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Name: Aeryn
Nicknames: Ryn
Primary Class: Archer
Race: Warborn
Gender: Female
Age: 26
Appearance: Tall, curvy, strong, athletic build, black hair, tan, green eyes
Personality: Quiet, observant and reserved unless angry, vicious temper when provoked
Sexuality: Straight
Religion/Philosophy: Hermetic
Place of Residence: In transit
Place of Birth: Sunbite Wilds
Father – General in military
Mother – Former Sgt under her father before they fell in love and married
Younger sister - Emunah
Allies: Fate, Emunah, Nisha
Occupation: Former: Soldier Current: Slave
Trade skills: Gathering, mining, hunting
Armor of Choice: Leather
Weapons of Choice: Bow and daggers (duel wield) – all etched with sigils to better her aim, speed and power
Special Talents: Creating sigils
Guild: Dominance and Submission
Guild Rank: submissive



Aeryn grew up the eldest daughter of very stern military parents. She had been taught from very early on that her place was either by her father’s side learning, in silence, of course, all she could to be a good soldier or protecting her younger sister, a job that only became more difficult as they became teenagers. Ryn would have gladly spent her limited free time out in the forests hunting or fishing, but she spent most of her youth chasing down her sister or getting in trouble for not knowing where to find Emumah. Whenever her sister would sneak out to go see the village Shaman, Ryn would feel obligated to tag along, never knowing what trouble she might find herself in. She would sit and listen as her sister learned all there was about the art of healing, but she couldn’t help but worry about the day that someone learned of sister’s secret. It would not end well. The one thing she did take from the secret lessons was a love of creating sigils, though she never shared this knowledge or fascination with anyone. It was definitely something her parents would never have understood.

At 18, her father sent her out on her first military campaign. She knew how to fight and defend herself, but she had never been faced with the sheer devastation that war could bring. The dead and dying around her only made her want to run. However, there was no escape from the life her family had planned for her. Or so she thought.

It was becoming more and more difficult for Emunah to hide her powers and the girls decided to run away. They packed what they could carry and left in the night, heading for wherever the gods might lead them. The next two years were hard for Ryn. Between struggling to find ways to provide for the two of them and keep their bellies full, it was becoming very obvious that Emunah was tired of keeping her talents a secret. Ryn begged her to keep quiet, telling her that people would only want to use her, but her advice went unheeded.

As she predicted the story of Emunah’s powers spread all around the countryside until it caught the attention of a wealthy, well-known slave owner. He sent several to try to capture them, but between Ryn’s combat skills and Emunah’s powerful healing, none could defeat them. Even when a small army came marching in, she fought hard and long, determined that they wouldn’t be captured. Try as they might, the girls just could not overcome so many skilled warriors.

On top of losing their freedom, Ryn suffered a crushing blow to her arm and could no longer hold her bow. Emunah would have been able to heal it as good as new, but the girls were separated as soon as they surrendered. Ryn fought to stay with her sister, but the exhaustion and pain took over and she soon passed out. Healers were brought to her, but the damage was done and she feared she would never be as strong as she once was.

The girls were captured and then separated. Ryn suddenly found herself as a pleasure slave for the man who had captured them. At first, she could feel nothing but hatred for him and seething anger. For a long time, all she wanted to do was kill him and spent her time plotting. She played her role well enough that she was at least able to see her sister from time to time and over time came to realize that her sister had fallen in love with their new owner. She had been protecting her sister for so long, that she finally realized she could do nothing but accept her life and try to make the best of it.

Though she still harbored a need to want to cause Kether bodily harm, she began learning more about his ways and came to an understanding of his beliefs that began changing her life. Kether made a decision to leave his home and set out for new lands, teaching others as he’d been told to do in a vision. Ryn didn’t really have a choice to stay or go, being that she was his slave, but it wouldn’t have mattered if she did. Her sister wouldn’t leave his side and Ryn finally had to admit to herself that she didn’t want to either.

So when Kether left, the girls traveled right along with him. To any onlookers, the group would have appeared like a very tight-knit group. They moved together in combat like a well-oiled machine, always seeming to know what the other was thinking. For Ryn, personally, it was a struggle. Kether was very different with Emunah; careful, even gentle. It was hard to watch their interactions. She was glad to see that her sister was treated kindly, cared for and loved, but watching it all happen only made her want to leave and go hunting more often. She finally had to admit to herself that the feelings it caused could only mean that, even though they had a very tumultuous relationship, she had fallen for him too. Ultimately, for all their faults, they were family and she would remain loyal to her family.


To be continued....
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