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A young Harani sets off to find her missing mother,
undaunted by the hopelessness of her mission

After a few weeks away from home it’s become clear that my height is my biggest problem. Not thieves or bandits, or overcharging innkeepers. Why do they keep asking where my parents are? The next person who tells me to smile… Can I stab them?

Race: Harani
Age: Seventeen
Height: Small
Features: Pink hair, freckles, pale eyes

Weapon of choice: Short sword, bow
Armor of choice: Leather

The heat is one of my first memories, the sun beating down on my skin, and`the feeling of the Savannah’s coarse grass between my toes. When I close my eyes I can still smell the animals and hear my father’s rumbling voice.

Place of Birth: Windscour Savannah
Date of Birth: Midsummer

Animals are uncomplicated. You feed them, pet them, and help them when they need it. In turn they love you. Easy! People on the other hand… Don’t get me started.

Social: Introverted, polite, distant, insensitive

Many unexpected things have happened since I left the fields of Windscour and the familiarity of home. So many people I have met, strange characters, eventual friends, and sometimes enemies. It’s daunting to find my way, but fear is something to overcome.

Character: Loyal, bold, practical, cautious

Alignment: True Neutral
Outlook: Realist
Disposition: Serious

Fired for helping out some defenseless people in Arcum. Next time I should just take care of myself first. At least I have a roof over my head and some sort of fake job at the Palm, whatever that means.

Occupation: ’Owner’ of the Open Palm
Place of Residence: Solis Headlands

Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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Character Thoughts

North Light
The first Warborn I have ever interacted with. He’s a strange one, I wouldn’t want him on my side in a fight. Besides that he’s really too stubborn to know when to ask for help. I consider him a friend, and helping is part of that. The Palm… Well, I was only supposed to be the face. But who up and joined the Yorland Theatre? I’m hiring another bartender…. An angry one.

A strange boy I met in a library… Since then we’ve travelled to Perinoor and to Arcum Iris and I stayed at his home for a while. He’s become someone I can count on to help me. I hope he knows he can count on me too, I’m not too good at telling him. While he looks and acts frail, he’s very strong. A little scary, if you ask me.

An unusual Firran. We live near each other in Solis Headlands. He provides all the brews for the Open Palm and I have to say… Some of them are delicious! He’s friendly overall but a reckless idiot who has to prove the size of his ba- Well. He and Seia are friendly, who thought that was possible?

We got off to a bad start, and then it got much worse. I don’t think I’m to blame, he was the one getting drunk and gossiping to Gale and everyone with ears. Okay, the letter, I didn’t think that through but whatever. From talking to others… He seems like a bad friend. And an incompetent leader. My money’s still on him for blowing up the palace.

Where do I start? She's kind and sweet, you can tell when she's taking care of someone. It’s surprising her naivety hasn’t got her killed yet. She does see things through, even when they are difficult and she’s scared. I think that’s amazing. I hope she finds the support she is looking for. Though I don’t agree she should be looking.

Have met him twice now. Each time he was ready to fly off the handle for reasons I am somewhat unsure about. Other than that he's a hypocritical asshole. His behavior raises so many red flags I do hope I can avoid interacting with him in the future.

A strange young man, boy, whatever. He reminds me of Wanderer a little, but more… Jovial? He's sweet in an oblivious idiotic kind of way. He seems to like [i]Kuyo[/] which speaks for itself. Wanderer is invested in him though... And apparently Secundus hit him? He didn't deserve that, it'd be like kicking a really pathetic puppy... After his stupid shit in City of Towers I kind of want to hit him too.

Kuyo... Nothing but trouble, isn't he? As far as I know he's still shackled but no longer actively working for the West-Ishvarans. In hindsight, all of my gossiping worked against me now that I need him for something... But I do a favor for him, he does a favor for me and maybe I stop yelling at people that he's a necromancer? Maybe.

