Height: Right in the middle.
Nostril Shape: Average width, but not very tall.
Lip Shape: Thick, pancake eating lips; his upper lip is the same size as his lower lip.
Ear Size: Average, Humie ears.
Ear Shape: Round
Facial Hair: A 9’o’clock shadow.
Neck Length: Average distance from shoulders to the base of the skull.
Neck Thickness: Small, but with solid muscle.
Shoulder Shape: Muscular, especially around the traps.
Shoulder Width: Average
Chest Size: Average sized, muscular moobs.
Waist Size: Simple dude proportions.
Hip Size: Also simple dude proportions.
Leg Shape: Muscular, especially around the calves.
Shoe Size: A little bigger than average (US12s).
Arm Length: Average
Arm Shape: Muscular
Hand Size: Just right for cardistry.
Hand Thickness: Average fingers.
Body Scars: Rhys has a single scar that goes from between his thumb and index finger, all the way across the back of his hand to the webbing in between his pinky and ring fingers.
Teeth: He may not be rich, but ladies can’t resist his pearly whites.
Everyday Style of Dress: Normally the same gear he travels with; leather tunic, a pair of simple trousers, and boots.
Formal Style of Dress: As if.
Scent: A good breakfast in a late spring day somewhere smothered by wilderness.

Personality and Traits

Summary: Rhys can be considered aggressively, albeit passionately friendly; he isn’t necessarily a goody two-shoes, but his generosity isn’t lacking. He tends to make and keep friends, regardless of distance and regardless of whether the other person feels distance equals no more friendship. He has a naturally, unshakable sunny disposition that can be quite chipper in the right situation but annoying in the wrong ones. He is very, very hard to anger and when he does get to that point; he becomes socially awkward and quiet at times, he is incredibly quick to get over himself though.

Personality Tests
Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: ENFP-A (Campaigner)
Four Temperaments: Sanguine
Open Sex Role Inventory: Androgynous (113 M ; 113 F)

Trait Descriptions
Benevolence/Malevolence: Rhys isn’t so benevolent; he can be quite kind, but doesn’t necessarily prefer peace if it means being a door mat.
Dominance/Submissiveness: More dominant and decisive, but with a bit of malleability thrown in, he isn’t stubborn.
Realism/Idealism: He’s idealistic, and the sort to day dream, but he does day dream about realistic goals some times.
Organized/Sloppy: Sloppy. Nuff said.
Emotional/Stoic: Rhysandrick is somewhat empathic; despite being perpetually friendly, he isn’t the type to get emotional, but he isn’t totally unfeeling.
Accepting/Prejudiced: He’s pretty accepting all-around.
Progressive/Conservative: Somewhere in the middle; Rhys wants a traditional lifestyle, but doesn’t mind making a family or a life with someone outside of his own race. He isn’t one to be stuck in all of his ways aside from this though.
Physical/Mental: A healthy combination of both; he is very active, but sometimes lazing about calls for it. Sometimes he applies his brain power, other times he takes shortcuts.

Body Language: Totally relaxed with staring at people he finds interesting; casually shuffling, cutting, and tricking with a deck of cards is a usual, ingrained way of saying he’s passing time.
Speech Style: Pretty average; not too loud, not too soft, a bit forward at times.

Standpoints and Biases
Spirituality: Lady Luck is his only paranormal Mistress.
Ideals: Never complain about the consequences you suffer, if you’ve done something to deserve it. Own up to your mistakes. Own up to your problems. Then fix them.
Worldview: It’s definitely large.
Morality: Still figuring that out; but, mostly good.
Motivators: This is really a mystery as much as it is a toss up; get a different answer each time.


Soft-Spots: An Elven woman finding his cardistry attractive or someone enjoying his cooking; not in a prideful way, but more in a ‘I like making people smile with good food’ sorta way.
Cruel Streaks: Nothing, really.

Habits: He tends to randomly, albeit casually begin to mess with a deck of cards; or whatever he has on him that can be entertaining with some sleight of hand.
Addictions: Pancakes.
Quirks: Rhys has a need to write down things, at random intervals; even if they’re unimportant.

