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Full Name: Lyrana
Nicknames: Heartless STeel

Primary Class: Abolisher

Race: Warborn
Gender: Female
Age: Unknown
Hair: White
Skin: Brown-ish
Eyes: Red-ish


Place of Residence: Nomadic, usually reaches the nearest tavern
Place of Birth: Unknown

Relatives: None
Enemies: Anything that doesn't want to kill her.
Allies: Anything that's not in the list of enemies (yet)

Occupation: Mercenary
Tradeskills: Enough of blacksmithing to repair her armor and weapon.


Fashion of Choice: Plate armor, always.
Armor of Choice: Plate armor.
Weapons of Choice: Axes or swords, one or two handed.

Special Talents: None outside of her Warborn talents.


Raised to kill, enslaved by the Harani to escape extinction, Lyrana was reduced to a docile slave, belittled by the Harani. She took the first opportunity to escape her condition and take revenge to her "masters". Following the Warborn rebels, she was freed of her stabilizer... Only to show her new freedom to her old masters, and killed them with their own weapons. Now, she wanders the world, east and west alike, and sells her strength to anyone who can and will pay the price of getting along with a monster...


Alignment: Neutral.
Motivations: The glory of battle.
Religion/Philosophy: "Either you kill, or you're killed. I just help the latter."


Guild: N/A
Guild Rank: N/A
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