We’ve met a few times now. He’s a difficult person to figure out. You know, he and his Devigard help the downtrodden blabla Warborn blabla Sallium. He’s handsome and charming, kind of silly? He laughs at my… Well, at my bitchiness, I like it. He’s also reckless and destructive which is alarming.

A rich old lady who claims to own a teahouse. It’s probably a brothel. She's either playing it up or is stupid enough to believe all the stuff about Warborn. One of her 'girls' was a Warborn with a stabilizer. The thought of that makes me ill...

Sinestra… She used to work with the Labor Union but not anymore. Probably for the best. She flirts a lot, it’s unclear if she would actually act on it… Ah, no I’m not interested in finding out, she’s a little intimidating by my standards. Most people’s standards, probably. She approached me to help her find Secunudus? Not touching that with a ten foot pole, thanks.

Claims to have helped North Light, which I appreciate, even if he doesn't. Otherwise seems like a normal person. I see her at the Open Palm frequently. Apparently, she's travelled all over Haranya and in Nuia too.

Laughing Tide/Sturdy Wave
Met her in Solis Headlands. Must be the most normal and friendliest Warborn I've met to date, which made me suspicious initially. She helped heal Kameraad’s leg and didn’t even expect payment. She seems to like being called miss? So I will. She ran into trouble and now calls herself Sturdy Wave. She's helping my friend North Light at the Open Palm and she helped me with that strange firran thief... I think she's quite trustworthy.

He tried to steal Kameraad's sadle blanket...? He didn't run when I took it back. And he didn't talk until he did. Very strange. He's either an idiot, disturbed, or not used to being around... People. There are more of those in the world than I ever thought. Not sure what to make of this one.

Not sure what happened with that one. She speaks strangely... And she destroyed the Open Palm's roof. Perhaps she's unlucky. Seemed more normal at the Palm, and she didn't destroy anything else. I haven't told her my name so she keeps calling me interesting things. It's a little funny. And at least she hasn't called me Pinkie.

We met at a run-down bar near City of Towers, apparently she's friends with the owner? Looks like she's part of the Union or at least helps them out when they need it. Handy with a lockpick too. I can appreciate that!

We have met a few times now. Our first meeting in Arcum Iris, she helped Wanderer and she helped me with Kameraad... She's a capable hunter it seems. She's good friends with Wanderer, and has helped me out by association. I appreciate it, perhaps we can be friendly too. I may have flirted with her a little? She's pretty.

Have had the pleasure to meet Dariuss several times now. He owns some sort of company called MagiCorp. He's very proud of it, you can tell by how much he mentions it. At one point I thought very positively of him until he ruined it by showing what a condescending shit-talking twat he is. What is it with people and their opinions? He keeps calling me Pinkie, sweet Nui I hate that. He tried to pull one over on Aurumin? That or he's delusional.

I’m glad I met Taniana. She laughs at my bitchiness. Apparently, I like that in people? We teamed up to break into the Kalia estate in Austera. We work well together, but she’s more ruthless than I. Will I be like that someday? And do I want that? When I told her I couldn’t come through on a deal we made she reacted disappointed but not angry. I will try to make it up to her…

He talked to me at the Mandragora festival. He is that annoying but slightly endearing kind of stupid. Not sure if I recall his name...

She sells pretty jewelry, made by her clan. I bought one, I was going to give it away but instead I've been wearing it myself. She has a lion called Beretet and I would very much like to race them sometime... When I met her she seemed familiar to me and she said she's from Windscour. Maybe we've met before?

... How unexpected to see her again. It's been over a year now, hasn't it? I'm not sure if she was trying hard to make me jealous at the palm but... Well it was working.

A cantankerous little Hara- excuse me, Sallium. She speaks Haranya very well and learns faster than I expected. I hired her to bartend at the Palm... Mostly, because I wanted to stay in Jinreo's good graces and maybe give North Light a heart attack. I enjoy teasing her, though I should be careful because I think she's a little like me.