Reaction Scenarios
Threat of Violence: A stranger in a tavern has threatened to cut your character’s throat.
“Okay, buddy; look, that’s violent, messy, and a cause of putting lots more red in this shit brown room. Now how’s about we just calm down, I buy you a dr-” Rhys proceeds to flick a card at him, “Surprise!” Then attempts a flashy, bitchmaking backhand that cracks across the patron’s cheek, “Now go sit down, drink your piss, and think about what you just went through!”

Confession of Love: Your character wants to confess to someone that they are in love.
Rhys crosses his arms, a smirk displayed until he parts his lips to speak, “I don’t know why, I don’t know how, I don’t know when; all I can say right now is: Darlin’, I used every trick I had. Cards. Pancakes. Devilishly, devilish good looks. Everything. I’m not ashamed to say, you got me first. I dunno how long it’ll be until you finally fall for this all-in-one package before ya, but it’s safe to say, I’m in it for the long haul.”

Starving Child: Your character spots a child on the side of a street begging for scraps.
Rhysandrick was never one to give handouts; the whole teach a man to fish shpeel… But this was a kid. He reaches into his hip pouch and pulls out a piece of jerky; it wasn’t much, but it was probably far more nutritious than nothing at all. The child’s eyes light up, not just for the handout, but the fact that it was meat; most likely the first time he had ever been privy to such a delightful snack. He takes it, then expresses his gratitude with, “Thank you, Sir.” Rhys nods and continues on his way without much more than a warm smile in passing.

Sack of Gold: Your character sees a sack of gold fall off the back of a noble’s wagon.
“Mine.” He picks it up and stuffs it in a place that he could easily conceal it.

Disloyalty: Someone that your character trusts has been discovered making allies of your character’s enemies.
Rhysandrick clenches his fists, grits his teeth, then closes his eyes; he leans back against the wall of the inn room he rented just hours prior to receiving this telling letter. Handwriting, signature; all from someone he trusts dearly and devotedly, speaking on another who held the same amount of regard, not being so worthy of it anymore. His silent anger was nearly palpable.

Bad Habits: Your character is very drunk, and someone offers them another drink for free.
“Yes! Wait, you didn’t put anything innit didja?! Nah, prolly not, I’m not that pretty!” He bursts out laughing, his obnoxious guffawing filling up the tavern and creating a chorus to come after, solely entertained by the man making a buffoon of himself. He quickly consumes the freely offered drink, as if it were the nectar of life.

Worse Habits: Your character accidentally witnesses an exchange of illegal substances between strangers.
“Nope, sorry, wrong shady alleyway!” He would shout, unintentionally drawing the attention of some guards before slipping away.

Surprise Party: Your character’s friends throw a surprise party for your character, jumping out at them when they enter.
“Whaaaa?! Guys! You-” He wipes tears brimming at his ducts, “I can’t believe how much you all appreciate my card tricks, that you would- would do this,” he sniffles deeply and bows his head thankfully, “You’re all beautiful people.”

Naked Truth: Your character accidentally walks in on a friend naked, who they have never seen like that before.
Rhys was clearly blushing, what a beautiful accident and in similar Rhys fashion he shouts, “I’m sorry, but I’m never going to forget this; Lady Luck, you shine on me best of all,” he says to no particular presence. All after burning the image of his surprise, albeit unintentional peeping tom moment into his brain.

Wartime Blues: Your character finds a wounded soldier who fought against your people.
Rhysandrick approaches the dying warrior, who didn’t seem bothered by his presence, “At least we both agree on this not being an awkward situation…” He tries to break the ice before sitting beside the soon-to-be cadaver, ripping a small wineskin off of his belt and handing it to the man who drank what would be his last bit of burning goodness. “Alright…” Rhys pats his thighs, stands back up, and draws the blade resting on his left hip, “Close your eyes if you want, makes no difference to me.” The warrior didn’t resist, nor was their a hint of angst; Rhys pierces their chest and thrusts his steel deep until the point rends through the soldier’s heart. A swifter death than what they had been waiting on, certainly. Rhys didn’t bother retrieving the wineskin, opting to leave just as simply as he came.

Robbed: Your character was robbed in the street.
“You bastard! That’s what I DO! Such an amateur! The oldest trick in the book?! Really?! Knife in the back?!” He shouts, dangerously close to cursing the thief.

The Death Penalty: Your character learns of a murderer to be publically executed soon.
“I mean, executions are kinda lame, but you reap what you sow.”

