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The Beginning

Name: Emunah (E-moo-nah)
Primary Class: Healer/DPS
Race: Warborn
Gender: Female
Age: 25
Place of Residence: Currently Silent Forest
Place of Birth: Sunbite Wilds

Occupation: Slave
Tradeskills: Serving, herbalism, Story weaving (secret skills healing)
Armor of Choice: Leather
Weapons of Choice: Shield, scepter (imbued with special powers by a shaman)
Special Talents: Healing
Religion/Philosophy: Pagan/learning Hermetic
Sexuality: Bi
Guild: Dominance n Submission
Guild Rank: Submissive


Emunah is a soft hearted and tender girl, unusual for a Warborne. From the time she could walk she could always be found wandering around the gardens or somewhere among the animals of the farm. She is an impulsive and free spirit always wanting to be around others and loves to be loved.

Emunah was born to a military family. Her father, a general in the Warborn army in Sunbite Wilds and her mother (who had once been a Sgt. under him) were both very stern and strict people. Even as a young child Emunah was different from the others. It wasn’t until the age of 10 that she found out why.

Little by little she started exhibiting healing powers. The family house yata got sick and just one touch from her immediately brought the creature to its feet up and bouncing around again. Different friends and family would get ill from time to time and with just a wave of her hand they would feel better. She did all of this without others knowing because that would not go over well with her parents. However Emunah soon had other ideas.

At the age of 15 when she was supposed to be training to fight she would sneak off to the local shaman’s house and learn how to harness her powers. By the time she was 20 she had learned well but her secret was becoming harder to conceal.

It was at that time that she decided to run off in order to practice her gift freely. The shaman realizing it was probably for the best gave her a staff imbued with special magic to aid her in her healing. She always has it at her side.

Emunah has an older sister, Aeryn. Aeryn had always taken care of her and not surprising she decided to follow along as well. Once leaving their home Em, so excited over her freedom, uses her powers recklessly all over the land and starts to make a name for herself.

One day a man shows up and tries to take her but Aeryn fights him off. The next day two more show up and meet the same fate. This goes on for a few days until finally an amy led by the one she would later learn was called The Lion shows up and they are unable to defeat them. The Lion captures them both and takes them back to his home.

Once they reach Arcum Iris the girls are separated. Aeryn is taken as a pleasure slave and her relationship becomes a fiery one with the Lion. Primal and passionate. Em however is taken as a house slave. She is treated much differently from the very beginning. The Lion is intrigued by her an eventually the two fall in love.

Soon the 3 of them become the core group of Fate’s Pride. Other’s on the outside looking in see them as a very tight knit group. After learning of a vision that Fate has, they set out to find others interested in learning about Hermetics and to spread the philosophy as they go.
To be continued...
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