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Full Name: Rhett
Race: Firran
Gender: Female
Age: 28

Appearance and Apparel

Physical Appearance
Rhett is smaller than most firrans in height but makes up for it with her athletic, agile looking build. Her fur is Jet black with faint, fiery red highlights throughout. Her hair is long and wavy and frequently falls into her face. Like her coat, Rhett’s hair is also jet black with red highlights, but unlike her coat, the longer her hair grows the more red it becomes. As she pulls her hair away from her face, a set of large, emerald green eyes peer around the room. Her right eye looks normal for any firran with a cat like pupil, but the left eye, on the other hand, has no apparent or visible pupil. Rhett’s facial features are softer than the average firran but generally keep to traditional looks. Her face is quite pleasant to look at under normal conditions, but after a long day of fishing she has bags under her eyes and a general unkempt look. The sound of a ‘pop’ lingers in the air, as a cork leaves the top of some nondescript bottle of alcohol. Rhett’s ears twitch to quickly zero in on the direction of the sound. Her ears look like those of a domestic house cat: thin, covered in extremely short fur, and oftentimes twitching about, although not this time. With her ears still pointing in the direction of the open bottle, her head quickly snaps in that same direction. Her right eye instantly find the bottle of alcohol, but her left eye moves and reacts quite awkwardly.

“HA! Barkeep! Let me get a glass of that stuff!”
A smile widens across her face. While her lips are thin like those of most firrans, and her fangs quite large. Rhett suddenly bursts out laughing loud enough for the whole room to hear, and with an open palm she slams her hand down onto the bar top. The sound from the slam echoed throughout the room alongside her laugh.
“Actually, make that two! I plan to have a good time tonight!”

Equipment and Apparel
As Rhett throws back the first of the drinks, two combat daggers can be seen hanging from the belt thrown haphazardly across her hips. Another belt is hanging across her torso like a bandolier holding other small knives, pliers, and other tools an average fisherman would have on hand. After she finishes the first drink, the glass that contained it gets slammed with incredible force against the bartop. With little concern for the integrity of the first glass, Rhett quickly scoops up the second one with her right hand. Her left arm quickly darts out to the stranger next to her and gives them a hearty pat on the back.

“After this one, the next two are on you yeah?” Another laugh comes bellowing out of the firran.
While Rhett’s physique is clearly female, she does not tend to her looks like a typical woman. She foregoes frilly and fancy dress for more practical outfits. Function over form. Her outstretched left arm is covered in a plain, long sleeved, cloth shirt. Her pants and boots are made of leather, designed for maximum mobility. The whole ensemble, while not overly dirty or tattered, do show some signs of abuse from long days of fishing. She quickly throws back the second drink, and once again slammed the glass onto the counter. Rhett stands up and adjusts the red scarf that hangs around her neck. The scarf is made more for concealment rather than warmth as the fabric is rather thin. She walks to the other end of the bar, stands between two patrons seated on stools and wraps an arm around each.

“There isn’t nearly enough fun going on down here!” Once again she bursts into an overwhelmingly loud laugh. “And I aim to change that!” she points to the first stranger she slapped on the back just a few moments ago. “The two shots they were going to buy me, I'll just let you two drink them!!” It doesn't take Rhett long to have the whole tavern wrapped up in chaos, just the way she likes it.


Early Life
Like any firran, Rhett grew up on the Falcorth Plains, following wherever the clan went. Her fiery and reckless disposition quickly found her following the path of the warrior from a young age. Due to her smaller size those around her tried to dissuade her from becoming a warrior, but this only fortify her will. Her coming of age came and went, passing the Bejant Trials with ease and becoming an excellent warrior for her clan.

Due to her small size, Rhett adapted her own unique style of combat. Rather than confronting her opponents with brute force, she would use her agility to out maneuver foes, and use quick thinking to land finishing blows. This made Rhett the perfect assassin and scout for her tribe. Most of her time was spent gathering information on her target. Talking to strangers and following up on rumors often landed Rhett in a tavern. She started to grow quite fond of what she found in taverns: the exciting atmosphere, friendly people, and of course the alcohol. Before too long, she was more worried about getting drunk than completing her missions.