Hungry Pack: Your character accidentally stumbles upon a pack of hungry wolves, alone.
“Tree, tree, tree, nearest tree!” Rhys would very swiftly find a tree and climb it to escape the hangry wolves.

Crying Man: Your character sees an unknown man, fully grown, crying to himself.
Rhys walks up and slaps the man’s back, “Man, lemme tell ya; I’ve stubbed my toe so hard, I thought I was dying. But you must be goin’ through somethin’ much worse! Whatever it is, tell me about it, as much as you want; maybe I can help out?”


Rhys has a stock standard, whatcha see is whatcha get upbringing; his parents were humble peasants that worked the soil and tilled the land, come rain, come hale, come snow. He was raised to be respectful to those in better situations than him, yet never look down on those in worse; while his parents had their disgust towards certain folk, he never seemed to pick up on that aspect, only the niceness. Throughout his adolescence, Rhysandrick would often be the shoulder to lean on, the voice of reason, the beacon of sunlight for other kids his age; this role shone just as true through his teen years.

For whatever reason, Rhys decided, when he turned sixteen ‘I’m gonna strike out and make it big’. How? Why? Where? None of that hubbub mattered and it still doesn’t, but due to his lack of planning it was no surprise that he ended up succumbing to the ease of resorting to less than pretty work. It started out as simple thievery in the bigger towns, pick-pocketing, unfair haggling, that sort of stuff; the former is where the young man picked up his love for sleight of hand work. Due to finding a particular keenness for such, he ended up being brought in to gambling dens as a dealer; playing patrons like a collection of fiddles. All the while, Rhys never figured it to be bad or misguided; he was having fun and he didn’t have the ill intention that went along with the ill outcome.

A few years after he got deep in the muck of grinding a bad profession until he was the best he could be at it; he came across the event which triggered his epiphany. Being enveloped in a loan collection; the extortion aspect of things were lost on him so when he was faced with the brutality of its goings on, he was hit by genuine disgust. After voicing his concern, a physical altercation occurred and afterwards he was forced to get his ass over the horizon, that’s been his life until now; and how it will be in the foreseeable future. Alas, the young Rhysandrick has traditional desires and values; he wants to be that old man, in a rocker, on his porch, yelling at kids on his lawn despite having grandkids he’s idolized by. All of the things that lead up to living like that too.

Occupation, Trade and Allegiances

Job Title: Professional Nobody Odd-jobber
Average Income: Professional Nobody Odd-jobber Salary
Organization: Rhysandrick
Standing: Self-employed.
Working Status: Yeah, kinda.

Skill: Cooking
Skill Level: Pretty Darn Good.
Use: Self-servicing, helping friends eat, non-profit.

Skill: Cardistry
Skill Level: Masterful.
Use: Normally just something he does to entertain himself, but has been known to get a few tips here and there.

Combat Skills and Magic

Class of Choice: Cursebrand
Discipline of Choice: Swiftblade
Weapon of Choice: Dual-wield Anything really, prefers swords.
Armor of Choice: Leather.
Training: Taught by various members of the bad boy outfit he was a part of; everything else is self-training.
Versatility: Normally the type to duel, but can jump into the frontline if necessary.

Physical Strength: 6 for a Nuian.
Physical Aptitude: 10
Physical Speed: 7 for a Nuian.

Defensive Strength: 4
Defensive Aptitude: 8
Defensive Speed: 7 for a Nuian.

Tactical Aptitude: 3
Tactical Speed: 5

Pastimes: Discovering and trying new card tricks.
Hobbies: Creating artwork on cards.
Aesthetics: Elven women, but he’s not hardset. Everything else concerned, he can be considered minimalist.

Fears: Drowning. Never getting that Elf girl.
Desires: That Elf girl.
Annoyances: Flashing when doing a card trick.
Passions: Pancakes, Elven women, and cardistry.
Loves: Get back to him on this.
Hates: This too.

Rhysandrick’s Flow Chart

Elf Lady -> Yes -> Show Card Tricks -> Show interesting 20 Questions Card Trick game
No -> Abort? -> Find Elf Lady -> Show Card Tricks -> Show interesting 20 Questions Card Trick
Warbabe? -> Why not? -> Not trying to dead me -> Try card tricks -> Card tricks work -> Show interesting 20 questions game

Trying to dead me -> Abort!
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