Leng Wu
We’ve met a few times now. He’s always seemed odd but after our last meeting… Well deranged comes to mind. Either that or he’s possessed by some sort of spirit? His cat acts disturbingly human, perhaps the cat is possessed? Or one is possessing the other? I didn’t want to get involved but whatever he is, I hope he won’t do anything too violent.

Seen him at the Palm a few times, we haven’t interacted much. He came to the date auction, building piles of gold but couldn’t be bothered to have one drink. He also just announced his business on stage without asking anyone. What an arrogant dick.

I saw him at the Winter Maiden festival at the Palm. Acting a little suspicious. Maybe he’s one of the elves that Aurumin was so unsettled by?

He is a truly bothersome person. He wears some kind of stupid mask? He makes spectacles in public, follows me around, and respects me not at all. I hope I never have to interact with him again.

Is stupid bint too harsh? …. No, it isn’t. She's also horrifyingly loud.

A tall Nuian with long hair who is dating Wanderer. What an unexpected partner. We haven’t talked much but Wanderer says he makes him happy. That’s all that matters, right?

Stories, letters, and forum RP

Perinoor monthly
Local newspaper, page 4

Mysterious disappearance of excavation crew!
A small crew of researchers and excavators have disappeared without a trace from a dig near the city ruins. According to the locals the crew were looking for dark magic artifacts from Auroria. Perhaps they found what they were looking for and more to boot?
The local Haranya Alliance are investigating but have found no leads so far.

Letter to Kora’s father
the paper is brittle along the folds. Kora carries it with her, tucked into one of her pockets.

Old friend,

I write to you with a heavy heart.

The dig site has been closed off and the Alliance guard it well. I’m not as spry as I used to be. Luckily, I found a reliable source; a local boy. He ran some jobs for the dig’s crew. He spoke of your wife, too.

He was the one who discovered the empty site. According to him, he arrived one morning and the whole crew had disappeared. Seemed like they left in a hurry; the equipment was still there, the morning gruel was burning over the fire...

By now, the site has been emptied, either by Alliance or the locals. If there were clues, they’re long gone by now. The Alliance investigation is a joke, nobody wanted the crew there in the first place so most of them are happy to be rid of them. You know how it goes. In a few weeks they’ll declare it hopeless and clear out.

I could not find any clues to where they have gone or how they have gone. For that I am sorry, old friend. I’ve included some maps and information the boy recalled, it’s not much but perhaps it can help.

The very best to you and your daughter in this difficult time, friend.
May Nui bless you.

Forum RP
Amidst the stacks
Kora meets a strange green-haired Harani in the libray of City of Towers.

Journey to the ruins
Wanderer and Kora have their fortune read before embarking to Perinoor Ruins

Kora's Letters
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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Contact information
  • In-Game: Kora
  • Discord: Evelia#0075
  • Player Timezone: GMT+2

Roleplay Style
  • Combat: text combat, honor system or dice
  • Limitations: no gratuitous torture or gore, no ERP

RP Hooks

Your Character might know Kora if...

  • They are from
  • Windscour Savannah where Kora grew up, or Arcum Iris/Falcorth Plains where she traveled to frequently as a child and teenager
  • They are involved in
  • - The business she grew up in; horse trading and/or animal training Mercenary work, which both her parents were involved in at one point. Archeology, excavation, or anything similar- Kora is investigating a case (or multiple) of missing excavation crews
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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Removed the extra R 😰😰😰😰😰😰😰
And also character thoughts
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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Added a bunch of character thoughts after all the RP during the last week.
Probably forgetting some people here and there...
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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11/15 Updated and added new character thoughts
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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28/11 Updated with new pictures and some extra text. Also updated character thoughts a few days ago
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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12/13/19 Updated a lot of character thoughts- hurray
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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01/06 Updated character thoughts! Added a lot of new ones.
Going to change the order to alphabetical I think? And have to add links to other character profiles.
Kora - Harani from Windscour Savannah looking into the mysterious disappearances of Excavation crews.

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