The booze often times amplified her fiery and chaotic attributes making her the life of the party. Other Times, and increasingly so, she would become a sad, depressed drunk, focusing inwardly on her own thoughts. Rhett failed to see her own goals and aspirations, even though she had accomplished so much.

“Why am I a warrior? Why do I fight?”
Rhett became more concerned about becoming drunk to hide from these new thoughts and feelings that she couldn’t come to terms with. More time spent at the bartop meant less time with her warrior duties. Before long her image of being an honorable warrior became tainted amongst her tribe.

One evening, she was attempting to follow a target when she happened upon the sea for the first time. The picturesque scene was filled Rhett’s eyes with glimmering water reflecting the oranges and purples of the sunset. Her mind, body and soul were all overtaken by the sight of the sea. Rhett could not explain the feeling she got, but It felt as though it was calling to her. She got lost in the sight of the sea, it felt as though she had been in a daze for hours, even though it had only been a couple short minutes. Once she regained her awareness, Rhett quickly looked for her target…. long gone.

She climbed up a tree and sat over the vista and just stared at the sea until there was no light left to be seen in the moonless sky. She sat contemplating the feelings and the strange pull to the sea. She had heard about it before, and even seen large lakes and wide rivers. Never has she felt a presence like the one she did in that moment. Rhett decided it was a calling, or maybe a goal, or maybe a direction. She didn’t know why, but what she did know was that she had to go. Anything was better than than the feeling of hopelessness that has been swelling up within her. So she abandoned her mission, her fellow warriors, and her clan to follow the sea, filled with renewed hope.

A Life in Transition
Rhett quickly learned how tough life could be outside of her normal Firran life. Simple things like finding and affording meals became an all day affair. The comfort of spending the evening in a tavern or having a comfortable bed at night became luxuries. She knew this would be the likely outcome after abandoning everything she knew and once called home, but she had to be by the ocean. So Rhett started to take every small job she could get, from delivering baked goods to pulling the weeds out of someone's garden. She would roam the coastline, going to every town or city, never straying far from the sea. Eventually she would take jobs that would help teach her a new skill, and oftentimes these skills would be involved with the fishing trade due to her constant coastal contact . She first learned to do simple tasks like mending fishing nets and cleaning the decks of boats, but eventually she learned the more complicated tasks like making bait and cleaning fish.

“Boats are always on the sea,” she often thought to herself.
Her new aim was to spend as much time on a boats as possible (second to time spent in a tavern), so Rhett started to take on any job that involved a boat. Her skills skyrocketed when she found more permanent-ish employment as a deckhand. She learned how to fish from the toughest of fishermen and learned to trade from the most sophisticated merchants. She would observe everything that these captains did while she tended to her own job in hopes of one day owning her own boat.

With each passing day, Rhett was leaving behind her once noble and honorable way of life as a warrior for that of the common fisherman.

Life at Sea

((This section will contain links to ‘journal like’ entries and short stories that cover the time period from when Rhett owns her first boat to current day. These stories are meant for the player OOCly and not IC knowledge unless revealed by Rhett in character. Revealing disjointed stories and 'journal like' entries hopefully keeps this part of her past more of a mystery.))

Tales from the Tavern
Short stories and Tavern Tales told either about Rhett, or by Rhett.

Personality and Traits

”F*** around and find out!”
Years of living on her own, on the sea, and in taverns have amplified her fiery, aggressive and reckless personality. Her actions are over-the-top and often times over dramatic. She ends up attracting attention from people wherever she goes, and usually chaos follows.

“As long as I’m out there!”
She is always looking for a good time, whether it be reeling in a big fish or throwing back a couple drinks at the local watering hole. Rhett seems to always be in a good mood as long as she is either on, in, around, near, or even tasting the sea. If she is ever land locked for an extended time, her personality becomes subdued and even depressing at times.

Addictive Personality
A downside of her chaotic personality is her tendency to become addicted to anything. Sometimes she dives in head first, and sometimes the addictions are just slowly burning in the background. She just can't get enough.

”I’ve made my mistakes too!“
She is quick to make friends and slow to make enemies. Rhett tends to focus on the positive aspects of people rather than looking at their negatives. Being betrayed or crossed won't necessarily end a relationship with that person but trust will have to be re-established.

”I do what I want!”
Rhett has a hard time taking no for an answer when it comes to getting those around her to have a good time with her. Not liking the word no, and not liking to be told what to do, she has grown to not like those in charge or anyone that may have authority over any given situation.

”Live to fight another day!”
She rarely ever takes on a confrontation, brawl, or a fight straight on. She has learned the hard way that it is easier to find a different, more clever solution to get out of sticky situations.

"Sometimes the greatest harm comes from the best of intentions."
Although Rhett tries her best to do whats best for those around, her occasional poor decision making skills sometimes get in the way.

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Possible Roleplay Hooks

  • Rhett can often be found in any coastal town. Currently she is spending a lot of time towns/cities with ports like in Caernord, Mahadevi Port Golden Fable Harbor, or Austera. She can be found selling her catch of the day or milling about looking for alcohol.
  • Rhett can often be found enjoying cheap drink and good company at the Jungle Nook or making a ruckus at the Open Palm.
  • Rhett has been seen taking on jobs for the Western Ishvaran Labor Union. She appears to be good friends with the commune.

Character Thoughts

"Maybe one of the few people with their head screwed on right that I have met, though she could use a bit less dependence on Secundus and more self confidence. Like most warborn, she seems naive, but she also seems to be learning quickly. She is picking up where The Negotiator left off. One thing is for sure, she pours a strong drink!"

"He looks familiar to me, and he says I helped him in the past... I can only assume he knows too much about my own past. Not something that I need to risk right now. I don't know what crazy magic that man is in control of... but I best make sure he doesn't turn it to me."

"Yet another naive kid roaming the streets... place seems full of them. Kind but unaware." Rhett sighs heavily. "Well maybe he isn't a kid but he sure did seem to get himself into a pickle with the Shadowhawks."

"Appears to be working for someone. Not sure if its willing or not but he doesn't seem 'free' to me at all. We interacted on a few occasions before we ended up in that fight, and he seems like a decent firran. No hard feelings towards the man yet. He was doing his job and I was doing mine. As long as he doesn't try to keep me from my own freedom we should be okay.

"We haven't interacted much, but seems to have a good since of humor, and a better sense of revenge." A bellowing laugh erupts from Rhett.

  • "Strange.... Just plain strange that one..." Rhett takes a deep breath. "I need a drink just thinking about that one... But I guess we do share an interest in reeling in fish."
  • "He can talk like a normal person... but sometimes decides not too? I really don't understand the man as far as how he talks but it hid how smart the man really is. One thing is for sure, he is a presumptuous asshole who sucks at fishing."

North Light:
"Not sure he is all there... you know, in the head. First time we meet it, it seemed as though he was imagining conversation that hadn't happened. Maybe he is just over dramatic, or maybe just extremely naive. Probably a bit of both. Though to be fair, we haven't talked much. Hope he is doing well with his new tavern. I just hope the drinks are cheap."

"The Negotiator! Like his words and contracts. Need to keep in mind that he is good with alchemy. That could be handy in the future. He found me work, though It didn't work out well and put me in a tough spot. Would like to have some words with the man but it appears he has left everything behind and ran.... Maybe he should have thought of doing things not so 'bluntly' before he got himself into this situation. At least I have my boat now"

"A warborn to be wary of..." Rhett's face contorts with disgust. "She knew too much about me for never having spoken to each other before. I /must/ find what this woman is up to before she causes any trouble."

The Wanderer:
"I really enjoy this young man despite his weird name. He appears to be really smart and appears to have the drive to explore and see the world. That is something I can appreciate. I still owe him a few stories."

Changes and Edits

  • 10/18/2019: Added History: A Life in Transition. Added: History section - Life at Sea (WIP). Added sections for Roleplay hooks and Character thoughts (both WIP).
  • 10/23/2019: Made some substantial changes to the phrasing and writing in the history section. Added page breaks for better readability.
  • 11/2/2019:Added Pictures, Updated Hooks
  • 12/12/2019: Added character thoughts! An ongoing WIP! Enjoy!
  • 12/29/2019: Added and updated some character thoughts!
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